Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years EVE

Not much rolling today, cept working.. I have been watching my new TOM PETTY documentary and enjoying it so much.. I watch Bottle Rocket last night as well and that was fantastic.. Ash dug it a lot.. we have both been feeling a bit run down since we got home.. and last night didnt help with DELTA called at 11pm right when we both had fallen asleep to say they were bringing our lost bag up from des moines the same night.. so I waited up for them.. oh well least I got my deorderant and cell phone charger back!
well. I hope everyone has an excellent new year!

When you Awake tommorow it will be 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

yo im back

well ash and I arrived home safely.. with 1 less bag, then we went with.. WAY to go DELTA.. but our trip was sublime..
here is a quick run down...
Christmas = food, presents, a vikings playoff, lots of fun family and feeling a little sick when you get home...
But we had such a great time thanks to all Of Ashley's family for making me feel at home and providing me with great conversation about movies, and poops, and letting me get ultra excited when the Viking won their division..
I did not feel like and OUTCAST the whole trip!

now I better go get some groceries.
ps I made my first batch of Mashed potatoes for the fam and everyone dug them.. I learned a thing or two from my mom
...4 sticks of butter, milk, garlic, salt and pepper, chicken broth, bag and 1/2 of mashed potatoes...
I didnt get to eat em but they looked good!

Monday, December 22, 2008

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND.. that titles for Joe T.

Well this weekend was a blast, PCC got our Buddy Holly songs recorded and I think they turned out fantastic.. I got em mixed this morning and now im at work.. FOR The last time before I head to CINCI for christmas which Im totally excited about..
Although today work sucks I had to clean the floor boards since the bosses were in.. not to fun.. Oh well..
I beat my boss in a push ups competition and then he gave me a christmas card with 25 bucks and 50 bucks to Hickory park so not bad! that sounds like a root beer in my future! On saturday I worked and I didnt have shit to do but watch YOUTUBE... I watched the making of Fleetwood Mac album "Rumors" And I found out my favorite Fleetwood Mac song didnt make the cut that's why it wound up on there next kinda album of left overs... Its called "SILVER SPRING" and the Time cast a spell on you part kills me everytime!

so PCC played a wedding this weekend and it was great.. our last one of the year we played 3 this year.. this is the first one where we played a whole set but it was fun and Devin got to say, "your pretty face is going to burn in hell" to a fellow Stooges fan so I know that made his night... My night was made from the free beer and wonderful penut butter pretzils! BOO YEAH! Congrats to DON who was actually the dude who married the couple.. now thats pretty cool d, I told him he can renew ashley and I's vows someday!

so the vikes sucked it up yesterday BUT ashley and I did our little home christmas infront of our rad new TURN TABLE.. which it took PCC about 20 minutes to figure out how it worked.. anyway.. SHE LOVED the coffee table book I had made for her and I also got a nice print framed from a local ames artist we both that was cool I got the new BELLE AND Sebation live at the BBC and the new Critrian Collection DVD of BOTTLE ROCKET... boo yeah... also a gift certificate for a date to des moines, a record at ZZZ, and dinner at the OLIVE Garden.. sounds like a winner to me!
anyway.. I got an hour and a half left of work and then im out! boo yeah!
ok.. hope your weekend was better than the vikings one was!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

HOOK, LINE, and SINKER Fishboy gets Hitched 2morow!


Well I want to say a huge congrats to my good pal Fishboy, who will be getting married tommorow, to a wonderful gal, with a huge smile named Carleen.. Ash and I so wanted to be there to be a part of the day and to see all our texas buddies, and heck who wouldnt want to be in Texas this week.. anway, I hope Eric and Carleen have the most amazing day and a present will be coming soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Poison Control Center Interview Part 1

Poison Control Center Interview Part 2

Here is a pretty indepth recent interview with the PCC, on TITO Radio! Its in the Vauds bathroom which is quicking becoming the grosses bathrom in rock n roll I might ad.. thanks for the fun interview TITO

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

America's Most Forgetful


Monday, December 15, 2008

Sylvia Wren Anderson

Wow what a cutie.. today we have a great picture of Jennifer and Ryan Anderson's lovely new daughter Sylvia Wren!
My lovely and talented wife made Sylvia 3 one of a kind onesies to wair out and about in Austin, TX where they live and here she is sporting her I LOVE TOM WAITS Shirt... I also came up with the idea of AUSTIN PRETTY LIMITS and ash totally nailed the design! anyway.. here a pic of the cutie who is totally way cooler that SURI CRUISE in my book!

Speaking of Jennifer she made me this 1 of a kind t-shirt which pretty much says I LOVE CHRIS YETTER!

We go International

Well i was excited to hear, that our friend Ma-ri-a had a great trip to Germany to see Faye and Paul, a couple who used to call ames home! Anyway I guess Faye is an avid reading of this blog so thanks to Faye Renee's Shoreling is international! WHICH MAKES ME STOKED!
Faye thanks for reading and your plants you left us are doing very well and staying warm even though in negative degrees in ames today and the plants miss you very much.. Maybe I can throw a pic up or some video of them for you! But they say hello!

Ok now down to buisness So Im going to be flying for the first time in like 4 years this next week, and NOW not only am I going to have to take off my shoes at the gate they probably wont even let us where them on the plane thanks to this dude, who I say has quite the canon and could probably pitch for atleast the REDS next year if he wanted too...

also congrats to my VIKES for wipping up on the first place Cardnals, we still in first place and have a great chance for some home field advantage for atleast 1 playoff game.. which would be sublime!

last night I go to go to WHEATSFIELD's holiday party which was nice, I got to drink some good beer and not to many parties have VEGAN COOKIES so I ate a salad and then ate 8 Vegan cookies to go with my 5 beers..
thats a decent night!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday cheer with Lenard C.

ok so I have always had a thing for Lenard Cohen, the first time I heard him was in high school i was 17, as I drove my mom to the sioux falls hospital in a blizzard as my dad was being rushed there.. I didnt know what was going to happen or happening but my mom and I didn't speak the whole time. but when we got to rock rapids (35 miles from sibley) I turned on Augustana college radio as I always did when i went to sioux falls and they were playing a live show by lenard from the early 70's and it was crazy good, all the songs were about jesus, and dieing and love and it was the perfect spooky and beutiful soundtrack.. to the silence and the wonder of what was going to happen.. ofcourse everything turned out good, but that was the day i found out my dad had been smoking.. WHOOO got something to hold over his head now..
ofcourse I was glad he made it and got his health turned around and I'm also glad I discoverd leanard Cohen then as well..
NOW FOR A LITTLE Lenard cheer i found on youtube...
what the fuck is this person doing, and how bored could they be......
check it out

Saturday, December 13, 2008


this is a great find quasi with elliot smith on bass rocking a little stones action

