Friday, December 28, 2007

"My Girl" By Jesus and the Mary Chain

Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso today I get the chance to let you listen to one of the best bands ever to make a good noise!
This is a cover of the Temptations Motown Classic "MY GIRL"
The best thing about Jesus and the Mary Chain is that there hair looks like mine in the morning!

My Girl

Happy A.... B and T

Well want to give a shout out to my sister Becky and her hubby Tom on Ten years of marrage on Dec. 27th...
It was a monumental day..
My first in a Tux,
my First Dj'ing gig
the 2nd time I saw my dad cry, but the first time I saw him wipe his tears with a 10 dollar bill
the first time I saw my mom Dance on a table
What a day! Well Congrats Becky and Tom, its been fun watching our family grow!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jordan Mayland at Scented Vinyl

Got some more Scented Vinyl Goodness for you this week..
Jordan Mayland was Dan's recent guest and he performed some new tunes you can check out here...

Get Jordan's Session here

Speaking of Jordan, I also got an advance copy of the new Keepers of the Carpet album.. and it well worth the years it took inbetween there last full length LP! I suppose it coming soon!

Poison Control Center Daytrotter Christmas

Hey everyone the PCC has a special Christmas song on Daytrotter.. That joe and I recorded while on tour with Casper and the Cookies
Its nice and soft.. and FREE so go download it... Its called "Happy Christmas" (WINTER Version)
Also you must download all the Caper and the Cookies songs.. They are amazing..
I love the art drawn Joe Terry!
in the upper right corner!
Im in the upper left?

Get the songs and read the story here

Christmas time was here again.

So wow Ash and I just got back from our 12 days of christmas starting on Dec. 17th with a trip to Madison, INdiana and ended Dec 26 on a ride home from sibley.. here are some highlights

Dec. 17th- Drive 10 hours get amazing meal from Nancy (ash's mom), open gifts, watch Vikings destroy bears
Dec. 18th Hang in Madison, Play vintage guitars, eat salad bars hang ith Nacny some more
Dec. 19th Eat lunch with Ryan and Tina (ash's dad and step mom) and Ashley gets her first Skyline Chilli
Dec. 20th Hang in Indy a bit, see Ash's old friends hang out with little kids and get to Ash's grandmas
Dec. 21st Hang with Ash's grandma and aunt, eat to much and hang out with Parrot and Doggie
Dec. 22nd open more presents fun stuff
Dec. 23rd wake up at 5am drive through hell and highwaster to minneapolis 12 hour trip did not make the vikings game on time
Dec. 24th See my fam.. everyone there and its wonderful from all over the world more presents ash and I rule as far as giving
dec. 25 granny m's
dec. 26 come home

So I loved seeding all the grandmas, and bro and sissis and family it was a great trip..

Ashley and I said we were not giving presents but I gave her 12 bad asss gifgts and she gave me a new old movie I have never heard of that blew my mind.. so cool anyway I love christmas and had the best one yet!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christoper the Conquered Plays some lovely Christmas tunes

Man I'm bummed I missed this.. Christopher the Conquered played a recent Scented Vinyl hosted by my buddy Dan. and man its great. Go get you some sweet MP3's here...
Chris's rad Scented Vinyl Mp3's
By the way, Damn Dan has a rad shirt on!


Oh Sweetness has just won Nielson's Best Blog contest! How cool is that... Congrats go out to Sean and Pat Stolley mostely,, then to the rad artist.. then to those doofs selling all those cool ads? or maybe not those doofs.. well either way Next year Renee's Shoreline ups the anti and we bring home first prize!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Great Baseball Debate

SO I admit I was offered Steroids in the high school football lockeroom also while playing college baseball at DMACC.. Did i ever take them NO, do I know many people who did, friends and teamates.. YES...
BUT the fact of the matter is... IN Baseball I do not believe it makes one bit of difference.. Seriously.. its such a skills game..
Being stronger is not going to make you throw a better slider, field a hard ground ball, or hit a baseball more times than not.. SO as far as I'm concerned ROGER CLEMENS is still the greatest pitcher of all time.. Argue with me all you want! he won 4 Cy Youngs before anyone ever said he even took Steroids..
Im pissed
why are people tarnishing the greatest game ever invented..... I wish for happier times... like this

