Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy B-day Big SIS!

Yep my parents totally had 3 kids in the same week, 3 years apart from each other, so it work out well that when 1 of us was a senior in High School the younger was a freshmen!
So today I wish my older sister Becky a happy birthday! Becky has always been incredibly insightful, not only book smart but has a world of commen sence and love behind everything she does! She is a wonderful mother and I need to thank her for having a bit of a wild side growing up because she opened a lot of doors for me to be naughty! Wether it was sneeking out and driving around in daddy's pick up without being old enough to do such things and getting caught by the cops! ha loved that one on MOTHERS DAY eve in fact..
Or how she never did to well with Chocolate milk and puked in the van on vacation. .. I thought to myself, wow maybe this is the vacation i dont get blamed for ruining it.. But the thing is she has never ruined anything and she about as good as it gets as a person! and I love her so!
ps sorry I made you sit with a broken leg for about ten minutes before I went and got mom and dad!
happy b-day

Saturday, August 22, 2009

HAPPY b-day Big Bro!

well my brother nathan's b-day in 2moro the 23rd of Aug.. I love my bro so much but I never get to see him.. I need to change that! I have always looked up to him in so many ways and always wanted him to approve of me! HECk my bro introduced me to QUEEN, and BECK so I pretty much owe him much of my worlds enjoyment! And he used to make these killer mix tapes for our family summer vacation that were summer themed! I wish I could hear one of those now! So great! Anyway I hope you have the greatest day bro and I love and Miss you!
here is a classic from one of his great mix cds!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazzzzy Week

Man this week has been to crazzy for me.. and I have not felt to great, Ash says im low in IRON, a deficiency infact.. I told her I dont want to listen to IROM MAIDEN any more this week..
I got the New YO LA TENGO and thats all I have been listening to and I love it sooooo much! its fantastic.. What a band 16 albums in they still know how to make a perfect collection of songs.. I love it because its kinda like a PCC album in that its all over the place and I worry about that with our band, but this just makes me feel like its ok! But mind you this record is full of gems and quite and enjoyable 65 minute listen! here is the new video featuring TIMES NEW VIKING, pretending to Be YO LA TENGO in a record store? pretty funny! PCC actually stayed with TIMES NEW VIKING once on tour when we played in Columbus, OH.. Except the drummer of the band got me so drunk I didnt even make it into the house, I slept in the van.. rough night but anyway here's the vid for Nothing to Hide!

Work has been keeping me very busy this week and thats good, Im kinda glad I dont work in Minneapolis where the company is based out of since a Tornado ripped though the city yesterday and damaged one of my favorite record stores the Electric Fetus!
Now I want to share a Killer Video from my Hommie ALEXIS GIDEON who is embarking on a huge tour this fall and the release of his HIP-HOPERA VIDEO MUSICS! here is the first single "BRIMSTONE BLAINE" he is coming to Ames Progressive in Sept! PEOPLE GOT TO BE THERE FOR THIS... Check it!

also i have always joked about starting a wedding planning bizness but I think someone took me seriously cause I keep getting issues of MODERN BRIDE? I sent the first 2 I got to my little sis who is actually getting married but another arrived yesterday! I wonder if my mom got her a subscription but accidently its being sent to me! I hope Ash is not getting Rolling Stone or something, that Im supposed to be getting.. anyway. MY ashley said OH MAN I wish there were dresses like this when we were getting married and I was like OH BOY, "insert long speech about how beautiful she looked on our wedding day" then walked to Hy-vee at 10:30 pm to get 2 cliff bars 1 maple nut, 1 oatmeal to make me feel better! Woke up feeling like a hundred bucks! Dont need iron need cliff

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishboy's on Tour!

Well a few days back I got my fab-u-lust new copy of Fishboys brand new vinyl record! Its so good, and it incredible how it was recorded! Fishboy had some left over tunes from his classic rock opera and recorded some demo of them and got these 2 chaps who are not even in FISHBOY called the Nom Noms and they took those acoustic style demos and made them into a killer classic indie rock album! anyway you should get a copy of it at
or pick one up if they are coming to a town near you!
here are the dates and below is a recent video from a show and one of my favorite tunes from the new record! I love this song cause it tells the story of GABE from Red Pony Clock telling Fishboy he sucks! But we all know that Gabe worships the ground FISHBOY walks on as do I!
Upcoming Shows
Aug 15 2009 8:00P EP Release show @ Hailey’s Denton, Texas
Aug 16 2009 8:00P Hole in the Wall Austin, Texas
Aug 17 2009 8:00P Super Happy Funland Houston, Texas
Aug 18 2009 8:00P 1208 S. Jamestown Ave. House Tulsa, Oklahoma
Aug 19 2009 8:00P Cirq Gallery Albuquerque, New Mexico
Aug 20 2009 8:00P Dry River Space Tuscon, Arizona
Aug 21 2009 8:00P Trunkspace Phoenix, Arizona
Aug 22 2009 8:00P Maple St. House San Diego, California
Aug 23 2009 8:00P Tribal Cafe Los Angeles, California
Aug 24 2009 8:00P Biko Garage Santa Barbara, California
Aug 26 2009 8:00P Santa Cruz, California
Aug 27 2009 8:00P The Pink House San Francisco, California
Aug 29 2009 8:00P Portland, Oregon
Aug 30 2009 8:00P Vera Project Seattle, Washington
Sep 2 2009 8:00P Kilby Court Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep 4 2009 8:00P Replay Lounge Lawrence, Kansas


Today on my run I got bit by a dog!
IT sucked ass I have its teeth mark on my leg, it was litterly nawing on me!
i think it must have been once owned by Micheal Vick, it was out to kill!
bad dog


Nancy oh Nancy!

had a wonderful weekend with my mommy in law nancy and her hubby keith we ate are way around Ames, hitting up Old Main, Great Plains, and the Cafe.. They also got us a killer picnic table and a hammock! which ash and I layed in one night and I got live 500 bug bites its sucked.. but I also got an early b-day present of a new coffee machine from nancy.. She is the sweetest and I love her so and could not ask for a better mommy in law! nancy you rule! and it was soooo good having you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Donald of the Poison Control Center's Arm Catches on FIRE!

