Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matt and Amanda lovely wedding Photos!

man my high school buds, got married a few weeks back and it was just lovely! And another high school buddy Bill Adams was there to take some killer photos! He even had a little imprompto photo shoots going on! I got to lift my mom up, and take some great photos with ash, the bride, and my old buddy Nick... Much fun was had! LONG LIVE THE WHEAT LORDS!


Man i had such a great night last night.. I did not get to watch the World Series champs beat up on the yanks but my huge nose zit and I headed down to des moines for the Music University Panel from the DMMC! It was quite good, and it was on reaching out to the media, on the panel was friend Marc H. Joe L, and Michael S. all who i know and dig very much so it was a blast! I got to sit with Marc's wife Angela and we gave each other a little high in our heads when Marc got the first laugh about how to reach the media is SEND VINYL!!!!!
Lucky for him i had a brand new copy of the killer Minorcan record on glorious 12inch waiting for him in the van!

The DMMC function was fun and got to see some friends and talk to some others! And the Media types didn't knock publicist to much so I still have a job!

After this we hit up the Lift for some drinks and I got to talk to Marc and Angela about Marc's fave music writers and he introduced me to this chap Austin and we talked about are fav DYLAN records and conspiracies revolving around mr. dylans motorcycle accident, DID HE WANT OUT OF THE SPOT LIGHT or did he just have a good WOMEN making him think he didnt need to act so cool... mmmmmmm

ok Then on to the Vaud to see STILL FLYIN which was sooo good, It made me miss Joe and Dev cause a bunch a people who were there the night Joe and I met Dev were there...

It was my goal to get Sean (who is major sweet heart) from Masters of the Hemisphere Druker then he was in Iowa CIty that night so he would dig Des Moines more! SO I bought a round of shots, Marc did, and so did LADD! First ever time the band got 3 rounds of shots..
Mind you there is 9 people in this band! ha ha one of the gals in the band gave me a free shirt and the other had seen PCC at the 40 watt twice so that was sweet of her to say.
It was so great talking to them, and SEEING GOOD old Gabe From Red Pony Clock, and good old Yoshi from Aislers Set on the drums.. We talked alot about old times and it was soooo soo fun! Marc kinda flipped cause the bass player from the LUCKSMITHS was also there!
what a night... MADE ME WANT TO GET OUT ON TOUR AND SEE old friends.. But I got good ones here too! Man POOR ERIC M.. he is trooper I will say that but thats a story for a different time
now dig some still flyin!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


man there is only one record better then the CTC record this year in my opinion and it just happens to be by a band who has put out 16 records so what I should say is that they are both classic in my book and one not really better then the other but here is a little Yo La Tengo action from atop of a Brooklyn building staring at the sun going down over beautiful NYC
here is "Nothing to Hide" thanks to P-fork tv

Christopher the Conquered Live on Scented Vinyl

Hey guess what one of my fave bands in the whole world rocked one of my fave dudes in the whole world show this past monday..
Im talking about Christopher the Conquered being on Dan Bosman's Scented Vinyl! The show turned out awesome, with a couple of fantastic recordings from the Sonic Factory studio.. Seriously you got to listen to this shit it rules!
What a version of one of my top 10 songs of the year "INSANE IDIOTS" so fucking good
check it

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the LATE GREAT b-day Present!

Man I just got a killer late b-day present from Donald, so much thought and care went in to this one...
Ok so if you have ever been to a PCC show and paid attention to our pre show rituals, (if your doing this get a fucking life, you need help)
You would have probably noticed me going up to Don probably while he was setting up his drums to make my guitar strap as short as it can be so I can have my guitar at about CHIN LEVEL seriously. Usually during this Don roles his eyes at me and makes some comment but lately he has been really nice about this.. Maybe cause we have not been playing as much.. Anyway today Tara stopped by and dropped off my late great b-day present the shortest guitar strap ever! Which has even been personalized by D, and pre measured out secretly by Ashley for him!! HOW FUCKING THOUGHTFUL! and I got a killer Baseball Coffee mug too!
Damn Don Im so thankful! this RULES I can't wait to try it out! WHO WANTS TO BUY ME AN AMERICAN STRAT SO I CAN! Thanks again D you rule! That Destroyer record I got you dont look so good now!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey all just got word that Ash and I's Movie THAT MARCH
has been selected to the Wild Rose Film Fest in Des Moines..
Its going to show Thursday Nov. 5th at the Iowa Historical Building Theater.. YEAH a really cool theater is showing it...

it will show sometime between 8:15-9pm...
Make sure you come out and check it out if you havent seen it or if you have come and try to find the Eurythmics reference in it!

or the reference from this song

and if you forgot this is what the trailer looks like

That March a tapes for life film OFFICIAL Trailer! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Weekend WOES!