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The new Poison Control Center Video... for the song "Make Love a Star"

Here is the new PCC video for the song "Make Love a Star"... you see this guy plays guitar and no one ever listens so he dreams of a perfect world.... then he wakes up from the perfect world of man love and trys to play guitar again but no one pays attention so he thinks real hard and turns into a real star..... see for yourself...


So there is a new movie coming out soon that goes along with the only album from the band Major Organ which consists of members from Neutral Milk Hotel, OTC, Of Montreal and more...
John Fernadez kid is one of the stars of the movie.. I bet John thinks thats pretty, "COOL, COOL"
Here is the crazy good trailer... for your eyes.. my good old buddy Julian makes an appearance.. IS BARILLA PASTA?

I new catch fraze for the FART

So when i was younger for some reason I dont know when ever me and my friend Doug S. farted we said we went to Vegas..
or you would say I'm going to go to Vegas and then you would fart... Why we chose Vegas is beyond me... Lately my farts have been smelling like Soup.. Why I don't know.. It might have to do with the amount of Oatmeal I have been eating but anyway so this morning I made Ashley a Smoothie and was enjoying an apple when I let one ripped and it honestly smelled like an empty soup can so I said man THAT WAS A WARHOL... and I loved the fraze WARHOL for a good smelling fart... Try it its fun..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ashley gets boogerd!

So the other day I made a bet with Ashley that if she picked her face I get to pick my nose and put a booger on her face... Lucky for me I figured out our new mac book can film wonderful events like this, put music to it and even uploaded it to the U tube! so in all its glory ashley gets boogerd look how Happy I am about it..

Monday, December 10, 2007

Renee's Shoreline's Top 5 Songs of 2007

RYAN ANDERSON who wrote and recorded one of the 2007's best "the GALE"
Top 5 songs of the year...

5. Now I havent been into Of Montreal for a few years, but I loved this wonderful little love song about Kevin's Wife and him falling in love! I got to meet Nina a few times and I just think this is totally sweet love song.. Maybe it means more when you have looked these people in the eyes..
Check it out at

4. The Underdog by Spoon
I just love the production on this one and it makes me want to stand up from my computer and dance mother fucker dance.. Perfect Pop song.. Don't hear to many of those anymore..

3. Ocean of Noise by the Arcade Fire
This song just killed me from first listen, its probably not even close to being the best song on the cd but this one hit me the most. I'm glad I got to see it live.

2. The Gale by Ryan Anderson
I think this is the best song Ryan has ever written and the production on it is fantastic.. Listen to it in a good pair a bassy headphones and you can hear the sea rolling in to carry you away. Absolutely amazing..
Check out Ryan songs at

1. Please be Patient With Me by Wilco
I could have picked a bunch of song from this record but again this one stands out to me, It has so much tenderness and warmth and the whole singer admitting he's the one with the problem I liked. no I loved.

BUY ALL these songs individually on Itunes or better yet buy the albums!

Hey You Want to see something?

So this past weekend was great.. I did sound for Aeon Gray Cd release shows and they were a hoot I have been rapping ever since.. He wants me to cut some rhymes with him on a Dis track.. more on that some other time..