White ALbum Pod Cast from NPR

Yeah I know more on the white album come on Pat..
seriously get over it right....
Well the other night while Chris was over recording he told me about this pod cast on the White Album on NPR..
today at work I got all my actual work done in about 10 minutes literally.. I mean I got to vaccume yet but thats not going to take anytime!
Anyway so I have been listening to this podcast and its fantastic..
check it out at

I remember years ago, Devin and i were laying on my living room floor possibly drunk putting the WHITE ALBUM songs in an order of greatest to worst.. I cant remember what we said was number 1 but I remember disagreeing with him a bunch on the best, and I bet we still would but dang they are all so good!
Anyway listen to the pod cast its great

Friday, December 12, 2008


here is a new video for the song BLOOD TO PAINT...its suposed to look like old black and white 8mm footage from 80/30..
the great andrew cross took the pics..
see more of his work in glorious hi res at
hope you dig

New Baby Coming for Dan and Stevie

Well I want to say a huge Congrats to Dan and Stevie Bosman as they are exspecting child #2... There 1st child Hayden is easily one of the coolest kids I have ever met... do we need an example..

any congrats guys.. keep putting cool kids into this crazy world!

Christmas TAKEN CARE OF!

So its been really easy shopping for ashley for christmas... I usually get her a ton of shit.. but this year we have a 50 dollar limit.. now I got my gift but shit It ended up being 69 bucks after shipping.. OH well.. I think its going to be great...
SINCE ash never reads my blog I have no problem letting you know about it..
I made her a COFFEE TABLE HARDCOVER book full of pictures of us, ITS GOING TO RULE!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


WELL hopefully Fishboy likes this news...
The Poison Control Center have been asked to provide 2 Buddy Holly covers, "That'll Be the Day," and "Well All Right," for a Buddy Holly project that will have a dedicated site online and have a big presence in print (Des Moines Register) leading up to the Feb. 2/3 anniversary of Buddy's Famous plane crash... Working title is "Iowa's Most Famous Day," likely to change. (Of course everybody knows it as The Day the Music Died, and there's 50 Winters Later being used to market the event at the Surf) ... The national Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is working with the Surf Ballroom on its week-long series of events in late Jan./early Feb.

The Buddy Holly site is set to launch in early January, and of course our covers as well as others will be apart of that experience.

I have Buddy's complete works and I was excited when we were asked to do That'll Be the Day and I choose "Well All Right" since its kinda an obscure one.. but still a rocker.. Hopefully we can make these happen when we get together for the wedding we are playing..


Now I dont throw around GREATEST EVER very often, but last night Ash and I finished watching every single episode of the show CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and I must say it is in my humble opinion the greatest tv show in the history of TV.. seriously,,
I love shows like the Wonder Years, and the Cosby Show and all those classics, but nothing and I mean nothing is as smart, and funny and just flat out entertaining as this masterpiece.. word is a season 7 might be on the way, but if it stopped here.. I would be completely satisfied!
well done Larry David!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Take 4 minutes for this..

amazing production and one of the finest drum fills ever...
this song kills me

Elivis, Ryan, and Me on drums?

Man today is a good day on the internet.. Found ELVIS COSTELLO doing one of my favorite Fiona Apple songs.. check it out.. sounds great!

And also Ryan Anderson posted a new song on his website that we recorded in my basement, it features Joe Terry on a BB KING Style guitar riff, the tape fleming's rocking some background vocals, and shit I ever played the kit! I dig the song. you will too for sure check it out at...

last night at the Vaud saw a kid get his nose broken by a Hard Core Dancer and found out EMMITT RHODES is looking for a label to put out his first album in like 30 years!
WOW wish I had the $$$ to do that!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ho ho ho ho

well this weekend has been pretty ok,
I guess, Friday night was fun, got more work done on the CTC record, and then on saturday I worked for a bit, it was cool other than getting sprayed by the tanner cleaner, uck so after work I showered and then went Christmas shopping with Ash, we did find a present for my ma ma but thats about it! But I did have fun at the Mall cause one of the people in the center selling candy had MELTY Mints candies and I loved those as a kid because my dad always had them at conventions... So this huge guy selling them had a high voice and I said hey Ash there are those candies I used to like and the guy was like.. "YEAH THEY GREAT" and I said yeah I cant have them anymore for Diatary reasons and he said, "ONLY A FEW WON"T HURT" in a very high voice I loved it and then imitated him the rest of the night, it was classic, we then came home and made a VEGAN PUMPKIN PIE, which was sublime!

Then today, we have been busy, we went to ANytime fitness worked out, Watched the vikes squeeck one out and now Im at the vaud working, which kinda sucks but on my way here I stoped at KUM and Go for Gas, and its apparently KUM and Go's 50th year, so they are selling a GOLD (colored) CHUG MUG for 50 bucks, and you get FREE refills, all of 2009... at Kum and GO! What a great GIFT for someone... I must have a gold chug mug!
Well happy b-day KUM N GO, your not as good as Quick Trip, but I still love you...
anyway back to work..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday White Album!

Well 40 years ago this week, "THE BEATLES" was released by known to most as the "WHITE ALBUM" this album has always fluxtuated into not only my all time fave Beatles album but my all time all time favorite album.. Its full ray of emotions and damn that snare drum sounds good..
Blow out your candles WHITE ALBUM, you got atleast 1 boyfriend!


Ash Loves Tina Turner, has even seen her twice in concert and always says, she would love Tina Tuner's legs?
Well I guess I can only say two things about this amazingTina Turner outfit...
1. This is why you shouldn't beat the crap out of your wife, later in life she will have brain damage!
2. I think we need to roll this outfit INTO the River!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy B-day TOM!

Well I would love to wish my bro in law a very happy b-day!
Tom is a great dude, dad, and hubby to my older sis and I have always liked his sense of humor and he can handle my mom with Ease! I had a great time with him on our baseball trip this year.. EVEN well he yelled at me about my driving, while he was playing doctor to a COLE with a bug in his ear!
here is a great picture of him and us at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.. He is on the far left, I think his face is saying If I have to spend one more hour with these FLEMINGs Im going to loose it!
ha ha
Well have a great day TOM!

The T-day Weekend!

Well I had the most fantastic weekend...
I got to head to Sibley for a day with Ash and we got to spend some very quality time with the family.. I loved hanging with my parents and granny's and it was much fun seeing cousins and such.. I even made my aunts and uncle's confess the worst thing they did as a kid that there parents didnt know about.. and my grandma was cute she said she smoked at the Park..

Mine was a little worse saying that I drank some CROWN ROYAL from my dads back seat the weekend of my D.A.R.E graduation and my cousins high school graduation in Omaha.. it was funny cause Chris marnarch my cousin joined me and my parents knew nothing about it.. it was good for a laugh..