Man this weekend was starting off so good, On friday night Ash and I went to have a couple drinks and much fun was had!
On satuday we got up did some yard things, and then finished some shopping that needed to be done.. We then decided to go to this Apple Orchid and Pumpking Patch just south of Neveda and it ruled.. Got some free cider picked a bunch of super delicious Apples for free got to go on a free hay ride and hang out with a bunch of super cute kids! It was a blast

we then came home and listened to a bunch of records and even fell asleep on the couch listening to Ziggy Stardust..(aparently i was not playing it at maximum volume like the liner notes tell you too!)

Anyway I was totally content on listening to records all night and having a couple of Beers.. So thats what we were doing, I pulled out my 7inch collection and I DJ'd for ash... Just then Eric M. calls and see if we want to hang out
BAD idea 1.
Eric comes over we have some beers and listen to records then we decide to go see Nuclear Rodeo
BAD idea 2 this involves much more beers and a monkey bomb shot
the boys played good, so that part was fun.
then we are invited to Jordan Maylands Bach pad for a halloween party after the show
BAD idea 3 this involves even more beers and me seeing Dave larson ex girlfriend and asking her how dave is OOOOOOOPS!

I remember leaving the party and Ash got me home.. but next thing I remember is me puking in bed..
not fun
I woke up with the worst hangover ever! Then I was still not feeling so hot watching the Pre-game for the vikes big game and I drank some water and yep GOTTA to do it again this puke was projectile all over the back of the toilet and wall and entertainment weekly magazines! not good!

Then I showered up and felt pretty good!
Watched the vikes play, and they totally should have won but I feel that they played right with the Super Bowl Champs so I was happy with it! and hell not like we were going to go undefeated..
BUT the sad thing is it was the first game I bet on this year..
I bet my new buddy Bridget (huge steelers fan) who bakes and has a cool job! Shes buds with Marc Hogan.. So I bet her a vegan pumpkin pie and lets just say she dont have make me one! booo but now I get the pleasure of turning her major label ears into indie rock ones with a killer mix cd!

well last night got better as ash and I made some killer soup watch BIG, what a classic and then I watched the Angels suck ass! and had to put up with TIM McCarver the rest of the night! oh well back to work today!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Man can you believe it my little buddy Devin Frank is turning 26!!!!! you on the wrong side of 20 heading towards 30! Ash said yesterday that now it seems like Devin is kinda our age... hahha Poor dude...
Anyway Dev you have always been such a fantastic friend and person and Im so glad your parents let you hang with all the older kids so you could be in our band! I hope we didnt let them down!
Anyway lately u have been turning all your band mates on by your new styles so your b-day present will represent this!!
I hope you have an incredible B-day weekend and I hope 26 is a good year!!! happy b-day buddy

DJ Tara and a POT PIE

Man last night was good, Ash found a Recipe in the Vegie mag she gets and it was a Vegan Pot Pie.. Now I remember my fam eating pot pies but I never did for some reason, which brought up a conversation about having a family and making something all the kids like.. anyway Our Pot Pie was killer full of good shit, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, onions, some vegan gravy shit, and even had a flaky crust.. it was incredible..

We listen to vinyl from Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, Harry Nilson's Nilson Smilson , and Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey.. Wonderful bakeing records..
I loved ash's comment on Rumors. she says "Damn this record is good" and Im like Oh really it only sold like 22 million copies..

anyway after dinner and 10 consective text messages to Donald, we got Tara's brand new radio show on KRUI tuned in over the net and she played some great shit and DID NOT have boring college radio host voice and it was her first show!! GREAT JOB! and what a fun time slot we will be tuning in again!

NOW can it stop raining please!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youth is waisted on the Young

Man lately i have been super nostalgic, maybe it was being home this weekend or maybe its just that there is not anything really cool going on right now, but dang I have been listening to music from my high school years and I even told my parents about the worst thing I ever did as a kid, and they were shocked..
It was my classic story about how I brought a bottle of Tanqueray to school and being dumb I throw my bag down on the commons table and it broke in my bag.. OOOZING BOOZE out of the bag onto the table.. Lets just say i was scared shitless, got my PE clothes and wiped it up and threw the bag in my locker between classes I threw my whole bag away in the bathroom garbage! and guess what never got BUSTED! oh shit I freaked out....
Anyway my parents said that was worse then anything BECKY ever did, so I high fived myself in my head!!

