Friday, February 29, 2008

Patrick in Hitchcock!

SO i have been keeping my Eye on Craigslist for fun part time jobs to do.. just to make a little extra bread.. and so I found someone paying 10 dollars an hour to Act in their final film project for Iowa State..

I thought this would be rad..
so I got the call and yep Im in.. I play a KILLER and a dude who keeps his victum in his basement? Sounds really Creative huh..
and when the writer director asked how old I was I said 27 and he said good we need and OLDER MAN???? shit Older than what..
anyway I have about 10 lines and from the script I can tell its totally going to suck. and not be at all interesting, BUT hey 10 bucks an hour... and my shadow gets to kill some one.. what I mean is you dont actually see me kill the dude you just see my shadow stabb again.. which Ashley and I were talking about and shit that worked in the 1940-and 50's when everything was black and white but fuck shadow in color might not do the trick I guess we will see..
either way I hope it pops up on YouTube so I can share it with you...

also watched Capote last night.. and thought it was excellent!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did you miss me... no

Well man I have not had anytime to waiste as of late... not that my blog is a waiste of time I just really havent had the time to do it..
Mostly cause I have been running sound every night at the Vaudeville in Des moines.. SO thats taking up a bit of my brain but here is one of highlights from the past week..

1. Well after ash and I got back from having a drink at a smokey bar she said we smell like and Ashtray.. then a few minutes letter she pooped her pants a little bit.. Diareeha style which I thought was great cause I said you dont smell like and Ashtray you smell like ASHSPRAY!!!!
so good!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rawsome mr. and mrs. FLEMING!

Lots happend this weekend. it was so fun being in Minneapolis with ash, joe t, and my parents..
lots to tell you about but let just say.. MY PARENTS WENT TO A RAW RESTARANT! WOWIE ZOWIE!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day babe!

Not that ashley reads my blog.. but I will act like she does and wish her a big old happy V-day...
I love ya. thanks for my Mars Cafe shirt xoxox
This phot is what it would look like if she did read my blog? so pretty

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ashley and I on Scented Vinyl

Hey all last night I got the opportunity to head down to Des Moines and play some records and play some songs on Dan's great Scented Vinyl show which Ive already featured shows by Christopher the Conquerd and Jordan Mayland on this very blog..

Anyway It was such a blast.. I played a few PCC songs and Ashley and I did one that we wrote together called "Lets move in with your Mother" for our band called Maude Make-and-See which was great cause it was good practice since we have our very first show April 8th at the Vaude with our friends the Besties!

This was the best monday night in a long time.. Friends, brews, and vinyl tunes.. good combo

You can read the artical and see some pictures and listen or download the song here..

Free live PCC songs and 1 Maude Make-and-See song featuring the b-u-t-full Ashley Tape Fleming

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fantastic weekend...

Well this weekend was great..
It started with Organic brews at the underground with the Wolves in the attic boys and sammi...
then dinner at Old Chicago, where I got into an argument with Eric from Wolves about Paul McCartney's personality... and the beatles in general.. Naturally I won the argument!

On saturday ash and I packed up the tape machine and headed the Vaudeville to get down basic track to the Wolves and the Attic's album which I'm very lucky to be recording.. cause they are going to make me look good.. They did 9 songs in a few hours and they sound just fucking great.. Im very excited about the project and to be behind to board for a band I truly dig!

On sunday ash and i had a funny story we were at this fancy ass new Mexican restaraunt where like the meals are 17 bucks.. so we split one.. but anyway.. they brough out our chips and they looked kinda cheesy and spicy and Ash asked if they had Dairy in them and the guys like no I can get you some plain chips though.. and Ash was like no its alright they just looked like DORITOES which the guy kinda flipped about but I thought it was hillious. like this really $$$ place is serving Doritoes.. for 5 bucks a basket!
fuckin classic..

Then the weekend got crappy so I will leave the rest out.. but good weekend none the less!

Friday, February 8, 2008

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea turns 10

Well man do I feel old..
One of my all time favorite albums turns the big 10 on Sunday.. Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sean I remember getting the record the week the it came out in Minneapolis at Let It Be Records.. I was pretty hooked right away and have been ever since I guess... I can remember many times listening to the record with my family in the car, my favorite time listening to it came when I tried to make an hour an fifteen minute drive in the 39 minutes that the album takes..

I did it.. After a Morningside baseball camp in Sioux City I drove back to Sibley in 39 minutes I was just pulling into my drive way when the final line of the album was sang.. Not to shabby.. The cool thing about this record is that it sounds timeless..
Go pick it up if you dont own it aleardy...

beautiful tune

love the drum fills in this one


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baseball fans unite

Thanks to ms. Alli Arnold for passing this on to me...
as some of you may have heard by now or may not know by now, this July will mark the last baseball hall of fame game played since they started the tradition in 1939.
to most of you, this means nothing- but i'm asking if you could all take a few minutes to go to this website that some of my friends started...

in the right hand column is a link that has a pre-written email to the president of the hall of fame and to some MLB people.
even if you aren't a fan of baseball, please send this email...

the website also has 18 reasons why to send this email (you should read them too!!!!)

V-day is 7 days away....