Ash tried eating Turkey and such this weekend but I think it gave her a headace some my lovely Vegan baby is back! Yay!
Well when we got home PCC got to practice, work on new songs and just hang out and it was fantastic seeing the guys and working on new songs.. We even got to play some at our show.. which was a blast.. Again we were joined by Chris which totally is fun playing as a five piece with horns and stuff!

to finish the weekend Joe and I headed up to Minneapolis for the Bears vs. the Vikes and Damn what a game... we had a great time and thanks to my pops for the ticks it was so much fun we then got to stay with jeremy and Adrian which ruled as well!

What a wonderful weekend.. ITs always good when a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND puts a perspective of really How thankful I am to be healthy, have the greatest wife, family, friends, and i get to do so many cool things..
Im a lucky dude!

now dig on this
on Joe and I's ride up to the cities we were listening to Sound Opinions on the Current and somebody said Weezer's new album was the TURKY OF THE YEAR.. yep they cant all be this amazing!...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gary Coleman lives in Ames

So at work today.. I had to call people who work for this certin company that give them a free gym membership.. One of the people I had to call was GARY COLEMAN.. which I thought was classic cause he didnt have an answering machine.. So i said to the lady training me, I guess I wouldnt have an answering machine if I was Gary Coleman either.. And there was silence, so I said, I guess not to many people probably know Gary Coleman anymore and she said I do, He's the Little guy right? I said YEP! thats him..
Anyway I long for my old puppeteering job, I bet you won't see something this amazing at a Gym...

Sunday is the funday..

Man yesterday was about the most perfect sunday.. Got up, ran, did some push up and sit ups.. made some coffee woke ashley up watched the best show on TV CBS Sunday morning, then meet the press, walk to the store get some grub, come home WATCH THE VIKINGS kill! Make some bad ass lunch. go for a walk watch 2 hours of ANN of GREEN GABLES on PBS!

And then the American Music Awards.. which mostly sucked but Scott Wieland was there stoned out of his gored.. he about the last true ROCK STAR we have left.. one who could die young at any minute from an OD. Ashley once had her shirt ripped off while body surfing at a Stone Temple Pilots show! How cool is that I had to stop watching the AMA for a bit after he came on stoned.. I had to head to youtube and pull up my favorite STP video... Big Bang Baby.. so good!

Also on friday night I went and saw BURN AFTER READING at the dollar theater ash has been buggin me to see it since it came out.. and after some of the reivews I read and DON's not so hot review I wasnt that interested in seeing it.. also it campain with Brad Pitt on the tredmill freaking out wasnt to funny.. But to my suprise the movie was really great and I love John Malcovich and Pitt, and Clooney they all kicked ass and you should go see it or rent it when its out in a few weeks!
thanks asher for making me go!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congrats Twinkies!

Well two of our small market boys from the Twins have been voted in the top 5 in the AL Mvp voting this year... That is pretty amazing for 1 team, especially one that is not New York or LA... check it out!

Player/Club 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Points 1st place up to 10th place votes!
AL MVP voting
1. Dustin Pedroia, Boston 16 6 4 1 - - - - - - 317
2. Justin Morneau, Minnesota 7 7 6 3 3 1 1 - - - 257
3. Kevin Youkilis, Boston 2 4 4 9 2 4 1 2 - - 201
4. Joe Mauer, Minnesota 2 8 1 3 4 3 3 2 1 - 188
5. Carlos Quentin, Chicago - 1 4 8 4 4 4 - 1 1 160

Here is a pic of the new ball park both guys will be playing in very very soon! Im very excited.. to catch a game and walk over to the 7th street entry for a show after the game!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BA HUM BUG, NO way Jose!

Well yesterday I spent the whole day at a training for my new job.. wow was it boring but I met a nice hick like gentleman from Mississippi who would not ride the city bus cause them thugs out to get him... Poor DUDE?

last night ames kicked off there Christmas season with a parade and santa and stuff and all the stores staying opening with Cookies and CIder and shit.. it was great! but super cold! But Im totally in the christmas spirit.. even told ashley how much I love christmas music.. ofcourse in about a week I will be taking that back for sure!

anyway today I was honking at Santa who was on the corner of Duff and Lincoln Way and some guy in a truck was honking behind me telling me to get home so I said to him.. BA HUM BUG FUCKER..

this was just hours after the buddist class ash and I attended where Wangdon was talking about how we need to have more patience and Not have Road Rage.. well it was a fun class today.. Wangdon road with us and was sitting in the back sit and asked who the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS were so I played him Hot Burrito 1.. I think he dug it!

Well now we are home and I have just shoveled the drive way for the first time.. ucky but I did our neibors sidewalks as well.. must have learned something in class today...

Ok well I would like to share a couple videos from a show about 2 months back where chris and I played as PCC when the other dudes couldnt come...

the Sweet Blog was there and captured the events. check it out!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend woes..

So this weekend was mostly good..
I got to record Christopher the Conquered again and the album is really coming together.. we did some really interesting stuff with layerd vocals and im pretty happy with how its coming.. And totally happy with his snack selection he brout over...

Oh yeah I got hired part time at ANYTIME FITNESS in ames.. a new job.. im kinda excited about it for two reasons.. 1. I get to wear jogging pants to work. 2. ashley gets to work out for free in a nice spot..

so on sunday I didnt feel like going to a sports bar to watch the vikes.. so ash and I made killer huge taco salads and sat infront of the tube for the game.. OOOOOOOH shit.. the bears and packers are on.. which I understand but im also pissed about so pissed Im like well im going to listen to the vike then and just watch this game so I get my radio all set up and all is good since there is a local station that covers the viking.. but mid way through the fist quarter the game switches off so they can carry a ISU womens basket ball game.. NOW I ABOUT lost it right then and there. Fucking a.. seriously...
anyway let just say I sat infront of the computer watching the animated play by play via Yahoo Sports..
How bad does that suck!
well not as bad as the vikes did... well we are still tied for first..

oh well.. yesterday was good, got a check from Insurance for the van and im going to keep it... and I got a massage.. the first in for live ever... and Ashley and I danced a bit to some Curtis Mayfield.. damn what a voice

OH yeah we went to a dinner party with some people down the street.. very interesting us and like 6 other adults.. all atleast 10 years older then ash and I.. but the husband brews beer for Granit city so I got some killer beer and the wife is an excellent cook and she made the whole meal vegan.. it was quite good!
well must run sorry for the boring post!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mitch Mitchell Rest in PEACE!

