Monday, June 29, 2009

We Won!

Well as some of you already know Ashley and I won, the Best Iowa Film Makers of the year award at the INTERROBANG Film Festival it, was such an exciting weekend standing in the back of a over capacity theater watching people react to our little film.. We attended the award ceremony and even did a small Q and A.. it was so fun and Im so happy Ash and I got to do something creative together and people seemed to like it..
Also got Ash and I shirts of the art work she created for our little movie poster check em out!

We had a fantastic time and got to see some friends, and hit up A-dong and the Vaud for Autumn Project Cd release show which was a blast as well..

The one thing I was getting sick of all weekend was people asking me for cigarrettes there is nothing i cant stand more then the BUMMERS of Cigarretts they say can I BORROW a cig or do you have any cigarettes I got so sick of this at 1 am when we were getting into our car some dumb ass collage age kid asked me for a cig and I pulled down my pants, mooned him and said I think I got one stuck way up my ass! You can have it.. Oh what a weekend! here some pics outside our building where the films were shown!

ps also big news! Almost a whole month before she turned one our little wonderful niece is now walking! HEAD over to my sister beckys blog to hear her classic mommy voice chearing Macy on!
love it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Remember this weekend!

Yep the time has come Ashley and I's movie

this weekend at the INTERROBANG FILM FEST at the Des Moines Art Festival! We are going to try and hit atleast 2 of 4 showings so say hello if you are there! Also there is an awards Ceremony at 8pm on saturday night which they told us to attend! so come check it off if you want!

also want to give mad props to Scott Burkhart who will be getting married this weekend I have this great picture of the two of us from my wedding but blogspot in running like shit!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


one of my all time favorites just passed away a few minutes ago..
biggest musical loss in my life so far besides George Harrison..
OH MIKE I LOVED and I want you back


well today is my last day of work at the gym and Im so glad I have wonderful friends who know that its my last day of a job where all i do is watch youtube clips all day...
MIND YOU THIS IS WHY if ashley and I have kids they are only getting the original Nintendo..

Early to bed, early to rise does not make this one look to wise!

my fave St. VIncent song with 3 bari saxes!

and Wilco doing a fine job imatating George Harrison with song and the Flying Burrito Brothers in fashion!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im melting

man its been so hot the last few days..
I was up in minneapolis helping shoot a music video for the band NOW NOW EVERY CHILDREN, they did great and I had a really good time working with them and hopefully it turns out good.

Im excited cause I only have 2 days left at the gym then Im FREE! there is so much going on right now that excites me here is a quick list.

1. Ash and I's movie debuts this weekend at the INTERROBANG FILM FEST!
2. PCC will be getting to not only practice but play a few shows in the upcoming weeks..
3. Christopher the Conquered cd is so good and now hes upping the anti with a really cool art plan for the record.. super proud to be a part of that project!
4.the DAYS are LONG!
5. and MARROW LIVE on the internet finally!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day

Yep I got the best pops in the whole world..
In his honor today I mowed my lawn.. and in his honor I tried to make the lines strait!
Hope you had a great day pops! this ones for you..

you taught me baseball and bob dylan thats about everything a boy would need!
thanks for being the best

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HAPPY Birthday Johhny Appleseed!

Well 10 years ago today my high school band the CANADIAN WHEAT LORDS released there only ever album "Johnny Appleseed and the Broken time Machine"
which also marks the start of Bi-Fi Records.. I will be celebrating this fact by pulling the album out and drinking a case of COORS LIGHT tonight while dancing in my living room to 1968! I suggest everyone else does the same!
or not!
Anyway I feel old!

the highlights of the wheat lords for me were
1. Joe Terry making a 28 minute film about us and getting it shown at the Varsity Theater in Ames
2. Chris C. playing "I wont let you down" as his final song on his final college radio show
3. the first ever Wheat lord practice hanging out with Nick and Matt making music for the first time ever with Friends.. Greatest feeling in the WORLD! to bad we were all better at playing Baseball together, instead of making music!

the Y2k Bug and Why 1999 was the best year ever for FILM AND MUSIC

so i was talking with Chris Ford yesterday about Matthew Sweet coming to Des Moines on thursday and how I thought he put out a few amazing records including the fantastic "IN REVERSE" from 1999.. then it hit me that "In Reverse" is quite amazing but I bet it does not even crack the top 15 albums of that year. With such classics as 69 love songs, Ponyoak, Black Foliage, etc..
It seems like every band who put out a record in 1999 it was steller same with film!

