Thursday, April 30, 2009

eating with the film makers...

So a few weeks back ash read about this guy making a documentary on VEGANs called Im VEGAN it was in the Vegitarian Times so I check out the site and noticed they were going to be driving right by ames on 35 so i sent them a message and said hey let us get you guys lunch!
So a few weeks later I got a message saying WHY Not..
but ash had massages so we couldnt cook them anything but we hit up the new wheatsfield and I got to hang with them a bit and talk to them about film making and being Vegan and stuff..
Anyway nothing to exciteing but probably the most exciting part of my day none the less..
hitting up ames progressive for a show tonight should be fun!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boo-ray for Tuesday..

man today at work blew.. so boring and I was so tired from this weekend..
Joe and I played a great PCC show last night with the amazing Alexis Gideon and Shelley Short! They are so fab-u-lous and talented and super nice house guest! go see them on their 6 week tour if they are coming to your town!

Joe, Kelly and I were up talking till like 4:30 which ended up killing me about 4:30 pm style cause I was sssssssooooo tired in work! anyway we all watched Ash and I's movie and I hope they liked it, they seemed too.. hopefully THEY Werent acting!!..

ok now im going to share some wonderful pictures devin took.. notice the items in the picture.. devin happen to stop at an auction on the way up and bought 2 boxes of absolute shit and some neato coasters!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

the Hefley's are 5!

Well with it being joe terry week it completely slipped my mind to send congrats to AARON AND LEAH HEFLEY on their 5 year wedding anniversary!
I pretty much got em together so its all my fault I know..
well atleast I love to take credit for it..!
Many a night was spent at a PERKINS with those two..
they are the best and I love them so... here they are with ash and I!
aaron is the best songwriter ever and leah is my favorite college buddy ever!
CONGRATS you two.. now move back to iowa!

Just another Manic Monday!

Hey all I hope you enjoyed Joe Terry week, its was fun and I got to hang with Joe, Kelly, all of PCC and tara this weekend at joe's sister's wedding reception it was a blast and we even got to play a little music so it was quite fun..
Well lots going on today.. but I wanted to post a little TEEZER FROM our movie.. since we have finally got it submitted to a festival so cross your fingers for us...
here is a very very short sneak peak... but shit I cant give away to much the movies only 12 minutes long..
I guess ash showed it to her mom yesterday and she liked it.. so Nancy who loves us uncondionally might not be the best judge but hopefully people will enjoy it..

That March a tapes for life film... TEEZER! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Man for the 8th post we have a doozy.. the very talented Ali Arnold has sent an amazing piece of art for Joe for his B-day..
thanks Ali Macy's would have paid thousends for this one.. Joe Terry is purty special!
happy b-day joe!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Photo by Mr. Chris Ford.. what a doozy

Yeah Im in a lobby of a hotel in minneapolis with a shitty computer but that does not mean JOE TERRY WEEK STOPS.. Its his 30 b-day you all..

Here are some nice words about JOE from LADD A.
Some time ago, my friend and I were at The Vaudeville Mews and noticed a man sitting at the bar. He strikingly looked like Mr. Terry himself but it couldn't have been.. this man was he wearing an oversized t-shirt and had a short bob of hair, surely not Terry, the man who had long beautiful flowing hair, a sizable beard, and usually wearing plaid playing kick ass bass in the pcc...surely not him. My friend and I thoroughly went over in our minds who this doppelganger could be...possibly his twin brother or cousin Larry Terry or Terry Terry... a clone perhaps?
Later in the evening, we saw this mystery man in the alley and approached. Surprisingly, it was Mr. Terry! He unfolded with these remarks:
"My sister decided I needed a makeover and I was like okay. I got this haircut, this new outfit, and check this out... (he unveiled his belt buckle),
"The belt buckle reads the world's largest nuts"

We surely love the Joe Terry.

And we got this one from Mr. Chris Ford
I doubt I know Joe anywhere near as well as most of the people who've written here this week (actually, after reading these posts, I feel like I hardly know Joe at all!). But I did spend a few weeks with him last summer and he played trumpet for my band a couple times and he even recorded a band I played drums in at the BiFi Studios six years ago! And we got to play trumpets together for the Apples in Stereo for a few shows, which was super cool. Joe, I'd just like to say that you are reliably strange and continuously surprise me with your talent! As evidence, I provide this picture I took last year. Can y'all guess who Joe is on top of (hint: it's not me)?


Chris Ford

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Da its Joe Terry week!
This past summer Joe and I helped our buddy Ryan Anderson record his fantastic new record and Joe defintaly played utility man playing, Upright bass, horn, some piano, and one bitching electric guitar riff...