Well i havent done my top ten drummers of all time yet but one who will definately be in the top 5 passed today.. Mitch Mitchell most notably known as the drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience.. His flashy fast jazz style drumming made Hendrix's band rip! My favorite moment of his is his brief drum solo on the song Bold as LOVE... so amazing.. the first time I have ever saw video of him drumming was their performance of Wild Thing at Monterey POP. And while hendrix is burning his guitar Mitch is burning up his kit with his fast sticks.. so amazing.. I know for a fact that DONALD E. CURTIS was very influenced by his drumming and even read his book!
well its know official that all three members of the experience are gone.. WHAT A SAD DAY!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

end of the year already?

well its getting close to calling 2008 a quick memory.. this year has been pretty nuts.. so I have started to look back and would like to share some of my favorite things or least favorite.. here is one of my favorite tunes of 2008 by the Magnetic Fields... I have been writing some list songs lately as stephen calls them and I do agree the lyrics are hard to keep strait.. I totally screwd up a list song called, "Grow up and marry your best friend" at Dan and Janey's wedding this year.. my bad.. but must say if I could ever write a song this good I could probably throw in the towel!
speaking of throwing in the towel APPOLO CREED was on ER last week as a boxer! BAD ASS!

YOU know whats funny

I think my favorite part of morning television is when they have some famous CHEF on and they give him like 2 minutes to tell us in detail about to cook a 15 step dinner! now they usually get to about the salt and pepper which is usually about step 6.. then they show the one they made earlier and the people say how amazing it is, and they alway say to go to the web site and check out the rest of the recipie... whatever no one does it.. WHY do they even have those dudes and dudets on there.. I just feel bad for them!

Oh well.. Got to see a great Vikings game in minnneapolis this weekend.. Ash and I had fun, with my dads buddies Doug and jerry.. Heck even Jerry got a massage out of Ashley.. Lucky dude! anyway the vikes won by 1 and its the first time theve beat the packers since they won by a field goal in 2005 the sunday before my dad had his Amniesia episode cause I remember trying to get him to remember who the vikings played that previous sunday and how they won.. He couldnt remember.. He coulding remember who won the world sereies game the night before and didnt know where my mom was... What a crazy Crazy day that was!

anyway.. I got show tonight in Iowa City.. looks like this PCC line-up might be the strangest yet.. With Chris on Drums, me on guitar and DONALD on Bass.. he called last night to see if I thought it was a good Idea.. I asked him if he could roll around while playing the bass, he seemed confident! so away we will go!

HAd a Pumpkin ALE from Old main last night.. it was their best beer year.. go grab one sometime if you can...
also one more thing the WOLVES IN THE ATTIC album I recorded is now out.. GO GET one of the Limited Edition BOOKS they came in! Its on the Mission Freak Label! BOO YEAH
now how about something for the vetrans. here is john lennon in full army garb!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 quickies

1. So last night I ran sound for EOTO.. who is members of the String Cheese Incicdent.. So there was 150 smelly hippies in the vaude, it litterly smelled like a mixture of sweat, dirty socks, strawberry inccence, and Mary Jane.. if you know what I mean anyway my friend Derek Lamber had a hillarious quote.. he was running the door and said.. "I'm going to need to stick my ear plugs in my nostrils for this show!"

I thought it was great...

2. How does my nephew even know who Steve Urkle is??? anyway great halloween costume Cole you rule!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ok first things first.. I got my vote in today.. YEAH OBAMA!
2nd.. I have to change some of my top 10 bass stuff.. the PCC dudes me remember I forgot RICK DANKO of the band... and NICK CONSOER of the Canadian Wheat Lords.. both these guys need to be on my list.. Also my little SIS needs to be on my list...
ALSO John from Fishboy let me know that James Jamerson does not actually play on "I WANT YOU BACK" by the Jackson five it was Wilton Felder.. Thanks John my bad!

Ok well PCC got into our first car accident this weekend. and now the van looks like the TERMINATOR.. which is kinda cool.
we played really well all weekend and there are to many funny stories to share so just ask me sometime.. but one thing I did want to share is FISHBOY's Halloween Costume...
Stop fricken outsorcing jobs. you fricking pricks..........
ALso you must watch this amazing video Fishboy put together of our shot together at the SURF BALLROOM it kills!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy B-day Merrick

Well on Nov. 1st 2004 I found out that a beautiful new baby entered our family and her name was Merrick Elisibeth May Gacke.. So I didnt have much money so I decided to Write, record, and Mix a song for her on the day she was born... I did it in about 5 hours.. I played all the parts and sent it off to the little cutie... Now 4 years later the fam is meeting up in the Cities to celebrate but I cant go since I will be playing shows this weekend.. so I wanted to tell my lovely god daughter that I love her very much and wish her a wonderful B-day...
I love ya Merrick


Well last night right when the phillies got 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th I said to ash.. somewhere in that stadiam there is a chubby 11, year old boy standing next to his dad getting pretty excited right now...
I was refering to little chubby Patrick who was at the 1991 World Series and oh boy how great it is experiencing something like that with the guy who taught you everything you know about baseball.. Gotta Love the National Pastime.. Nice work Philies.. I did think it was a little crazy that the fans of the CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE were BOOING the commisiner of baseball before he handed the owner the world sereies trophey... oh next year twins!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My 10 Favorite Bass Gutarist ever!!! I told you it was coming

So I told you it was coming, and last night I saw one of the best shows I have seen in Years.. jonathan richmond who some of you may know as the guy playing the guitar in the tree during the Movie Something about Mary.. he was faboulous.. He only played to about 40 people in the M-shop but it was just perfect.. He even made Ashley laugh so hard she started to cry... what a great night.. BUT there was no bass players in site.. well besides #6 on the all time list but he was in the crowd instead of on stage.. OK turn up that bass on those shitty computer speaks, to the LIST already...

10. John Deacon- John Deacon's bass lines for Queen are some of the most recognisable bass melodies ever.. Shit Under pressure and Another One Bights the Dust are classics.. Not only did he play em he wrote em.. and mind you his Hair is always up for argument you cant deny his brillentness..
here is Under Pressure live in Budapest.. so amazing one of the greatest songs ever!

9. Bruce Thomas- was apart of the Attractions who were Elvis Costello's marvoulous band.. I love the way he turns Elvis's pop songs into these groovy little dancy rockers.. he also looks mighty good in a suite. Here I dont want to go to Chelsea

8. John Stirrant- Now Wilco has had over 10 members but only 2 have been in this amazing band from the start, Jeff Tweedy and #8 John Stirrant.. John got a great sence of melodey on the bass, and plays but electric and upright on the albums.. He also played in Uncle Tupalo, and aparently once had a fling with one of Ashley's friends.. so thats cool I love his voice and his constant presence in the band... Here is some live SKY BLUE SKY

7. Chuck Riany- Chuck was a session bass player who played on albums by everyone from Dusty Springfield, to Janis Joplin, to Michael Jackson. My favorite tune he played on his WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by Louis Armstrong.. but today I share a good groove he had going with PEG by STEELY DAN

6. Joe Terry- Now I have been blessed to have Joe around for so many years, I commend Joe for being a better guitar player than I, but still taking the bull by the horn and wanting to be the Bass Player for the PCC and he just ran with it.. My favorite thing he has ever done is on the instrumental begining to Magic Circle Symphony.. it's just wonderful.. Today I give you Joe and I being butt Buddies to the song MAKE LOVE A STAR by the PCC...