Artist must have thought that y2k was going to blow us up into smithereens of electricity or something.. so they gave us the goods!
remember American Beauty, Magnolia, Virgin Suicides, Man on the Moon, Cider House Rules, Sweet and Lowdown, Girl Interrupted, Boys Don't Cry, Talented Mr. Ripley.. Damn now thats a good year.. All those movies are still and great today as they were the first time I saw them...

Same with many of the albums that came out that year.. Now films are here and gone in the matter of a couple weekends!
What gives..
GIVE US another Y2k scare and maybe we can bring back some classic art!

anyway I might try to go see Matthew Sweet on Thursday!

this one aint from 1999 but its one of my faves

Monday, June 15, 2009

CHICAGO, what a city!

Well I had the most fantastic time on our fam's now annual baseball trip! to many good stories to tell but we did run into a bunch of TWINS were were staying at the hotel next to us, we ran into Loren Michaels of SNL, and Ash and I chased after a guy who we thought was STEPHEN KING. no luck there but the Twins took both games we went to and I had such a blast seeing everyone..
Two wheatlords in the same place at the same time! Thats PITCHFORK NEWS WORTHY!!
We also got to see some protest NAKE BIKE RIDE, it it was quite cold that night so lots of little weenies out!
LESS GAS MORE ASS was what they were yelling?
anyway thanks to fam for the great trip!
here some some pics!

also here is the official trailer for ash and I's film that march..

That March a tapes for life film OFFICIAL Trailer! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

THAT MARCH world debut showing!!!!!

Here is theScreening Schedule for profesional shorts!
Friday, June 26
Room A (Second Floor)
4:00pm Professional Shorts - Beep Beep, Graffiti, Monster Movie, Moto Mirage, Peephole, THAT MARCH, Welcome to Shady Pines

Saturday, June 27
Room A (Second Floor)
3:30pm Professional Shorts - Beep Beep, Graffiti, Monster Movie, Moto Mirage, Peephole, THAT MARCH, Welcome to Shady Pines

Room B (Third Floor)
10:00am Professional Shorts - Beep Beep, Graffiti, Monster Movie, Moto Mirage, Peephole, THAT MARCH, Welcome to Shady Pines

Come check out Ashley and I's movie if you can!

I swear

I swear to God we were having fun recording.. dont let this picture fool you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 9th is the best day ever

Well why you may ask, its cause my two favorite ladies in the world were born on this day!
Ashley and my Mom both share this b-day..
Im glad I got a chance to talk to my mom and wish her a lovely day!

and Ash and I had a fantastic day she opened her 29 presents from me, I think she liked her ROD STEWART record, her massage, her Woody Allen movies best! We went on a long hike at LEDGES State park and must say the maps there suck a big one and I fucking fell into pea creek a few times jumping rocks..
then we went out to a lovely dinner and it was the most wonderful B-day!
Ashley was so excited about all the well wishes from friends and family!
I hope both ladies had a great day. LOVE YA BOTH.
I'm super tired and I have quite the week a head of me yet.. so why im up at 6am is any body's guess...
Jonathan Richman tonight at Vaudevlle!
boo yeah

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well I want to say a huge happy b-day to not only the greatest booking agent ever, but someone who is a talented artist, a compasionate friend, honest, loyal, and always has a great story to tell.. He enjoys fake meat jerky, and a good thick beer!
He has an excellent soul and is just wanna of the nicest, coolest guys I know! His support is overwelming and I just want to say a huge HAPPY Birthday and THANKS FOR BEING SUCH AN AMAZING GUY!
HAPPY B-day Shawn have a great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


well i was on Wheatsfields Web site and found this picture of Ashley Holding a thing of EGGS and it made me laugh..
Cause the last time Ash was holding her hair up above a toilet throwing up was because she tried to eat some eggs bad choice hun..

also recently Joe Terry said to me, for someone who does not eat eggs patrick your farts sure do smell like them!
oh just call me humpty DUMP-ty


So I was reading JOHN VANDERSLICE's twitter, yep Im that bored at my gym work.. and what a lovely little picture I discovered..
Its good old IAN ANDERSON from Afternoon Records and look whos in the back ground the Lovely and talented Danelle Williams from Monster Fashion and graduate of SIBLEY-OCHEYEDAN high school.. I feel like KEVIN BACON knowing all these people! FINE FINE PIC. J.V.

