Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Friends are always WRITE!

Hey just a quick note that my hommie Derek Lambert is blogging while on tour with CTC check out the blog here..
Derek's tour blog

ALso my pal Marc has a great feature up on the Cassette Tape world via P-fork that you should check out
This is Not a Mixtape

ALso our album is coming out on MAY 18th now...
which we for saw in an earlier tune

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Man On Wire

wow Im so glad Ash and I bought this film, it was so wonderful and heart touching and might be the greatest documentary I have ever seen! THIS IS A MUST SEE, if you ask nice I will lend it to you!
Incredible real footage mixed with fun re-anactments, plus the best interviews I have ever seen in a doc


taken from Paul Grein's Chart Watch
Sade's Soldier Of Love enters the Billboard 200 at #1, becoming the group's eighth consecutive top 10 album. The group, named after lead singer Sade Adu, has never missed the top 10, in a chart career that began 25 years ago this month. Sade's consistency is remarkable because the group breaks most of the key rules of the music business. Like these, for instance:

Maintain a regular flow of product. Soldier Of Love is Sade's first studio album since 2000's Lovers Rock. And that was their first studio album since 1992's Love Deluxe. Most acts would be reluctant to stay away that long between albums. They'd worry that a similar act would swoop in and fill their niche. Sade has the confidence, and the uniquely strong bond with its fans, to go at its own pace.

This is a singles-driven business. Though Sade has sold millions of albums, it has had just five top 40 hits on the Hot 100, the most recent being "No Ordinary Love" in early 1993. Lovers Rock reached #3 and won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album without spawning even one top 40 hit.

Constant exposure is the key to success. Sade doesn't play the celebrity game. You've probably seen Sade less on TV in the past 25 years than you've seen Beyonce or Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga in just the past few months.

Soldier Of Love is Sade's second #1 album. Its sophomore album, Promise, spent two weeks at #1 in February 1986. But Soldier is Sade's first album to debut at #1. Promise took nine weeks to hit the top. Soldier is all but assured of having a second week at #1, which will match Promise.

Soldier Of Love sold 502,000 copies in its first week, which is the greatest tally so far this year. It's 21,000 copies more than Lady Antebellum's Need You Now sold when it debuted at #1 two weeks ago. It's remarkable that two albums have had 400,000-plus sales weeks already in 2010, since this is only the sixth chart week of the year. This the first time in Nielsen/SoundScan history that two albums have posted one-week sales tallies of 400K or more this early in the year. Last year, it took until May 24 for the industry to deliver two albums that posted one-week sales of 400K. In 2008, it took until June 1.

This is obviously good news, but what does it mean? It suggests that if there's an album that people want, they'll buy it, even in an uncertain economy. It also suggests the album isn't fading away as fast as some of the pundits have predicted.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Christopher the Conquered live in Toronto

Well Im happy to see it looks like my friends are having fun! Miss ya all!

Mutual Appreciation

Man saw another fantastic lo-fi 16mm by the same director/writer of FUNNY HA HA which I just wrote about and it was so wonderful and one of the actors reminded both Ash and I of our friend TARA WOOD! Check it out DON you will dig it.. She was great in it as was everyone else! My friend Marc knows the asian gal in the film so thats cool, thanks to him for lending it to us! I must buy this and FUNNY HA HA...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Coast and Danelectro's

Man all these great, new lo-fi bands out there are playing Danelectro guitars, and I think its perfect for there sound! My buddy Robert from the Apples has always rocked Dano's too.. I have a 1965 Dano that sits in my basement maybe there is some Rich little indie rocker who wants to help me pay for my groceries out there... MMMM EBAY
well here is BEST COAST rocking 2 Dano's thanks to p-fork tv's rad Tunnelvision

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Worst day ever but best video in a long time!

Got to give it up to Miles from Beulah for putting out one of my fave videos I have seen in a long time! Really awesome this former puppeteer a approves!

Well now to my worst day ever
1. Had to be at vaud 10:30 for load in for a 6 hard core bands
2. Hard core bands made me feel like a charicter in Spinal Tap, so funny, Do they really think that dragon on the back drop is bad ass?
3. I slip on ice
4. I see someone get assulted COPS are called
5. Someone breaks door handle of vaud
6. MY van get towed! from a spot behind vaud I have been parking in for years!
7. I step on some gum..
there more but then again I dont want to depress everyone, sounds like ash will be dragging my ass back down to des moines today to get the van.. Then I may have to travel 45 minutes north to PICK Up Ian of ONe for the Team who is stuck at a FLYING J.. in a tow ban.. What a week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

some memories of FLO-DO

Well FLO-DO was wonderful, we had a killer hotel with 3 pools and some ponds and shit we hung by the pool a lot, played ping pong, drank ate.. It was a wonderful trip.. We also hit up Disney for a day and I accedently made ashley go on SPACE Mountain the roller coaster when her blood sugar was only 40.. She was way out of it, after words and I was like that was the greatest ride ever she was just staring into space! I felt bad, so I got her an Ice Cream sunday! She also rocked a CORN DOG for the first time since she was like 7..

Happy V-day

Well a big old happy V-day to everyone out there Hun this one for you..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

49 of 50

I guess the for the first time EVER in the history of the United States that 49 of the 50 states have snow at the same time! Here is my buddy Fishboy down in Texas making a copy of his lovely wife's Bunny in the snow..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SADE is back!

Yep its been 10 years since her incredible album LOVER ROCK came out, I played a song from it while Ash and her dad danced after our wedding and I also played the same song to Ash when we got engaged, Anyway enough about me, Sade new album is fucking great and I'm excited to see her playing on tv, and shit 51 years old, Ash says she looks like she 25! So awesome!

MAN I LOVE it that she is singing on Letterman with an 89 dollar SURE 57 mic.. That a girl!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


man I have been bad again about updating the blog, mostly cause ash has not uploaded our pictures from Orlando yet, I had so much to say about that but to put it short we had an amazing time, and Orlando is pretty rad.
Ok so here is what else is going on...

ASHLey said she Vomited of Rat that was rotten in her stomache during the bachler the other night when he was talking to one of the girls parents I thought that was pretty good..

Saw some really great movies lately
First was FUNNY HA HA, which was an amazing little low budget film that had some incredible acting, check it out if you can

thank to Hogans for letting us have it for awhile...

Also went and saw It's Complicated which I thought would kinda blow, but it was actually really funny and heart touching..
at the dollar theater in ames now...

man so much more going on, but now its 9am and I have to work... more soon oh here is a picture of me and a palm tree in flo-da

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy B-day ms. Ashley Fleming the 1st!

Well before I post about ash tape and I's lovely vacation I wanted to give a big shout out to my lil Sis on her b-day... In 1984 we welcomed our new little sister into the world! I was 3 1/2 years old and I could not quite figure out what the hell was happening but boy when I figured it out I knew nothing from then on out would be the same! But In a great way!
Ash is such a fun, awesome person who speaks her mind and is sharp with a zinger when needed.. She is gonna have a big year cause in April she will be getting married.. Any have a lovely b-day sis.. I love ya and I cant wait to see you soon!