5. John Entwistle- Oh boy a guy whos nickname is THUNDER FINGERS and the OX just sounds like a bass player.. John was the thing that held the chaos of the WHO together like glue.. He is the man who made is cool to stand stoic while playing thar 4 stringed guitar. Today I give you what it sounds like to ISOLATE Johns bass on the song WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN.. prepare to have mind blown!

4. Donald "Duck" Dunn- Oh boy a guy with the nickname Donald Duck probably does not strike you as someone who would be a killer bass player.. but he is # 4 on the list for the grooves he got as the STAX Records resident bass god.. He also played live with Otis and BOOKER T and the Mg's.. And he makes a cameo in Blues Brothers how cool is that. check out GREEN ONIONS by Booker T. which also features the #1 guitarist Steve Cropper before he looked like Steven Segul..

3. James Jamerson- Now most of you wont know who the hell this is but he is the Bass player on more hits then the Beatles and Elvis combined thats right.. he was the bass mastermind of MOTOWN Records.. dropping groovy licks for everyone from the Supreams, to Marvin Gaye, to the Jackson Five but his most famous one was probably the intro to MY GIRL by the Temptations.. But today I give you my favorite the bass line and song by the Jackson 5 I want you back.. get up from your computer and dance Now!

2. Carole Kaye- Oh my god while reasearching Carole I relalized she plays not only bass guitar but regular electric on so so so many of my all time favorites.. Her bass playing make most Brian Wilson and Phil Spector songs jump out of the stereo and into your soul.. seriously check out her wikipiedia page and just look at those tunes she plays on... man She did the bass on fucky boots are made for walking its so good.. here is a great little doc

1. Paul McCartney- shit you knew it was coming.. more than any of those other slouches from the British Invasion this guy was a guitar player first and took that to his bass playing.. and man did he come up with some incredible shit... I think it speaks for itself here is one of my favorite bass breakdowns by paul two minutes into this White ALbum jem!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok now I can safely say I do not hate many people seriously I can hang with anyone but one person I can not stand is fucking TIM MCCARVER... the FOX baseball broadcaster.. the guy is a know it all who doesnt know shit! HE is the worst broadcaster ever and it makes me not want to watch baseball... I would rather listen to PHil Collins's intire discography then watch a whole world series baseball game with him broadcasting.. To put it lightly I flipped the FUcking WORLD series to PBS last night to watch AMERICAN PRESIDENT LBJ... Come on fox fire that fucking idiot!
sorry this is a rage post but I seriously cant stand that guy...


Monday, October 27, 2008

what to do with nothing to do

Man whats a weekend without a show or a Vikings game to watch... I thought I would be totally bored but have no fear...
This weekend ended up being quite busy..

I went with ash to her Budist class with Wangden and that was quite good, then on to Adong for some CURRY tofu soup and spring rolls which were devine..

Then headed home for I had to run sound at DG's Tap in ames.. it was a good experience other then the sound board being behind the band, and the STEEL DRUM player being a little to rock stary to be playing DG's Tap.. I was about ready to SPINAL TAP him!

ANyway.. its good to run sound 3 blocks from my house.. and I get half off beers when ever I go there now.. and they have more things on tap than any other bar in town so thats good!

Man whats up with the Rays, they are making the American league look terrible.. I didnt think the rays were all that great this year,, even though their record proves they were.. The Twins played them really well and I dont know I think Boston was worried about the Yanks and the Yanks were worried about Boston and they just didnt give the Rays and Respect.. and Im going out on a limb here but I think the Twins, Boston, the Yanks, California, or Chicago would have been matching up a little more stongly with the Philies right now.. Come on Rays your making me look bad! How can I say the NL is like the Minors if the AL dont win the series?

Yesterday ash and I watched another woody allen movie... This time we choose "SLEEPER" which was just hillarious.. A lot of it is ripped from Charlie Chaplina and Buster Keeton films.. but done so well and with WOODY great one liners.. it kills! I hope to watch it again before its due back at the Library.. here is the trailer check it out!

Friday, October 24, 2008


well its 4pm on a friday do you know where you buddy patrick is, well he's enjoying a long face amber ale from his local brewery.. He's also bored out of his gored.. We still havent heard about are Grant request and I just had a job interview yesterday that I should here about next week... I hate waiting.. that one reason.. Im glad we have Shawn (the PCC booking agent) my life has a lot less waiting in it.. I used to hate sending out booking emails and waiting for replys.. it kills me..
Now i thought most of my waiting days were over.. boy was i wrong.. thats seems like all I have been doing..
Not much inspiring going on right now..
we might hit up a Diabetic conference in Des mOines tommorow and it looks like Im running sound at DG's Tap in Ames.. which Im kinda stoked about, since its 3 blocks from my house!
boo yeah!
Sorry for the boring post.. Stay tuned to for my 10 favorite Bass Players next week!
here is somebody who will sadly not make the list
even though she was the only bass player whose bare boob ever graced a patrick fleming t-shirt.. Gotta love those adore photos!
anyway.. here is one of my favorite smashing pumpkins covers from the Aeroplane box set

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well guess who turns 25 this week.. my little Devin.. When I met dev he wieghed about 75 pounds, he had hair down to his shoulders and he listened to really great music.. Well I guess not much has changed? Joe T, and I met dev at an Essex Greeen, Alslers Set, Beachwood Sparks, and Masters of Hemisphere show... in Iowa City... It was love at first site on my end.. He had an Elf Power Shirt on and moments after finding out he was from Des Moines I asked him to be in my new band the Poison Control Center... This was like 9 years ago.. Now dev and I would see all those bands again from that night even playing with Essex a couple times and once almost dieing coming back from an Aislers Set show... Man I have so many great memories of Devin its hard to put it into one little blog so I will just say I hope he enjoys his HOT COCK and Tequilla, Ash and I got him... Happy B-day buddy!
here is Devin at Ashleys B-day Party in June of 2006 playing Friends of Mine By the Zombies for us!
ps who we also saw together!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the Apples in Stereo, with PCC, Fishboy, and Big Fresh

Well its been fun being home for awhile and not being on tour.. But then Fishboy sends me a link of Us, with the Apples, fishboys, and the Big Fresh Rocking out to the Apples song RUBY in Dallas... Good old Chris Yetter's up there singing too..
the Apples probably hate me cause natually i invite everyone in the crowed up on stage as well... GOTTA LOVE DEVIN in those shades! check it out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

have you ever talked to one of your Idols on the phone?