Anyway so last night I made myself some Cinnamin and Sugar toast and I remembered how rad my mom was cause she had a container of cinnamon 1/4 , and sugar 3/4 already in the cabinet for situations liked this.. God my mom is awesome and so is this

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


man when I was in sibley I picked up a box of old movies and Damn i just want to say that Mallrats has some of the finest over acting ever! What a classic! top 25 comedies of all time no doubt!

Past Boyfriends!

Well some of you know I wanted to book a tour around the cities of all of Ashley's old boy friends and film it..
I even wrote a couple songs for the tour, one being Start the Revolution that made the upcoming PCC album and one called Nothing Ever Goes Your Way (AKA FLEMINGS LAW) which didnt make the cut but... maybe I should have just learned this song instead for the tour.....

thanks for the video Fishboy

speaking of Fishboy I heard his first album this week for the first time and its classic go get
ZIPBANGBOOM on Itunes now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Album covers are hard

yep PCC is working on our new album cover right now.. Mostly Joe, SO I wanted to give him this advice from Mick Jagger to mr. Andy Warhol..
Got it Joe
not make it classic! and use a ZIPPER if you need too!


ha ha ok so yesterday we were walking by this house that has this crazy ass halloween decorations up...
Big Spiders and a big web and SOME GEESE?
anyway we were walking and Ash was talking and not paying attention so I was like AHHHHHHA and starting made some quick movements like I was scared shitless and she got freeked out cause she thought a DUCK was chaising her.. She didnt even see the huge ass SPIDER...

SHe was pissed then cause she got freaked out by the duck, so today on our walk downtown to pick up a pair of my pants and go to the library I made her take a picture by the shit..

you can also see the scariest thing in the picture is those 200 dollar UGS!

Bye Bye Besties have you any Soul! sad day

Well its all over the web, email, twitter, YOU AINT NO PICASSO, that the Besties will be disbanding after a couple of final shows! What a bummer, these folks are some great friends and a fantastic band! Lets just hope If I go to NYC and do Karokee ever again I still get to see them rock it over some budwisers!
you guys will be missed!

I guess they have a never video out too, but I could not find it so here is one of my faves for a killer 7inch of thiers!


well thats right this past weekend I was up in Sibley for my little sis's wedding shower which i did not have to attend but ash did, so I sat and watched some college football and ate my mom's amazing frozen fruit cups all day! Much fun was had seeing the grammas and stuff! Even ran into my High School Guidance Councilor, at the DUMP no less bring bags of leaves! I showed him my grey hair, and I wanted to ask him if his son still had my copy of Godspell! but didnt..

Anyway Went to the vikes game the next day and Shit We 6-0.. It was great other then some huge dumb ass dude jump on my little sister head when the Panthers kicker Shanked the final kick! What a great game and Tailgating was awesome downed 4 beers in like 10 minutes and the whole first have the dome was kinda spinning!

Yesterday Ash and I went to see Capitalism A love story the New Micheal Moore movie it was pretty good, I enjoyed it and it was free cause we had free movie passes.. But it was crazy we had to stand in line for like 25 minutes cause people were going to see PARANORMAL! I told Ash (who is scared shitless of scary movies) we should go, or we should see all the great horror movies that she has never seen this Oct. and then she would never have to see them again!
I will keep working on that..
Other than that I got jack shit but working going on.. kinda a bummer next couple weeks .. I should be rocking my movie on a NYC screen this week at CMJ... BUT NO DICE, Oh well..
When i was home I got a bunch of my records.. lots of cool shit, like hard to find Bright Eyes 7inches and fuck all my old OVAL TEEN 7inches and tons of albums one.. which will put me as close to NYC as I need to be this week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New York Stories

Well I went to my first class in 8 years yetsterday it was a screen writing class and it was great Taught by Ben Godar and I actually had a blast.. Went with my buddy Marc and I learned alot! Ash quized my when i got home over my notes and I did great...

anyway I watched New York Stories the other night.. its 3 short movies 1 by Martin Scorcese 1 by Francis Ford Coppla and 1 by Woody Allen..
Lets just say 2 out of 3 ruled! Sorry Francis..
But dang the other 2 were soooooo sooo good!
I highly recamend picking it up from a library near you..
shit even Larry David is in the Woody Allen 1

and Martin used 1 of my fave songs of all time the greatness in his Short Life lessons

Bro in law plays TOOTSIE

ok so My sisters husband Tom was his sister maid of honor last weekend I didnt know he went all out i will let the pics explain..

I heard my mom got drunk at this reception and left early! Might have been a good idea Lois!
Tom looking fine!