Donald Ephraim Curtis the 3rd celebrated his 29th birthday with a couple Poison Control Center shows and the recording of the band's 2nd Daytrotter session.. But the big news from the weekend is that his arm started on fire while the band was taking some new press photos.. Blisters galore.. Think Michael Jackson Hair via Pepsi only his drumming arm! Here is an exclusive

here is Donald in happier times

"Avalon Or Something Very Similar" New Yo La Tengo

Here is the wonderful new video from Yo La Tengo via Stereogum
Man I cant wait for this album!

I Take stock in Woodstock

Now I was like many 6th or 7th grade music fans, trying to find out about all the most important music in history! In 5th grade I was obsessed with the Beatles to agree of not caring to much about anything else.. around 6th or 7th grade I thought hell I should try to verse myself in a a few other things.. Now Mind you I was quite versed in eating a lot and having tons of pimples but was not well versed in other things so I got the WOODSTOCK soundtrack and that was the best middle school edgucation I ever got!
Seriously I found out about ton of my all time faves Hendrix, the Who, John Sebastion, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Janis, Joe Cocker, Sly and the Family Stone, Paul Butterfield, Canned Heat, Arlo Guthrie, Country Joe and the Fish, and tons of others... I obsessed over that soundtrack to the point of I had to get the 2nd WoodStock soundtrack cause my cd was getting to many plays and I found out about even more loves like MELANIE, and Joan Baez.. And shit it took me years to find out about other bands there were not on the soundtrack that played like THE BAND, and the Greatful Dead! Anyway on the 40th anniversary of the festival I just wanted to share how 1 three day weekend 11 year before I was born has had more of an impact on my life than most things I can think of!! Thanks Max Yeager for letting the hippies run amuck on your farm!
Here are some of my faves from the fest

Mr. Loving Spoonful putting it all in perspective

Jimi's improv jam after the Star Spangled banner... so good!

the Who's See Me Feel Me in the early morning hours after rocking TOMMY in its entirety!

the Band's Tears of Rage.. Left off the movie and soundtrack

JOE COCKER with a little help from my friends!

A little Country Joe anyone

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One For the Team's new video!

Well One For the Team are in SAN FRAN recording their new album at Tiny Telephone studios! But this is not about that, I wanted to post their new video for the song, "GARDEN" off the latest EP Build A Garden!
The video is super cool, kinda like the Smashing Pumpkins "Thirty-Three" Video... I personally dig it cause its so simple and they use the wonderful back drop of Europe as the center piece, makes me want to visit even more!
dig it!

Coming soon this week, A look back at WOODSTOCK, like i was there or something!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The week that was!

Man what a crazy week, I spent most of it with the dudes in PCC getting some practices in, playing some fantastic shows, recording what i think is going to be a killer ep, and heck even taking a few press pics and sharing some brews! lets just say much fun was had..

We spent some time over in the Quad cities again and I just so happen to get my first BOOT on a tire for not paying a parking ticket the best part about this was that we had just recorded a new song called "WALLS OF CITY HALL" at our Daytrotter session and then 5 minutes later I was inside the Walls of city hall handing them my credit card! OUch oh well pay your parking tickets stupid ass!

I got a killer early b-day present from Joe "the Point" by Harry Nilson on vinyl and I got to hang with Don on the day before and after his b-day so that was nice..

Then we had all sort of company with our buddies Casper and Cookies in town! They played great and it was fantastic getting to spend some time with them on sunday..

ALso they took a nap so Ash and I went to see the movie 500 Day of Summer which was excellent for sure! I say it worth seeing and there are lots of movie references in it.. Including a couple nods to Ferris Buelers Day off, which brings me to the sad news of the week about one of my favorite film makers John Hughes who past away! He made so many of my favorites Thanks for the laughs John... YOU will be missed!

500 days of Summer

Mr. Hughes always new how to put great music into his funny movies to make you feel the sadness too, here is the Smiths classic in Ferris that kills!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hanging OVER!

Well I had a great time at the Sac county fair the other night playing a PCC show.. we got to rock a little in the rain and the good folks at the sac county fair shot of some fireworks during Magic Circle so it was pretty bad ass! Playing new songs ruled and it was good to see newly engaged DONALD and Newly North Carolina on my mind Joe t. Dev will be meeting up with us this week for a Daytrotter session and a show at the Ames progressive with our good friends Casper and the cookies!

So yesterday ash and I got to hang out a bit and I got to read a bit of my new book about film editing she got me so that was cool.. We also went to buy some new Tennis balls and I was having some fun at Target with all the new COLLEGE kids and their families moving in to town I kept annoucing to ash so others could hear, "WE NEED TO FIND A ROOMATE, A FUTON, and a CYCLONE TRASH CAN, ready GO" and then speed off.. We were definately getting some looks! but it was fun!

Last night we decided to check out the movie the HANGOVER to see what all this buzz is about! and I must say I did enjoy it and its a movie that you probably only need to see once but If you are at someones house and they are going to watch it you will definately enjoy watching it again! NOt as good as MALL RATS but WAY BETTER than Waterboy... Also two movies I will never deny watching at someone elses houses!
Now some of you know my hatred for PHIL COLLINS solo work.. but I must admit wonderful use of his tune in this movie featuring MIKE TYSON!