Then on Saturday after we stopped at Copyworks to pick up Ash's credit card that she left there.. We hit up an Indian Buffet and filled our tummies and headed down to Des moines for craft Saturday.. Which was extreamly good, I got some christmas presents and got myself a few new t-shirts featuring Eric Moffit and Wolves in the Attic. not bad. Then Ash and I went to the Mall.. Now the Merle Hay has never been my favorite mall, but we thought we have to get this shopping done sometime.. Anyway, Ash was getting fed up so I was doing everything in my power to have a good time.. so when we went into this Sport Store I put a catchers mask on her and started throwing balls off her head.. I thought it was so fucking funny I about shit myself indian.. But the best was when this middle aged couple went by and I said, "Hey You Want To See Something," and the guys like, "Ah Ah Ok" and then a I threw a ball off Ashley's head.. And he loved it.. He then grabbed a bat and said.."Why don't you use this".. I thought it was Classic now Ashley had really had enough...
ok lots more to the mall story but I will give you a quick run down..
1. The sign person we got a gift for thought my idea was a little bit over-kill and get what he was wrong..
2. the Nut man is never open when you need him.
3. Ashleys face reading the ingridiants to beans from Taco Johns
4. Talking to a hair product lady about House of Pain opening for the Ramones
5. Hearing Tighten Up in a baseball card shop., then it going into What A Wonderful World.. this Ipod kicks fucking ass.
6. Taking an hour to drive home from des moines cause the windshield kept freezing over..

What a day..
Then Sunday was rad we cleaned, drank and watched the vikes and then watch America's next top model re-run..
Not a bad sunday at all!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Super Furry Christmas

Great new Christmas themed video by the Super Furry Animals...
They make some damn fine videos those boys..


Who cares if it snowing inch after inch and Ashley keeps having massage clients which means I keep getting to go out and shovel pounds of snow off our sidewalks..
WILCO is coming back to the VAL AIR BALLROOM in Des Moines... FUCK YEAH... I have seen them there twice already both times the bomb.. its such an amazing venue.. Hell Louis Armstrong played there... So did PCC once.. and it was a hoot... Devin also brought Ashley and I to see Dr. John.. there OH SUCH A NIGHT! Anyway.. Im stoked this is why......

Also good buddy Shawn if your reading this.. Let me just say PCC will open for Wilco for Free if you could make that happen.. OOOOPS But you will still get paid!

I'm obsessed!

Its seems like every year a new artist gets into my system and becomes one of my all time favorites...
Last year I was obsessed with the Band.. still am.. and a few years before the Kinks (thanks dev) But this year its definately ELVIS COSTELLO.. Im hook.. Joe and Don went and saw him open for DYLAN.. I should have spent the dough and went.. but I didnt next time for sure!.....

This one is amazing

Check out his mock Elvis P lips and huge space inbetween his teeth it would make Madonna and Ashley Tape Fleming Jealous!

What a question?

So this morning Ashley and I sat together for tea and coffee and she wondered why it was so different in movies if they show a females nipples and a males penis head..
You know you can get away with an R rating if a females nipples are showing.. while if a males nipples are showing its PG... BUT if a penis makes the cut (not the bobbit way) its like an NC17... now why is this... She wondered.. I told her I never seen a film with either so I didnt really know.. can anyone help me with this...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One of the best songs ever.. that you have never heard!

Ok so I admit while on tour at Jason and Kay's from Casper and the Cookies I spotted the Children of Nuggetts Box Set which I have wanted since it was released a few years back.. BUT the $$$ cost of it has always been a little out of my range and shit how much would I like 80's psych music anyway... So Jason walks in the room and he see's me downloading the whole thing on my IBOOK and I said hey hope you dont mind Im helping myself to this and he said, I dont care its my roomates.. so hopefully he dosnt care either... ok.
To tell you the truth so far Im a little disapointed.. Sure I love the Dukes of Stratesphere and The Soft Boys but I already have those songs... But yesterday while on my run I got the worst shins splints since 7th grade track from running in the snow.. But a song came on the pod by a band called the Nashville Ramblers that blew my mind.. IT must be the blue print to Alien Lanes by GBV and Poneyoak by Kleenex Girl Wonder I love it so much here it is for your enjoy
The Trains by the Nashville Ramblers
Best song of the year! or from the 80's

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Renee's Shoreline's Top 10 albums of 2007... you know you want it!