E.C. and E.l.H are always good to ME!

Well I was in Starbucks today and not in the greatest mood having to be heading to work, but I caught a kick ass new Elvis Costello song from his new record and it just happened to be a duet with Emmy Lou Harris.. Damn that girl can sing... so today i featuring my Fave EmmyLou Duets
1. LOVE HURTS Emmy with good old Gram Parsons... This version is live and just kills, what a song!

2. We are No Where and It's Now good old Emmy with Bright Eyes this is a more modern one but its classic Emmmylou, I love the way it almost sounds like she's repeating the lyrics or shes just a hair late.. it works so magically on all her duets
great song..this video is werid too

3. Dark End of the Street Flying Burrito Bros, with Emmylou best song ever about an affair I think one of the best love songs ever!!

4. EVANGELINE by the Band and Emmylou from the last waltz love her dress in this one!

5. To Know him is to love him--with DOLLY, and Linda Rondstant..
Great classic Spector song, but damn Phil should have taken a hand gun to those 80's hair doooos

Friday, June 5, 2009

St. VINCENT on Minnesota Public Radio

Well some things would rule about living in Minneapolis like spending a mid week night at First Ave seeing St. Vincent!
Oh well here are 3 of my fave tracks off her new album live from her performance at Minnesota Public Radio.
I love the song MARROW!


Thanks to Minneapolis Fucking Rocks for the Video..
I must say I do not play video gams and I have only ever sang.. while playing rock band but damn this looks fun!

Starting to save money now for the reissues that come out the same day! YEAH WHITE ALBUM IN MONO!

HERE what the program will say!

Like I said before our first ever film got selected into the ITERROBANG FILM FEST.. Im so excited about this.. Here is how the program will describe our film!
DID I mention STEPHEN KING is on the Panel of Judges to watch the films.. Not bad as he is the guy who just happens to have written IMDB's number 1 movie of all time the Shawshank Redemption!

more info on times the film will the film will be shown soon!
That March
A Tapes For Life Film
Short Film Category

A 25 year old contemplates the upper-limits of his own potential versus his Main Street Ames, Iowa location.
A lyrical and imaginative glimpse into the head of a puppeteer whose strings are being pulled in diverse directions.
Shot in documentary-style, a short film with an original score by Iowa's indie-rock darlings, The Poison Control Center.


Well Jason N. (far right in picture) my good buddy has recorded an amazing PODCAST disecting the epic final song from their latest album, POST MODERN SILENCE..
its pretty great! IF you like Experimental music give this a listen its worth it... (that means you DEVIN)
here is the link!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ashley's Rad PODCAST! and Interview

Yep my wonderful wife is featured in the health newsletter you maybe seeing around Ames.. BUT YOU CAN LISTEN to her interview on the podcast here...
listen its great she even talks about woody allen!
and read her interview for the print version here...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 weeks of pure bliss

Damn I know its been awhile but so much good stuff has happened.
PCC did great in the studio and we have 12 1/2 tracks of new rock to be mix, mastered and shared with the world.. I had such a fantastic time with the guys and stolley.. We all got along great and were super creative and I just had a blast! LOTS OF BEER AND NO SLEEP! here a pic of us and our master mind behind the mixing board pat stolley enjoying some of STOLLEYS CHAMPAINGE after our final night at the studio!

then ash and I drove to cincinatti and got to see all of ashleys fam in just over 2 days! it was great, had some great food saw a graduation party, a little league game, two buffets and lots of road time but it was totally awesome seeing everyone..

Then ash and i spent a couple days on a vacation which we never really do since im usually gone in the summer but we hung in the Wisconsin Dells and camped.. Drank some beer, played cards, went on a crazy boat, did RIPLEY BELIEVE IT OR NOT which kinda blew but it was a great little vacation.. ASHLEY also swore she heard some one pooping out side our tent last night at 1 am.. NO DICE!

its good to be home but damn I love camping who would have thought!

WELL GOOD News about our first film its Been ACCEPTED into the ITERROBANG FILM FEST and I found out today that STEPHEN KING is on the Panel of Judges so in other words FRICKEN STEPHEN KING is going to see our movie!
That blows my mind!
well more details soon on the debut of the film!
its good to be home!