Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I admit

I admit I dont know much about FEVER RAY, but damn this acceptance speech is one for the ages!

Super Tuesday

Man I had a great time listening to the "the Don of Tara" radio show on the KRUI lab.. by the future mr. and mrs Curtis.. they played a killer set, full of all the goodies from the silver jews, to the lips, to black flag, to Susan Vega.. not to shabby... There show is from 8-10 on monday nights check it out on line!
and next we have .....

today is quite the day for new albums coming out... I suppose I should get this

and atleast check this out...

Lets hope I find a good record store down in Orlando!

Monday, January 25, 2010

how come

how come movies today do not look like this...

man what a fucking blizzard today Im ready to head to flordia this week I cant wait

Sunday, January 24, 2010

4 things

here are 4 things..
I chose 4 for mr. farve
1. my poor dad
2. my poor head
3. ashley is gassy
4. worst day in a long time... we beat ourselves

No Sleep Till Sunday

man I dont what my problem is lately but I cant sleep for shit, and when I do im having the craziest fucking dreams, last night I was in some waisteland of an earth and was a leader of the group of survivors and I had to kill this bad dude with a huge rock to the head, Then I woke and had a dream that I was missing some important new song for Haiti victums on Twitter..

This dream biz is getting old, so then ash wakes up, while im laying there and she was like you got something on your mind and Im like YEAH SLEEPING.. oh well i gave up got up at 4:30 and now Im watching this...

So yeah I guess life aint so bad! I will keep on keeping on
Maybe Im just stoked for the vikings game today.. lets hope for the da best!

Friday, January 22, 2010


There is a competition to design the packaging for NYC's free condoms. And my dear friend Alli Arnold is going to win, I helped her with the tagline, and here's what she did:

SHE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD check out her blog
Alli's Blog


Well Im bummed I wont get to watch the last Conon Tonight show tonight, I will be running sound at the Vaud.. But I just want to say I love ya and you are always number 1 in my book, for things like this.....


thanks to ryan anderson for the tip, and like he said its good to have Prince on your side...

Another night

man I had another night of some freaky dreams.. Anyway, I wanted to remind my parents, even though they dont read my blog that 5 year ago today, we traveled from Indiana to iowa, it normally takes about 10 hours this trip, but after a huge blizzard and 3 different Uhal trucks, it took us 3 and 1/2 days.. What a miserable trip, but lots of car time with my mom! I loved it in Peoria when then said well we can give you a different uhal but its 4 feet smaller then the one you got, if you can fit what you got in this one in that one go for it.. so in a blizzard we just started CHUCKing SHIT into a new uhal! ohhhh memories!
Anyway thanks ma and pa you are the best!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the Worst Album cover EVER!!

ok so a long time ago, Im thinking about 2003 PCC opened for Motion City Soundtrack at the Ranch Bowl (RIP) in Omaha, Now we had just put out a 7inch and this was a pretty big show for us, lots of people there so I decided I would stay and try to sell 7inches while everyone else was in the Van drinking 40's...

TOTALLY a bad Idea on my part, I thought Motion City Soundtrack was about the worse band I had ever seen and I LOVE EVERYTHING! Man just brutal.. Never in my life did I think they could get any worse then that night, but OH MY GOLLY GEE they have topped it by putting out the worst album cover EVER!

Seriously what the hell are these guys fucking thinking!

BANG BANG this contract is dead!

man I have been enjoying my morning listening to Van Morrison's Bang Sessions, I got this from Marc H... Big thanks.. I had never heard the story about this, but early in Van's career (1967) Van was under contract to record a bunch of songs for this label Bang Records, so he sat and improvised like 27 nuggets of pure BLUE EYED SOUL, well kinda... But he does sing about having a Danish and Ring Worm, which RULES... GOT TO LOVE EM! Most of the tunes clock in at about a minute long, But with a voice like that YOu got love it...
Thanks again for this one Marc

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


had a hell of an argument with ashley about Chariots of Fire not being the same song as GONNA FLY NOW the Rocky Theme...
I won...
Her argument was they are both in Mr. Mom and she got confused! She is off school today this is not a good way to start the day...
Im gonna Fly Now

Both songs make the cut in MR. MOM correct ashley.... YET LOVE THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BOTH great, Lets go for a run hun!

New Of Montreal

Thanks to You Aint No Picasso
I found out there is a teaser for a New Of Montreal song called, "Enemy Gene" on the Of Montreal My Space...
ITs a nice little version of just Kevin on a Piano...
Well its lovely and kinda Kinky check it out...

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well MLK Jr. is celebrated today, and I dont know what can be said that has not been said before.. I know our country still faces problems every day.. BUT I will say Im so glad I live in a time in our country that we are working on changing our Past problems of stupidity! I think MLK was an incredible person and Im so glad he had the courage to do what he did! Today if you got time watch this incredible doc about the night James Brown saved Boston Just by playing a show and getting everybody to put their energy into dancing instead of rioting! Long Live the Power of Rock N Roll soul!

WIdow Wake My Mind new Pumpkins tune is.... GOOD?

man its been awhile since my fav band from High School has done anything that I give two shits about.. But this new Pumpkins songs is pretty awesome! Sounds almost like a mix of Led Zep meets the Apples in Stereo... Seriously!
COULD BE A HIT! Posted today on myspace and in less then a day has 16,000 plays not to shabby!
And I must admit 2 of those plays are mine! well done BILLY...CHECK OUT WIDOW WAKE MY MIND

There will be Time for sleeping when your DEAD!