So crazy shit just happend... Today the E6 Holiday Suprise tour is in Chicago, and I wanted to go,, but just cant make it happen.. But I wanted to hook my buddies Chris Yetter and Nathan Cook up at the show.. so I call chris to give him nathans number and Chris is talking to me and looking for a pen and he asked BILL if he has a pen.. and Im like is that BILL DOSS and he like YEAH why dont you say hello, so Im like oh shit... So then Bill says, is this Poison Control Center Patrick and Im like Yeah.. and then I said it's been great watching your ripp through OTC songs on You Tube and He said well you got me back on the Train. (since we did one this summer with him) and I said well if thats the case I should have done that 5 years ago! he laughed and I said well keep having fun!...
Then he gave me back to YETTER... Chris is so rad he has been at 6 of these E6 shows filming them... that lucky dog.. but he deserves it more than anyone!
so to BIll, Chris, and Nathan I love you all and have fun in Chicago!

here is bill jumping around having a blast on this E6 tour!

W, W, W, W, that movie was Bush

Well last night ash and i went to see the new Oliver Stone flick about George W. Bush..
Now I love some of Stone's old films, like Born on the 4th of July, JFK, and Nixon were all really great but this film was just kinda long.. Maybe it was cause I had a No COFFEE today headacre... Anyway i did think the acting by Josh Brolin was great and also the gal would played Condaleeza Rice was pretty good.. but it's just kinda a weird movie.. My favorite line is when DICK CHENEY says to COLIN POWELL, "your just mad cause you could have been president, and colin says FUCK YOU, DICK" Colin seemed to be the only one in the Bush administration with a Heart! so that was nice to see..
Oh I glad I saw it.. but I dont think you ever need to see this one twice!
here's the trailer

and now for one of my favorite videos.. man I miss being a pupetteer.. best job ever!

Monday, October 20, 2008


well this weekend was great.. the two PCC shows were really really fun.. we played great and everyone was having a good time playing I think.. so I was really happy about that...
that vikings game was a stinker though come on 48-41 geez vikes.. thats the 3rd game this year they have lost by 1 score!

anyway the worst thing to happen this weekend was the death of an amazing soul singer..
DEE DEE WARWICK who is the sister of Dionne Warwick.. anyway.. DEE DEE was always my favorite... this is why...

Friday, October 17, 2008

man this is how i feel lately!

PCC shows this weekend in ames and des moines..
should be fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok so now my top 5 fave guitar gods!

ok so yesterday... you got to read 10-6 and they go as followed
10. billy corgan
9. Johnny Greenwood
8. David Gilmour
7. Devin Frank
6. George Harrison mind you there are so many great ones that could not make the list but here are my top 5!

now to the best of the best in my book

5. Robbie Robertson- Man he wasnt flashy on record but the guy could play.. must be pretty good if for Bob Dylans first electric world tour he asked you to be his guitar player.. and those recordings from that tour Robbie is hot, ripping though guitar lines like no other, but the stuff he did with the Band will never be outdone.
Check out one of my all times favorites It makes no Difference from the Last Waltz

4. Jimi Hendrix- Now you are probably saying WHAT 4th, well I love jimi with all my heart and mind you he did more with his 3 Experience albums in 3 years then most people do in an entire lifetime but for some reason he dosnt hit my sole on every level.. but dont get me wrong he still hits it where it counts!.. I bet I stole more from his peformance at Monterey Then I have stole from any other guitar player, from moves to back rolls, he did it all.. ELECTRIC LADYLAND is his best album but for Ephraim I will give you a little BOLD AS LOVE FROM AXIS..

3. Brian May- Well no has quite the sound of the guitar that Brian May get, his work with QUEEN flashes on pop, classical, metal, rock, spacey, the guy could do it all, and he did it all.. his work with an acoustic guitar is far better, then Jimmy Page and his electric could top Page too, while Page was stuck in the Blues, Brian was creating a whole new guitar world!..
he was just effortless... here is one we all know..

2. Mick Ronson- Ok some of you might be like who the fuck is this I have never heard of him, well he wad David Bowie's partner in crime and lets just say his guitar lines make BOWIE seriously, this guy solos hit my heart and resenate, reverberate and chime for all excistance.. just amazing!.. He never over played on record, but in the live situation he got to bring it!

1. Steve Cropper- OH Yeah, if you know me you know I love mr. Cropper sweet guitar style of giving the song room to grow and playing lines around the other musicians or words, his best work is with Otis Redding who he also produced.. and Booker T. and the MG's so good! here is one of my faves! litsten to his little chimes so amazing...

hope you enjoyed my top 10 favorite guitar players ever!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Post... Renee's Shoreline's 10 favorite guitarist of all time!

Now during the birth of rock n roll, i would have to say the Piano ruled the school but you know elvis couldn't put a piano around his neck and shake now could he... Thats why the guitar has stood the test of time.. Today I give you my top ten favorite guitar players of all time!

10. Billy Corgan- Billy created some of the coolest guitar sounds ever in the mid to late 90's, evidence below...
here is one of my favorite performances of "GEEK USA" from the Viaphoria video

9. Johnny Greenwood- Well I was going to put Neil Young here but Johnny did some of the craziest guitar things I have ever heard on the Bends and Ok Computer... But its just to bad radiohead couldnt make as many great albums/songs as neil did!
oh well hard to complain about this...
here is Just, off of the Bends!

8. David Gilmour- How do you replace one of the coolest sounding guitar gods of the psycadelic era in Syd Barret, well you get his guitar tech, to fill in his shoes.. it also helps any guitar player when the songs they are playing on are just killer, but here some Mother off of the Wall, always loved this guitar solo...

7. Devin Frank- now wait a minute you might say, Devin... what about Malkmus well my friends Devin can do or play anything he wants, I love his solo's which are always pretty much recorded off the cuff and I always write songs and just think OH devin can just throw a solo in there.. and he does in usually with a smile.. and 1 thing that hes got that malkmus would never do is a back roll and a behind the back guitar solo...
here is one of his tunes ride the thunder

6. George Harrison- Da, some of the most recognisable guitar lines ever, and he made most Lennon, McCartney songs even better with his wonderful style..
here is one of my favorite solo tunes by him "WAH WAH' live at the Concert for Bangledash! so good! now clappton might take the solo and the wife, but george wrote it and kicked its ass!

Ok TUNE in tommorow for the top 5 ptf favorite guitar players!

Ben Killer Kweller!

well the VIKES pulled another one out yesterday and now stand in a 3 way tie for first place! heck yeah!
I didnt get to watch the whole game though since I had to be at the Vaude and 2pm for BEN Kwellers sound check.. it was rad all the people traveling with him were super nice and the sound guy was great to work with and I got to see Ben and his band play great songs by
neil young, the beatles, the beach boys, and bright eys! And some not so great ones by Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.. wish I would have brought my video camera!! oh well! Anyway it was a great night and Ben's new countryfied album thats coming out in Jan.. will be awesome after hearing the tunes!
here is one favorite tunes by him.. he didnt play it but oh well!

