Friday, June 29, 2007


Yep, I had one what can I say!

70's Boys of Summer!

Man i cant believe Devins going to be leaving Ames, soon.. Its going to be crazy not having him around even though we dont hang out enough already.
The other night Dev, Joe, and I met up at the London Underground and hung out and it was great, we talked about all sorts of stuff and had a few beers.. One of the conversations just happend to be about the 70's Beach boys and how they dont get enough credit..

Boy they dont.. I love this song and its on Surfs up and its got one of the best sounding SNARE DRUMS ever!
check it!


Man its funny talking to joe terry about tour a little bit, he figures we will need to make about 100 bucks a day to atleast break even.. Wow I just got a bunch of Billboard magazines from my boss and Rod Stewart is making over 1,000,000 gross at his concerts.. and shit we apparently even have a song that sounds like Maggie May.. and we are hoping for 100...
Thats crazy...

Man I totally screwed my back up last night, I think it happend when I carried a box of 100 shirts for tour.. from the Vaude to my car 2 blocks away... I got home and I can hardly move...
Ash worked on me a bit today and Im feeling better for sure but damn.. I know what its like now to have back pain...
ucky crap!

Im almost done with Silly Sally tommorow he niece comes to sing on some songs and then i can mix it and put it to bed...
which Im totally ready for..
Im excited about tour, actually Im really excited about practicing for tour.. just playing all the songs with the guys and workin out new and exciting ways to do things should be a blast!

Ran sound last night and quite enjoyed it. Probably going to go watch Michael Moore new movie tonight too..
Nothing like going to a movie about heath care and pigging out on shitty popcorn! sounds like a plan to me!

So I was reading how Indianapolis is one of the most polluted cities in the world and is number 1 in so many bad things catagorys.. I love that city for many reasons but Damn LOOK what the AIR DOES To people.... Warning this video is not worth the whole 5 minutes.. Just an example of life in general for the good folks of a pullted city!
PS whats wrong with womens pants
(me and ashley met a block away from where this was shot)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old stomping grounds

So yeah Im at the Kids shelter filling in for abit tonight and I start thinking this place aint so bad I have been here for an hour and a half I havent seen a kid yet and Im surfing the net and talking to my buddies.. Heck Borderline my favorite song by Madonna is on the radio, but just when you think all is great.... PHIL FUCKING COLLINS comes on the radio and ruins your day!
I hate work!
but I love this............

Monday, June 25, 2007


Man for once I can say I'm glad the weekend is over.. It was so busy, yet so good..
It all started with me and ash heading down to KANSAS CITY on friday to catch our nephew Cole pitch in his little league game..
It was a ton of fun and he stroked an oppisite field double.. Tom (my bro in law) was fantastic with the kids as a coach and it was a blast hanging out with Merrick who seems to have a liking to ashley but not her uncle so much.. Becky pulled off a total lois too and has tons of food waiting for us, and for us on our departure... A great trip!

Saturday was busy as hell too, went down to see my pals the Williams' amazing Craft Saturday which was held at the 4th street theater and was a perfect little location... It was fun talking to them and seeing all sorts of homemade goodies...
Bumped into some friends and it was great..

We also were at the 4th st theater the next day watching some johnson jazz band play before I had to run sound for what seemed like 1,00,000 bands.. but its cool cause while I was running sound ashley went to Borders and used some of our gift cards she bought me a present the new Paul McCartney cd which is great.. and when you think about how he is 65 years old then I say its fucking AMAZINGLY GREAT! about half of it sounds like QUEEN seriously, dont get me wrong there are a few duds but for the most part I still Roll Up to his Magical Mystery Tour anytime!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Presidential Canidate

Well I wanted to annouce just cause this picture (by woe jilliams) looks like a Presidential canidate picture and because I'm about as aware as atleast Mitt Romney I'm announcing my canidicy for the President of the United States... I will be running as an Independent... John Bachman will be my Vice Presidential running mate (channel 13 des moines news anchor for all the right reasons) and We are for World Peace, Women's rights (cause I cant drive either) Vegitarian living, and Eco friendly mowing... I will be campaigning in IOWA more than any other canidate for the next year... Check me out at a Town Meeting hall near you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks y'all

Well yesterday I had to run sound at the Vaude and it was an early show.. 4 bands, 3 of which were local and one touring.. In typical fashion though only 2 bands showed up and I got to leave 2 hours early, but that wasnt even the coolest things about it.. I was standing by the door talking to the bartender and door gal and the bartender say hey I think I just saw some dude who looks like Ben Folds, and I said well he is supposed to be coming to town with JOHN Mayer, and right when I was saying that Angela the door girl got a text message from her boyfriend who works at Java Joes saying that he just served Ben Folds a Latte...

These guys both didnt give two shits, but I was like damn the shows going to start 5 minutes late cause Im going over to say hi to Ben Folds! So I walked over there and there fucking was sitting at a table with some guy.. so i totally act suprised to see him and start talking to him about how I saw his last ever american show with BEN FOLDS FIVE and he was like really where was that, so I told him it was in Milwakee at Summerfest then I tell him about how Nick C. pretty much tackled a girl to get the Piano wire on the Rienhold tour and First ave and he was just very nice, I let him know that a friend (leah) was planning on going on his cruise, and he told me he liked Des Moines and always comes to Java Joes...
So shit next time he's in town you know where to go!

anyway I met Ben before in 98 at the Horde fest but not like this... it was rad and totally made my day!

the funniest part is when I text some people about my meeting, Devin told me to tell him to start writing good songs again, and I text him back saying Ben just read that message and then Dev wrote back and said GOOD HA HA....

