Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This just in

The Twins GM is a dumb ass.. Just give the best pitcher in the game the money he deserves instead of trading him to the mets! fuck that shit.
Johan is gone..
so are the Twins hope of Post season play this year... WHY NOT KEEP him until Aug.. see if your going to make the playoffs if not TRADE HIM to a team that going to and get all their prospects..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gangster Weekend!

So this weekend was wonderful..
I got to see Tom, Becky, Cole and Merrick and they stopped through on their way up to Twinsfest which I was sad I could not attend this year but good news the Twins signed two of my favorites for a few more years so that made me feel good..
But yeah it was great seeing them.. We made Vegan Icecream and I got to watch Cole and Merrick bang away on the pink drums and it was wonderful. We had tons of fun with them and I hope they stop by again very soon!

Ashley and I also went to see American Gangster at the dollar theater... and I thought it was very good as did she.. I have always liked Denzel Washington and I thought he did a great job in this film as well.. Ash was so into gangster shit she wanted to watch GODFATHER 2 for the the first time ever so we did and it blew her fucking mind.. about an hour after it was done she said that might be the greatest film I have ever seen... I played along but what I wanted to say was DAAAA.... but I enjoy the film so much its one of my favorites... The best parts are when Mike C. know Freedo was behind the shooting at his house and he gives him a big kiss and says I knew it was you... and when Kay tells Mike she aborted his baby cause she does not feel any love for him... OH IT KILLS you .. and fucking Robert D. unscrewing the light bulb before blowing the black hand away gets me everytime ok.. thats all I got.. Great weekend though... NO COMPLAINTS HERE...

Monday, January 21, 2008

home Again

well Im home.. feels good, tour was awesome.. lots of fun stories.. Im working on a 10 minute film to capture the experience.. but for now here is Monument from the final night.. in Des Moines...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sweaty and Gross in CINCI

here is a photo of me playing Joe T's new tune called "Give It A Try" I play the synth.. much fun.. I like it a bunch.. I was a hair on the sweaty side... check it out..
thanks to Travis for the pic..
We are still in Knoxville, TN home of the Women's College Basketball hall of fame and the Worlds largest Knife store... guess which one we went too..
Yeah Knife not that much fun to look at but I got asher a post card so I win.. later gaters

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi all how is everyone I hope great..
THE PCC tour has taken us to a day off in Tennasee so Im getting some work done today...
Our tour so far has been great. But Im missing home a bunch.. Ash has been staying busy at home working and doing house projects I cant wait to see her new Massage room..
We have had some great days.. we spent New Years with Friends and the Internet Phenom Samwell check video bar to the side for his hit tune.. "WHAT WHAT (In the Butt)"
I'm trying to do some more filming on this tour so Hopefully I can get you some cool footage of the tour.. but for now here is some cool pics Mordac Dan took from New Years..
Hope you are all doing swell!