Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DREAMer of my Dreams

so wow tons of things have happended since we last spoke..
Ash flew to indian for a massage confernence and her plane had to make an emergency landing where they had to clear the run ray of all other planes and stuff.. SO that was super freeky but she made and even got elected as a part of the board of her massage stuff so Im very proud of her..

on my front, I got to hang out with the PCC and our dear friend booking agent Shawn all weekend and it was a blast.. We played the U of M, the Surf Ballroom in Clear lake and First ave in Minneapolis..
2 of 3 which are like dream venues...

At the surf we got to play with FISHBOY, who as you know if you have read my blog are one of my favorite bands in the world and they were so awesome on a real stage with great sound.. oh it was probably the best I have ever seen them play their ROCK OPERA and Joe T. got to play some horn with them and totally nailed his parts I was very proud of them all.. Fishboy is on tour for a bit longer check out their myspace for dates and go see them

Then we headed back up to the cities to rock at First ave with some of our label mates for Afternoon Records 5 year b-day party.. it was such a blast playing that place in front of a bunch of people... so fun..

I want to thank a few people for this weekend..
First the pilot who got ashley there safely.. Big thanks to Shawn for all his help and for coming out here we are so lucky to have him.. thanks to Dane and Lauren for their home, the Myers of Clear lake for their home and our new toys, and a big thanks to Ian for making it all happen for afternoon records!
and to my boys for rocking hard.. and being pretty darn tight!
this clip does not represent our tightness! but its fun to watch

Thursday, April 24, 2008

some things that make me Happy

When your not feeling good! Simply remember your favorite things and then you won't feel so band....

I think these speak for themselves

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Solo show last saturday

so i spoke a bit about me being scared shitless playing to a ton of people by myself well here are a few photos from the show.. thanks to kelly..

I would have totally broke my neck falling backwords off the railing but those trusty security guys ruled!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy B-day J.T.

well my boy Joe terry is rocking b-day style this week.. So I wanted to wish him a huge happy birthday ..
I can remember the day I met joe and how I was totally entranced by him from day 1.. the guy has always been a great friend, a great teacher, a great band mate, and just an all around great dude! so This is for him..
Happy B-day buddy!

Weddings, Wierdos, and Yard work.. the weekend that was..

So Friday night was great. my good ole buddy Jason Holland got married to a cute little Iowan named kendra.. it was a mad party featuring sets by Keepers of the Carpet and Free Gas.. much fun was had.. Free Beer and ash even got to drive Eric Moffits wheels home after I bought him some shots..
well he rode with sami and I and we listened to ELO and it was a blast... it was great seeing old friends the Smith boys and Paul F.. who now works for the Pumpkins..

On saturday I got to play for hundreds of people by myself on the largest mobile stage in the country.. and it was quite fun I must admit.. I was kinda scared shitless but the crowd really was involved and I had an amazing time.. ITs crazy how you can make eye contact with like 100 people at a time at a thing like that.. it was really great. sold some merch and it was a blast nice to have some friends there to watch too. met some wiedos too and some kids I hung with at the kids shelters... love my potty mouth...

then sunday we did some crazy ass yard work, rode bikes, had a few drinks, played some football, made some sandwitches with vegan manayse and watched some Curb... I must admit the weekend was fab
I even agreed with ash to try and do like an hour of yard work a day... ugh.. well today I already raked abit some Im good! hope you are as well!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the dreaded Clif Bar

Now I do love things with all my heart.. ash knows this so she got a 24 pack of clif bars.. problem was I was loving them to much yesterday, when ashley went to work I ate 8 clif bars.. they are addictive.. at one point yesterday I felt like I couldnt breathe probably cause I had some penut butter crunch lodge in my colon... Ash got home as asked if I knew how many calories are in each Clif bar and I said 250 and she like are you sure.. and I was like YEAH IM FUCKING SURE I opened up 8 of them I might have caught a glance at the packaging... anyway I got my healthy total calorie intake on CLif bars yesterday... oh I need a day off..
Thats about all I got..

Oh Saturday in National independent Record store day.. Go and buy and album from your favorite ma and pa store!
PCC donated a bunch of shit to ZZZ for give aways on Saturday so go down and support Nate!
later dudes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Its official PCC to Open for FLAMING LIPS!

yep I just shit my pants as well!

Snowy Baseball games

Well this weekend was great.. we headed down to Kansas City and got to hang with the whole fam... minus my older bro but we threw in a BOB from Omaha so that was good.
Never have I been to a baseball game where it snowed but last Saturday night that changed.. it was cold as hell but ash being a true fighter I think enjoyed herself..
And it was so fun seeing the family!
thanks ma and pa for the tickets and food and hotel, and thanks beck, tom, for opening up their home to us!
It was a blast for sure...

since we have got home Spring is here.. Ash got my bike all fixed up yesterday and Im ready to ride. even got me a new seat to protect my balls! As she put it so elequently. We got some more Curb Your Enthusasms last night from the Library and I made some vegan soup..

Got some cool news our buddy Alli from NYC will be here in hang in July and its only a few weeks till ryan anderson comes up to record his next album!
YIPPIE we are busy bees!
happy Tax day everyone!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Maude Make-and-See's First show ever...

so here is ash and I rocking out, we got all dressed up.. she wearing a cute vintage dress and hat I got her and I got on my Levon Helm (the band) top hat she got me, and I even wore a bolo...
here is our song.. Lets Move In With Your Mother... ash hits her face at the end with a drum stick.. ouch.. but she did so good and Im so proud of Don's little protige

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stuck in a studio with smelly dudes

Well the last few days I have been in the PCC's old stomping grounds of Futureapple tree studio in Rock Island, IL helping produce the new album By WOLVES in the ATTIC my fave new ames band..
SO good.
anyway its been a ton of fun hanging out with Quincy and drinking some busch lights and making a record.. I wish rock island was 2 hours closer for sure!
anyway Im excited to get home to asher though.. we havent got to spend much time hanging since she got home..

OH by the way OUR SHOW went Fantastic.. She did an amazing job.. I will post some video when I can!
for sure!
anyway Im stoked to be heading to KC this weekend to hang with the fam and see some outdoor baseball!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what a weekend

No Sleep
fun shows
fun hanging with friends
and that about sums it up! wish they were all that exciting...

TONIGHT is Maude Make and See's first show.. Ash and I's new band... Oh im scared I dont know how to play music without my boys.. wish us luck!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well I have decided that my home is a very quiet and lonely place without asher here.. She usually has folks coming in and out.. but not this week as she is down south in Arizona and Mexico.. It sounds like she is hanging with some lizards, canyons, and sunshine.. We have had the longest winter and im glad she got out of it a bit..

Well I have kept myself busy, working.. trying to get some recording done.. but to no avail on both fronts.. been pretty disapointing.. but tommorow should be quite fun.. the PCC boys will be around and we have 2 shows one in Iowa City and one in Des Moines.. My mom says dont get a speeding ticket trying to make both of them! OH ma..