Also I got the new FREE GAS cd and shit the smith boys upped the anti on this one.. its really good and there are traces of the beach boys and synth weezer all over it... ITs really good!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

Ok Im glad my pops got to watch the Twins beat up on Milwakee today... It was good to talk to him.. anyway I started thinking about the top five most touching father son moments in movie history and they are....

5. Ralphy in the A Christmas Story helping his dad change the flat tire and him saying the FUDGE WORD and his dad telling him mom and Ralphy getting the bar of soap in the mouth when he got home... thanks a lot Dad!

4. The dad of Damion in the Omen about ready to kill his son on a church alter, but being blown away by cop before it happens so there gets to be 3 more Omen movies!! Thanks a lot dad!

3. Michael Chorlione blowing away the dude responsible for shooting Vito, his Dad.. Don't let a mob guy go to the bathroom alone! thanks son

2. Darth Vader slicing his sons arm off in the Empire Strikes back right after telling him he was his father.. Thanks Dad

1. Luke Slicing his dads arm off in Return of the Jedi... Thanks son!

my dad has been awesome he deserves more than I got him , but the new wilco cd is a pretty great gift!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

TOday is a big day

So Silly SaLLY is coming over today if full clown outfit to record! how cool is that...
she has to be downtown at the famers market.. right after she gets done.. man do I need a picture of this!!
so to get me pumped I needed a pick me up! this is what I got!

There is one great thing about being friends with musicians... Its getting to hear songs they have written in Various stages of production... For instance I love listeing to Donalds songs on my Ipod while running they are usually pretty up tempo and hearing a familer voice while working out is always comforting...

I was happy last week to see my dear friend AARON Hefley, he and his b-u-t-ful wife Leah made the trip to Ames from Miami to help us celebrate our wedding..
We have a connection like no other... I would have never moved to ames if it wasnt for AARON and he might have never met leah if it wasnt for me... Now being in a band and being a roomate with aaron was always entertaining none the less but the reason I moved here was because AAron is one of my favorite song writers he is just flat out good... and can write hooks as good as XTC.. Anyway Aaron has a new project rolling called DEXTER and its a throwback in time... Not to the 60, or 70's, but its pure 80's radio pop in the vein of Inxs or Duran Duran.. I said to Ashley we might see one of these songs being performed at the next GAY 90's Drag show we go too.. (AND THATS A GOOD THING)... Now like I was saying earlier these songs our in that Early production stage but still sound way more hi-fi than anything aaron has ever been apart of! And shit Aaron got some pretty wicked guitar solos going on here! Easliy his best since the HOUSE by Pookey Bleum or his guest guitar appearence on I could Love you More today by the Wheatlords!
Anyway I just giveing everyone fair warning to watch out for Dexter.. They are coming and they can not be stopped!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oops I missed it..

So yesterday when I was mowing I was thinking how the critically aclaimed show the Sopranos was coming to an end... and I successfully went all 6 seasons without seeing 1 episode... Now its not that I didnt want to see any, its just that I dont think I have ever been even near HBO when it was on... The monday after our wedding some friends came by and we were having a little get together and a Dish Network sales person came to the door and he was giving Ashley his speal and I said, HEY tell him for 25 bucks a month and throw in NFL ticket we will do it.. and ofcourse the guys like I cant do that... But if he would have pulled the trigger I would probably have HBO right now... and I could have seen the final Soprano. But now what do I do, I just wait it out, or do I start going to the Library and renting the seasons.. Shit I know how it ends... Who cares right...

Well I would rather get the WONDER YEARS on DVD, me and Ashley loved that show, and I loved that CHINA BEACH came on after it, cause then I got to hear Reflections by the Supreems... I love the Supreem they have like 15 number one hits, My favorite is I Hear a Symphony... man this is a terrible blog, but whatever..
Went to visit Devin on Monday Night at Holiday INN and I got a very nice beared man instead! but the cheapest room they had was 89 bucks... So I drove home and stayed with my wife!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Back......

Well wow, where to begin.. this past week has been just fantastic.. we (asher and I) got married, got to hang with friends and family, ate and drank way to much, got to see Wildlife on our honeymoon and Ashley celebrated her 27th b-day all in one week it was superb...
The best part for me was Ashley singing the song she wrote for me.. in my style.. but it was wasy better than anything i could dream of writing!!!

thanks to everyone involved.. you made all this so wonderful and we are so greatful to everyone...
We finally got to dance our socks off too since we spent most of Ashley's b-day at Gay 90's in Minneapolis in their RETRO ROOM... dancing to bowie, and madonna and many others!

I taisted my first ever MOOSE Drool Beer on lake superior that was pretty good, Kinda New Castle tasting... and a beer called KUMLOOPS that you can only get at the place we stayed which was amazing and right on Lake Superior..

Ashley got a couple massages and said people were doing things that she does and she liked it.. so she was happy thought she was doing something right...

We just finished opening up all our fantstic wedding gifts and wow... we are totally spoiled.. so spoiled I might just watch new dvds for a week and do nothing else...

wow.. again thanks to everyone.. lets all get together and finish that Keg we didnt tap!

Friday, June 1, 2007

40 years agao today!!!!

So it was 40 years ago today that the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper and to celebrate they have created an amazing website with photos, and video from the making of and its wonderful.. If I wasnt getting married tommorow I might spend all day in a life... (get it..) On it
here it is