Man this weekend was so incredible! I had such a blast...
Got to do some recording with my buddy Devin, Got to make Dev, Dave, and Ash dinner on Saturday and everyone Ate it! success!
Then we got to play Ladd (from the Vauds) 3 b-day party and it was the best yet for sure! Its always such a great Party but this year seemed above and beyond!
Cool bands, Fun Dj, lots of drinks and Friends and Multiple people celebrating b=days from Dave Larson, to Angela Hogan! It was a blast..
The Crowd really brought it and We had a blast rocking with Dave for the first time and having two people Derek L and Elliot Imes fill in for Joe..
Sooo Fun... Congrats to TJ on being this years man of the year!

Well Ash and I got home at 3am then up at 6 to shower and head North to Minneapolis.. For the Vikings game..
Ash slept on the way up and Listen to the remasters of Revolver and Abbey Road to keep me awake in the foggy drive and they totally pumped me up and the Vikes must have been listening to them in the Locker room as well Cause They were pumped! THey only gave up 3 points and rocked 34 on the board so.. IT was amazing! What a cherry on top to the perfect weekend!

Ash and I then went and hung in Uptown for a bit then headed home to dismantle our Christmas tree and bring it to the christmas tree Re-incarnation zone...
thanks to my dad for the vikes game, it was great seeing U, Cole, Tom, and Little Ashley,... Cole hope you liked your chirstmas gifts and make sure your little sisters get the theirs!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christopher the Conquered Hits the Road with New Goods

Yep my buddy Alli A. dropped her magic pens to make this killer new CTC shirt.. I will be rocking one of these soon!
Make sure you see the CTC band when they are on tour in Feb/March
CTC tour dates/Songs

Also Im very proud of the work my dear friend Andrew did on Chris DVD that will be coming out soon too..
It's Called Conquered In the Dark
I got to do some camera work for the live show and a couple videos I shot made the DVD as well check out the behind the scenes video...

Also here is "Mother Cholera" in its entirety from the DVD...

Congrats Wes, YOU RULE

R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass

Man this is starting to be a pretty shitty week in the week of music! First jay Reatard now amazing soul singer Teddy Pendergrass.. I have always love this song Close the Door, my favorite line is Close the door let me rub your back baby! listen to the ladies scream in the crowed... OH TEDDY! Thanks for the killer Philly soul.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


man this sucks, Jay Reatard died in his sleep last night, some are saying due to an overdose... Jay made some really ripping singles.. I just caught on to this fact about 2 years ago when Matador started working with him..

Anyway, 29 is bitch ass young! Glad he got a lot of rocking in before he left!

The Seed of Something Debut Show!

Man I had such a fantastic night last night until I found out my phone was not working all day, since I tried to switch over to my new phone but they wouldnt let me, NOW my OLD PHONE DONT WORK! AHHHHHHH

anyway I headed to the Vaud and got to see the debut show from the Seed of Something which features Stone Mills (ladds little bro) and Jasper Farlow.. And I got to say they were pretty f-ing awesome! The songs they had were really really good and they even did a GBV cover! I was so happy to see how excited they were after the show! Im so glad I got to see the first one so I can say I was there when....

Anyway Congrats to the Seed of Something on a fantastic first show!

the show was also great cause I got to hang with the Hogans, Derek L. and Ladd a bit.. much fun was had.. Not to try to get my cell working again!

Remember Ladd's B-day party is this weekend its gonna rule! Black Velvet shots, and mystery beers, man of the year and Ladd jumping out of a cake!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yep it's coming!

4 girls in OHIO!

Get it instead of 4 dead in Ohio..
Ok so My Nephew (ash's bro's son) Mike looks like he is enjoying college as he is on the Ohio State Homepage with 4 gals! Well done Mike! Nice jump too!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yep one of the best bands in the whole wide world is putting out a new record and dang its good go listen on NPR NOW

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Ames Is True: Why Ames Rules #1... The Mumfords

Ok so this year I want to give back a bit to my lovely little community and start a little blog thing called... MY AMES IS TRUE (thanks for the name fishboy) Why Ames RULES..

so for the first episode I want to share with you an amazing FUN band that I first saw last year... THey are the Mumfords.. This band is so much fun live, mixing folk, funk, rap, pop, rock, and one hell of a guitar player! If you have a chance to go out and see these guys please do, its a party.. full of Clever interaction and Fun... and they are helping AMES RULE in 2010!

Super Bad

Man I have been Super Bad about updating the blog lately..
I have had a great last couple of weeks though..
Ended up doing christmas at my parents house, on Jan 2 which ruled and as always my fam went over board and I got a bunch of Mini DV tapes so I got to get on filming some stuff and tons of other great things.. Way to spoild. We also hit up that killer Vikings game last sunday and Im so excited about the play offs!

The Pcc boy were here and we got a bunch of fun new recording in, at the house, We recorded 2 16 minute jams that turned out awesome... It was great having them... We also got to play a fun little new years eve show at the Des Moines Social Club.. Not to shabby! I also go a sweet Queen shirt from joe and some Killer records from Dev a new Van Morrison record which i adore.

This week Nancy (ash's mom) sent us a Gluten Free/Vegan Cake From Baby Cakes in NYC so that was super nice of her... she is a doll.

also here is a teaser for CTC new video! I got lucky enough to help on Andrew Roger is the man on this one...