Ben and his wifes baby were along for the trip and let just say I have never seen a 2 year old drum as good as this kid could he was banging away in sound check like no other...

I hopefully made another cool little dude happy, HAYDEN.. who is our friends Dan and Stevie's son who totally rules.. I grabbed him a set list from the stage while I started to pack stuff up.. hope he dig it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nephew's rule!

So this week..
two of my newphews are in my two favorite photos of the week...
first we have Mike, (ash's half brother's oldest son) who lives in Cincinatti and works at and Ice Cream Joint well he is serving ICE Cream to SARAH PALIN in this photo.. Mikes face represents the vice presidential face when asked with tough questions! seriously check this one out!

then we have my favorite little guy in the whole wide world.. COLE showing us, why it's not the best idea to chew sunflower seeds in the car when you are spent!

love these guys!
Im off to watch a bit of the vikes and run sound for BEN KWELLER!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy week!

well I had a nice evening last night I ran sound for Casiotone for the painfully alone.. and sadly he was pretty alone actually not to many folks at the show.. oh well it was fun..

the night before.. was a show where some friends of mine played..
I met this gal Shelley Short on St. patrick day 2005 on my solo tour that year and I opened for her at a house show in Chicago.. it was fun little show.. and I thought she was a really great song writer so I was excited to see her play again, and she is on tour with her wonderful boyfriend Alexis Gideon who was blowing everyones mind at the bar with his fantastic display of visual art video and song..
They both ruled the school hard and then came to stay with ash and I, and wangdon the budist monk.. but ash was super busy and wangdon had to jet so I got to hang with them a little and showed them the greatness of honey on PIZZA.. I think they dug it..
anyway they are both on tour for a bit.. hitting Chicago tonight and going all the way to NYC and back to Portland so check them out if you get the chance...
they are both rad!

alexis amazing stuff

Shelley's "swimming"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ryan's Album is DONE! and Go VIKES

Well what a great last 35 hours I have had!
First I got to watch my Vikings pull one out in New Orleans.. funny story is ash and I went to watch the game at OLD CHICAGO and they gave out little pieces of Paper that said things Like if Gus Ferrof scores touch down you get Free Jello shot. Well we got one that said if NEW ORleans Special team scores a touch down you get free Pint of beer...

Well we left old chicago at Half time cause ash was't feeling so hot so I dropped her off at home and watched the rest of the game at OLD MAIN.. lets just say I had to text ashley and say we would have gotten two free pints cause the vikes gave up to run back special team touch downs.. OH well atleast they won!!!

Well yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am.. finished my woody allen book.. thanks to OLD CHICAGO.. (ashspray if you know what I mean).. then ran, showed, packed up the tape machine and headed 3 hours east to Davenport to mix Ryan Andersons album we recorded in my basement this summer.. It was great to work with Pat Stolley on this, our first collaberation since the wolves in the attic record and it was great.. we had a ton of fun mixing Ryan's record and love pats new set up in his basement.. it was great fun.. and he even took a picture of me at the board...
anyway now the record just needs to be mastered and thats all she wrote..
could be the record of the year!
well our buddist monk will be back tonight and i have to run sound for 2 shows..
back to reality...
wish I could mix great records everyday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of Visitors

well we hosted 7 different folks at the house this weekend, also ran a recording studio out of the basement.. much fun was had.. let me tell you.. first off Wangden, a Buddist Monk who will be staying with us, got here on Thursday, to hold a class in Iowa City on Saturday.., Ash franticly cleaned and our house looks immaculate.. but anyway.. Wangden was great, very nice and I enjoyed his sense of humor and Ashley is super excided about getting back involved in budist classes and stuff...

Next Much work was accomplished on the recording of Chistopher the Conquered new album.. Chris showed up with Hummus, chips, cliff bars, grain belt, shiltz, and Naked juice for the recording of his album.. so in other words all my favorite things in one place.. Chris's songs are amazing and have a wonderful Randy Newman meets Queen meets Granddady meets Brian Wilson vibe going... SO im really loving the project.. we got some really good sounds and Im stoked to continue working on it..
this will be the 3rd album I have got the chance to co-produce/engineer and Im really happy about that..

Im going to Mix Ryan Anderson record tommorow!
Also we had the band ONE FOR THE TEAM crash at our house on Saturday.. I didnt get to hang with them much but they seemed in great spirits for being full time road hounds now!
It was delightful to see them as well...

As you know the VIKES play monday night football tonight so Tommrow could be a rough day for me and Im kinda sick already and that wont help matters if they suck tonight..
Wish for the best

Now PEACE OUT ON THIS PRecious Moment from the band Fishboy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my poor twins!

well all hopes of a post season were dashed last night by the white sox.. it sucked so bad.. I got super mad at the bar on the final out I threw my hat.. and when I went back to the bar later with friends to continueing drowning my sorrows some guy was like "HEY its pissed off twins fan".. the only fun part of the night was when ash asked... "who is Al Tiebraker" I said I think that means AMERICAN LEAUGE TIE BRAKER... ha ha oh well.. great season twins.. atleast it saves my pops some money on post season tickets..
what a rough life I have.. what next!
oh I also got a free shot.. ROOT BEER and Jager it was pretty good?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy B-day Danelle!

Thats right you guessed it one of the most talented Artist in the whole world (and also born in sibley) Danelle Williams B-day is today..
Go purchase one of her great new Iowa Pouches from the Moster Fashion site.. linked on my page!
here is a lovely pic of her and the WOE she calls hubby!

Autmn rules

Well the weather is lovely.. Baseball and football are on and it the best time of the year!
I got to practice with a few of the PCC boys and then got to play some of the funnest and best shows we have played in a long time..
The Minnesota Autumn brew was fantastic.. Lots of good beer and we played really well.
then the Nomad is always fun.. it was good getting a chance to hang with Jeremy Grace a bit..
and don, dev, joe, and pam..
very fun in deed..

then I got home to watch the vikings getting fucking hosed by refs again.. and just falling short of another victory.. Im serious the NFL refs are having a rough year! I was getting very perturb... OH well the Twins won and they play today for the AL Central title in a winner takes all game against the sox.. its on TBS of all places so I have to go to a sports bar tonight and watch..
either way Im excited...

Ash got an interesting e-mail yesterday from one of her members on the Phfrimmer board who must have checked out
which ashley was in the process of buying so its on a bunch of her flyers and pamplets.. but somebody must have beat ashley to the punch and lets just say its not ok to look at if you are in your cubicle...