AGAIN I KNOW bad lately

man whats been my deal to busy going to vikes, and twins games, concerts,, working.. I need to get back to the shoreline!
if you know what i mean..

Well I have had a great couple weeks saw the last ever baseball games at the dome which were a blast but wish there could have been more..
Those damn yankees but I had a great time hanging with my dad, ash, tom and cole! Much fun was had..
Also who would have though the Vikes would be 5-0 I sure didnt!
But so far so good.. A couple big test coming up though!!

Well I got to see Yo La Tengo last friday and Oh my gosh it was soo soo soo good
they started off the show with the 15 minute song from the new album "The Glitter is Gone" and it was just incredible!
They play 7 songs of Hearts Beat As One my fave album by them and they are just the best no doubt about it

I was also very excited about the Christopher the Conquered Cd release show..
I got the guy a little star wars cake which I think he loved..
He said some very nice things about me helping with the record that were very touching.. and Also the CTC band were so so so great! They were just awesome and untouchable!
they played the best show I have ever seen them play..
Here a new Poison Control Center song that I played from Saturday

Ok so in other news Ashley has started doing this Budget thing on her phone.. Its probably smart but the first thing she did was go out and buy 200 dollar UG boots.. I have always kinda made fun of UGs but she says now I look like a cute college girl and I said ok fair enough how are these boots fitting into your new budget... HHHAHAAHHA

Oh Got my Beatles box yesterday and its everything and more then I could exspect well done Beatles! I love ya with my heart!

Ok we are off to sibley this weekend for my little sis's shower and then up to the cities for another vikes game! thanks for staying with me blog readers! Sorry again for the lack of post I have been busy looking at this picture

Monday, October 5, 2009

Two years in a row Twins!

So for the second year in a row the Twins season comes down to a 1 game play off..
man yesterday was a blast tail gateing with pops and ashley and then a fantastic Twins win.. Now all we need is a Vikes win tonight, Twins to win the play off and my week will be complete!
I got Yo La Tengo ticks on Friday, CTC Cd release show on Saturday.. I LOVE OCT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


the dj of 41 years Dick Youngs aka the OLD YOUNGSTER has passed away! the dude had more air time then ELVIS and I got to see him get inducted to the Iowa Rock n Roll hall of Fame..
A true legend, old youngster this ones for you... your fave song...


Well shit,
what have I been doing, its been week and weeks since I have posted anything so sorry about this..
here are some highlights!

1. finished the PCC album mastering over 2, 12 hour days with the great doug van sloun it was really rad, he played me and un-released version of WHOLE LOTTA LOVE on 20,000 dollar speakers it ruled!

2. My hommies Matt Travaille and Amanda Swenson tied the knot in a lovely little ceromony in Okaboji Iowa..
and I had 2 dates, ash and my mommy, her date my pops could not attend as he happend to have a few Martinis with olives on a tooth pick while falling asleep in his chair drops the tooth pick only waking to go to bed a few hours later at which time the tooth pick got stuck in carpet and he STEPPED ON IT.. IMPAILEING his foot..
when Ash and I arrived days after the event his foot was PURPLE and the size of a football! But all the tooth pick was not dug out yet so not only did he miss Matt's wedding but the most incredible VIKINGS GAME I HAVE ever been too! so fun, for me, not for pops!

3. Got to hang with Joe t. a bit since he flew home after his poster job, ash and I had a great time seeing him and eating Thai Flavors,, if its spicey going in its even more spicey coming out!

4. got to see my little sis and bob, they seem good, and super busy with school and jobs!

5. Shit where did Sept. go, the twins are in the hunt but now back 3 games, but the vikes are 3 and 0 for the first time in forever!

6. Im going to see Yo La Tengo next week which Im excited about

7. Hastings is going out of biz. ash and I hit up the sale, and I thought it was a bit full circle since I used to be the Janitor that while standing in line with ash step dad christmas gift, some guy tells a worker "I THINK THE MENS BATHROOM NEEDS SOME ATTENTION" all I could do is laugh!

8. Might hit up Brew fest in Des mOines on Saturday, before heading back up to the cities!

9. Ash and I got through all our WOODY ALLEN MOVIES I thought ZELIG was incredible.. very fun!

10. as the film industry in iowa collapses in corruption, our little film THAT MARCH did not get into the CMJ film fest so no New York City for ash and I this fall! very sad.. but here some things to get through the sadness...

YEP this band the GIRLS is blowing up, I predicted this being a good band name in the song I wrote in early 2005, called POP GUN POW 2, there is a band in the song called the Girls.. I knew it..

thanks to KELLY ash and I got to see JOE T. in a TURTLE NECK! HOT STUFF!