Well the time has come for me to tell you the 10 albums that blew my mind this year... This keeps getting alot tuffer and tuffer in the internet world where I can hear a half an album pretty much for free before you buy it... And then there is the records you buy just cause you love the bands other catalog.. Well let me tell you some of those records didnt crack the top ten, And shit I can't put in that record that came out by my band even though my dear friends are amazing songwriters and they deserve the praise, you know, but I know you want it already so here we go....

10. Person Pitch by Panda Bear.... The moment I heard a few songs from this album I knew I had to get it. Pure lo-fi psych pop beauty.. It makes me wish OTC would give it another whirl, but this will fill the void for now..

9. I Guess That's What We're Dying For by Chistopher the Conquered.... This self-released record spins around musical styles like a tiltawhirl and just when you feel like it's spinning off the edge it gets pulled back by another wonderful song with amazing horns and piano.. Pretty fucking amazing for some kid from Des Moines names Chris.. Trust me he Conquered!

8. Night Falls Over Kortedala by Jens Lekman...
I must admit I'm a lyrics guy, they can swing a bad sounding song into a blistful serenade.. Jens dosnt have that problem cause his lyrics are fantastic and the timpani swells get me everytime!

7. Hey Venus by Super Furry Animals... This record is not officially out in the states yet but has been availible from Itunes sinces August, and I just started really getting into the record.. Its a concept album about this gal named Venus and its the 8 studio record in a 11 years from SFA.. Not their best but far better than that new Radiohead album everybody worshiping..

6. GA GA GA GA GA by Spoon... Man this band has come along ways. You can just tell they are dripping with confidence on this record, wonderful songs, production and I found the Beatlesque song cycle irresistible. Love that Album cover too.

5. The Garden Path by Ryan Anderson.... Two years in a row that one of Ryan's records has been in my top ten.. This time around he hopped off the train and right into a story about our country present day.. His story songs fucking kill me and shit I am so thankful I'm lucky enough to not only be his biggest fan but a great friend!

4. Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (40th anniversary) by Pink Floyd.... Why you may ask would I put a record that 40 years old on my list.. Because if it came out today it would still be considered a head of its time... FUCKING MIND BLOWING.. in Stereo in Mono in headphones, in a car, on an ipod, no matter where you hear this every moment is exciting.

3. Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock N Roll by Fishboy... Man this is one of the most exciting non-stop half an hours you will ever experience.. ITs like mixing Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb by Tripping Daisy and Airplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel... Lets just say both those albums are some of my all time favorites!

2. Sky Blue Sky by Wilco... Now what can I say about Wilco that has not already been said.. NOTHING.. But the reason this record is so satisfying and wonderful is that Jeff and the gang are making music for people their age.. They are not trying to do a Billy Corgan who keeps making records for 15 year olds with broken hearts.. this is a masterpiece..

1. Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire... I don't know how many people I have gotten into arguments with about which Arcade Fire album is better Neon Bible or Funeral and you know what my conclusion is.. Whats better for you Water or Food.. Seriously they are both needed to survive. and Make life a whole lot easier..

Monday, December 3, 2007

Home Again

Well geez I had the longest weekend ever.. Ashley left friday morning and so much happened since then..
here a quick run down...
1. Got to give a double guitar lesson.. Which sucked cause one kid didnt know the g-chord and one kid was playing the solo the SWEET CHILD OF MINE!
2. CLINT CURTIS's band was damn good.
3. KEEPERS played a legendary show on Friday.. Full of Pile drivers and drummers taking the lead..
4. I ate to much this weekend.. here is a run down.. bag of blue corn chips with Hummus, 4 bowls of Oatmeal with cane suger, 2 tofu sauseges, 1 vegan Amy's pizza, salad with tempeh, another thing of tempeh, some glad corn, 6 beers, 2 gallons of OJ, 1 chug mug in a pear tree.
5. I had the shits all weekend
7. slept on the futon in front of tv... Watch Montery POP, CASINO, Virgin Suicides, and the SLow Century Pavement Doc.
8. finished writing song
9. talked with friends on the phone.
10. missed my babe