I know this means mr. Moffit will be checking it out shortly!

anyway GO TWINS!

here is a new decemberist song I like

Friday, September 26, 2008


well "IT IS FINISHED" was always my favorite line of the Passion Play put on in Sibley on Good Friday... Old J.C. was up on the cross and he put it all in perspective for you up there... Not only was his life finished so was the 2 hour passion play and as a kid all my bro and sisters were in the play.. they usually did 3 performances a night... I only once ever carryed a lamb.. anyway thats not the point of this blog...

What got finished yesterday was Ashley and I's grant... YEAH.. when we emailed it off and sent in our supplemental package Ash said,"wow we wrote our first grant proposel maybe we could get a job doing this" and I was like.. NO way.. that was the most stressful month of crap ever.. But Im glad we got it done and now we wait... 4-6 weeks to hear if we will get anything...

We decided to celebrate a bit and went for INDIAN food last night which for some reason taisted the best it has ever taisted! Well Done India Palace.. I then came home to watch play by play of the Twins SWEEPING the CHI-Sox to take over first place in the AL Central with just 3 games left to play! Way to go Twinkies!
what a great thursday...
almost as great as this...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My Vikings finally won! well done boys...
the rest of my weekend I was mostly in Des Moines running sound at the Vaudeville Mews..
On a hight note I got to do sound for my buddies the great Dressy Bessy.. who have a new really great album out called HOLLAR and STOMP! They were sweet enough to give it to me on vinyl! But it was good seeing them and they rock quite hard!
And I got to hear John laugh so thats always a good thing!


more finishing touches on Grant application today.. and PCC has a show this weekend so Im stoked about that..

OH and my buddies Ryan and Jennifer Anderson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Congrats to them!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What has been keeping me busy as of late!

Well some of you know Ashley and I are trying to get an art grant to me make a documentary film about ashley getting to the healthiest state possible as a type 1 diabetic.. Anyway we are doing all the paper work.. and stuff.. so it been super time consuming but a blast...
We even decided to start our own Production Company called... TAPES FOR LIFE.. to make movies, put out albums, 7inches and what ever else we would like to loose money on!
well I even started a blog for TAPES FOR LIFE you can get to it at this address...

I even posted a little teeser on our site but heck since i'm such a good dude I will just post it for you here as well!

I hope you enjoy!
ps we are taking contributions for this film... ha ha cause I know anyone who reads my blog has money to burn!

Heck the teeser even features and un-released PCC song I recorded for our first album that never got released way back IN THE YEAR 2000!


So the other day I got an e-mail from a gal at Yep Roc who I have sold a couple ads to and she wanted to know if I wanted to go see GIANT SAND at Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines.. Well I knew they were opening for Neko Case and the ticks were 25 bucks a piece so i asked ash if she wanted to go and she was siked to we had a date..

Now when we got there we saw every hipster in Des moines there for the show.. So I knew this was happening.. so we went to the box office to claim our GUEST LIST spot but they had no guest list.. then we found another lady who had no Idea about a guest list.. so at this time Im thinking well atleast we are close to ADONG for some dinner.. I could still save this date! but have no fear we were then introduced to the lady in charge and she had no guest list.. BUT SHE BELIEVED that we could have been on one.; SO she said well we have seats in the balcony or in the front row.. you can pick... so naturally not being the idiot I appear to be sometime we hit up the front row...
And wow what and amazing theater and the show was so great!
lets just say I now have plans on being on the "RANDY NEWMAN GUEST LIST"" hhha haa
well Ash and I both loved Neko and her band...
here some footage of some other show

Now I only need to see Destroyer to get my full New Pornographers experience...
boo yeah..

Monday, September 15, 2008

R.I.P Richard Wright

Well we lost another Genius in my book today..
Richard Wright from Pink Floyd..
He was one of the most creative keys players in the biz...
to bad I will never see them live.. booo
well atleast I have this to watch!

Rich wrote US and THEM.. and its one of my faves.. here is some rad footage from Abbey Road studios!
ok ok ok I have been Imatating "JAWSES" since I first saw "I GOT BRACES" on Fishboys blog! I cant get enough of this guy! If Ashley hear's my version of "I GOT EM" one more time she cutting of my internet.. I consider this kid my new friend along with checking my email I check everday if he has a new video up so classic.. here are my two faves!

thanks fishboy!

Weekend Hi's and Lo's

Well most of this weekend ruled..
Ash and I have been gorging ourselves in films, (which also means eating lots of popcorn) and We got lucky this weekend...
We went and saw this new Doc. called "American Teen" and its filmed in a high school in small town Indiana and they choose charicters all like the charicters in the Breakfast Club but this is real life.. it was really great.. and I kinda want to see it again here is a sneak peak

Go see it if you have the meens!

Also Ash got me a bio book about WOODY ALLEN who I have totally been into and we both the love the movie ANNIE HALL but this weekend we watched MANHATTAN and it might even be better! Seriously.. just watch the openening...

one thing I noiticed about Allen's film is that he gives himself all the GOOD lines.. just love it...

Also it was great hanging with ma and pa up in minneapolis! My dad and went and watched the vikes while ash and my Mom went shopping.. WELL lets just say they might have made the right choice.. As the vikes were up 15 to nothing and fucking lost in the final seconds! PEYTON MANNING you suck dont act like I dont know how you run youre Christmas Party at the Indianpolis Childrens museam you piece of crap!
Ok time to go to work!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unlimited Enthusiasummm For FISHBOY!

word on the street is that John the great drummer from Fishboy is not going to be rocking for FISHBOY anymore..
This is sad sad sad news.. He a fine, fine drummer and they a fine fine band...
He will still be a fine fine drummer and they will still be a fine fine band..

makes me want to get a KOMBUCHA and watch this

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


ok ok
so some of you might know about this Recycling thing i do sometimes.. well i was asked to fill in yesterday monday for a shift lets just say 9 hours out in the rain on a bike makes me want to die! I had multiple moments where about got off the bike kicked it and left it for dead! But I succeeded only because I knew I was going to get to watch a fucking VIKINGS football game that night..

We decided to meet up at LEGENDS for the game.. shit they had 2 dollar tall boys and they make some pretty good chips and salsa!
Well I must say the day got worst as the night when on.. I even told a CHEESE head to go to Hell he told me to fuck off..
I guess he got the last laugh!

Oh well I got asked to be a groomsmen for my sisters wedding! Which Im totally stoked for and have never been asked to do.. So that was the only good thing that came out of my monday...

Also this is pretty funny!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday weekend a blast

well I had a wonderful b-day weekend thanks to ash and All my friends and fam for their wonderful blogs, e-mails, cards, texts, calls and gifts..
I got two things I never thought I would get in my life.. for sure.. I got an ELVIS light switch thing from dev and pam and I can finally say Im the proud owner of the Bee Gees and Peter Framptom movie "SGT. PEPPERS Lonely Hearts CLub band" Oh yeah well anyway thanks ya all you make me happy!