So Valentines day.. Yeah not really the coolest holiday ever but its nice to show the people you care about that you love them.. so its good.. I always thought it was crazy at Sibley-Ocheyedan high school the day was a totaly contest of who's boyfriend got there girlfriend a ton of flowers... It was like an un-written rule that you had to buy a dozen roses for your girlfriend who you had probably been dating for like 3 weeks, and the definition of dating was going to the Max Theater and then making out in the drive way or some stupid bull shit.. Anyway if you were a true good boyfriend not only would you get a dozen roses maybe you get a Balloon for your lady too.. it was stupid.. you would have it sent to the school so they could annouce the girls name to the office and everyone would know YOU were a good boyfriend... which made you look sweet to all the other ladys in the school..
But you see the flower shops were in on this shit.. cause a dozen roses are like 15 bucks, untill the week of Valentines day... then they were like 75 bucks.. Come the fuck on.. When your in high school you dont got 75 bucks to spend on that shit.. THere are cd's and diet cokes to buy.. seriously..

Anyway I'm a lucky dude cause Ashley told me she would be upset if I spent any money on her for Valentines day.. (which your thinking is probably a trick) but it totally isnt.. but I will probably get her something she would like, most likely something to make our house look groovyer then it does already.. or maybe a cute vintage blouse or something..

But what I always do is make her a bad ass mix cd.. and I got to hand it to ITUNES... they make it so easy for me.. Like track 2 of the cd I have made her for V-day... "Colour My World" by Chicago.. I love the tune and it totally fits our situtution and shit for 99cents I can hook myself up with a wonderful simple song that kills.. here is a live version of the tune.. Maybe Karokee it to your lady next thursday.. It will probably do the trick.. also a good opportunity to get a laugh as you bust out your best karokee version of the FLUTE SOLO... Happy V-day everyone...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow is blowing Sideways

So on last report it looks like Ames is going to get atleast 10 inches of snow in this latest brush of winter crazyness... Last night Ashley brought home the Alexander Payne movie sideways which we watch over a bowl of homade vegan chili and that movie is absolutely masterful.. Totally hilliarous and smart.. It made me want to drink wine!
GO see this film if you havent.. I dont know if I liked it as much as About Smicht one of his other films but I did love it..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rick Danko Mustache WEEK 1....

Well in the continueing obsession with the band, THE BAND.. I have decided to grow a Rick Danko mustache... Now I have been hooked on My Classic albums DVD of the the Band making of the Band album.. I got this with a Christmas gift certificate so thanks mom and pa...

Any way I have been in some mood lately.. in fact Ash was saying something to me and I said, "I wanna be RICK DANKO and die of cancer probably from years and years of alocohal abuse." So she knew I was serious about this whole Rick Danko thing so she thought she would help and give me a Rick Danko 1968 hair cut last night to go along with my mustashe..

She did an excellent job now My stash just needs to kick it in gear and I will be singing WAIT A MINUTE chester before you know it...


Ok so this MP3 is an hour long and Im right at the end... I wish I would have actually got to talk to them about my question and comment but I got stuck as the Buzzer beater at the end of the show when they try to get through as many calls as possible in 2 minutes.. but take what you can get...

PATRICK ON SOUND OFF... Listen to the last 2 minutes

Monday, February 4, 2008


man give me Urban Cowboy, Saturday Night Fever, or even Pulp Fiction but what happened... LOOKS LIKE he's actually trying the WHOLE FACE OFF thing in real life...
give this guy his paint can back and tell him to try and re-paint that face


So Sunday was great.. we ventured out in the snow to pick up some games snacks and "GOOD Beer" for the super bowl.. We tried some chec beer and I got some Labatts 32 ounce so it was kinda like drinking a chug mug.. and Ash choose Stella cause she's high class..
The game was fantastic. Though I was going for the Patriots, But its cool the Giants won since the Vikings beat up on them this year! So thats kinda cool..

After the game I decided I was going to Call into SOUND OFF a sports call in show on WHO-TV 13 and fuck I got through I talked some shit about the Twins trading Johan and it was fucking awesome! Hopefully it will show up on you tube so I can share it with you!
WELL FOOTBALLS over TIME for baseball..
Pitchers and Catchers report next week! fuck yeah!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy B-day Scuds

Wow I remember on this day in 1984...
I was happy
I was the youngest child,
I was spoild..
Then my dad ordered some pizza
but he couldnt go get it cause my mom went to the hospital
and next time she came home
I had a little sister
who I got to drive to school
and threaten to kill her boyfriends he they ever treated her wrong..
I think of all my brothers and sister Ashley is the one I got to hang out with the most
I'm happy that she made me an OLDER BROTHER... and I love her so
she is smart, and strong, and independent and today is her B-day..
Happy Birthday Scuds!
love your big bro!

Friday, February 1, 2008

the two best drummers ever!

Oh what fun we had last week with Merrick, Cole, Becky, and Tom.. Here are some shots of the gang rocking the pink drum kit...

Knife styles of the rich and famous

Don't get me wrong I love Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In but damn her and her hubby (who has never made a good movie) appear to have done some serious work to their faces.. OUCH..
Pretty soon they are going to Look Like an OSCAR...

I guess I never showed you this..Happy B-day Scuds

so here is the little 8 minute tour film I made of our last tour in Jan... It features My LITTLE SISTER and BOB...
YO its My sisters b-day tommorow..
You make this movie worth getting to the end for...

Tried for 3 years, seems like 90...

So a few days ago Joe T. called and asked if ash and I wanted to go see Jesus Christ Superstar and the Des Moines Civic Center naturally I did since it one of my all time favorite musicals/albums!
And shit who is the lucky one.. JESUS was actually played by Ted Neely the dude who played him in the Movie.. but wait a second that movie came out in 1973... So I check his bio out and ted was born in 1943 so Jesus was about 70 years old.. and shit you could hear it in his voice abit.. But he could still do those famouse WAIIIIIIIIIIIIILS... SO it was pretty amazing.. And at the end he floats off the cross and both ash and I thought we were hallucinating but it happened.. IT was totally rad and the best Thursday night I have had in a very long time..