Ryan had this to say about him...
"Happy Birthday, Joe! You're the best trumpet/bass player I ever met!"


ALL weeks it's Joe Terry Week.. I just got this from the amazing Andrew Schmidt, who happens to make some killer PCC shirts and draws dudes with mustaches very well.. you got it from here Andy....

I plan plan on writing a Joe Terry Haiku later, but for now I'd just like to say that every time I hear "The Thinker" I like it a little more than the last, although both of these pics are from "Give it a Try". Happy Birthday Joe, Andy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well thats Right it Joe t's 30th B-day this week and we are rocking it Joe T. style..
I have to love someone pretty good if Im going to give them a guitar.. A few years back Joe and I went on tour as the PCC with our friends Casper and the Cookies.. It was a really magical trip where Joe and I got to represent the whole band.. We met tons of interesting people and were killing the crowds every night with 4 to 5 song sets and it was a really wonderful bonding experience, I remember walking in Augusta, GA, a killer college house party in bloomington, a shitty 10 dollar late night salad, and driving all night in that killer hybred car! and I hold the memories of that trip so fond I wanted to give Joe the guitar he used on the trip.. He had gotten it fixed up and I just said you keep it.. he put a lot of heart on to the frets on that tour and I wanted him to have something from the trip to remember it by! Thanks for that trip and the many others we have shared..
here is a photo of us with that lovely old LYLE GUITAR!

He saved us so many times on that tour, in one of the first shows of the tour I busted the neck on my guitar trying to jump over a couch! I didnt quite make it! But he held it together and played the guitar while I just jumped around the room being a dumb ass! I love our duo shows together!
Happy B-day buddy!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yep all week its, Joe Terry Week, for post #3 we have our dear Devin Frank shareing some Joe terry Memories.. take it away Dev...

I'm sure many will look back fondly (and equally many will look back frustratingly!) at Joe Terry's god-knows-how-long vow of silence. I know I my memories fall into the 'fond' camp as I recall some truly amazing moments which it brought about. Some which come to mind (I hope I haven't accidentally blurred any silent-Joe memories with talking-Joe, we will see...):

- Walking over to Joe's house one day with Don...must have been the day after a show before Don drove back to Iowa City. I think this was at the stage that Joe had unplugged his refrigerator because it was too noisy. Anyway, somehow Joe communicated to Don that he could take (and keep!) any of the cd's out of his extensive collection for free. Don shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to box up probably 20 or more of Joe's best cd's while Joe and I just watched in complete silence. Joe had a tender-looking smile on his face, my face was filled with puzzlement. Despite my discomfort with the situation, I decided to take a Serge Gainsbourg cd anyway and to this day still feel bad about having taken it. I've been meaning to give it back to him.

- Seeing Joe at a loud Practice Space show. I recall not having seen him in a week or two. Excited to see him, I walked up to him to say hello and see what was new. "Joe! How have you been? Good to see you!" He just smiled at me. I had to guess a lot of the answers to my questions that night.

- Perhaps my favorite of the silent-period moments were the shows that Joe Terry's Wango Z Tango played. Normally a rocking band with Joe singing lead, we were all a bit unsure what to do now that Joe had taken a vow of silence. I believe we played two shows where everyone just improvised the entire time. When a song would finish, Joe would nod in approval. Then I would look around awkwardly at him and Adam and Don and whoever was playing (I believe Andy as well at that time?), waiting for someone to quickly make up a new riff for us all to improvise based on. I think the songs were hit-or-miss but they definitely stand out in my memory as good experiences.

Not sure how to conclude except to say that I love that Joe Terry. No one else like him! Happy 30th, my friend!



YEP he turns 30 this weeks so ALL week we are here its JOE WEEK!
Here is a lovely story about our dear Joe, from my lovely wife Ashley...

i remember this one time i was tagging along with the PCC on their
2005 summer tour, and they had just played the comet bar in
cincinnati... i believe keith john adams was touring with them at this
time as well... and at the end of the night, we were all gathered
around the van, the evening was pretty well wrapped up (musicians had
lotsa free beer, patrick had smashed his guitar, we still had to drive
2 hrs to my mom's house in madison, indiana.. it was getting kind of
late) ... we were all just sort of milling around, and someone asks,
"Where's Joe?" So, after a few minutes of looking around and not
finding him... in the bar, bathroom, out front, out back... we all
began checking the neighborhood (not the safest area in ohio), yelling
"Joe?... Joe?!" but we couldn't find him...
our imaginations and fear were starting to mingle a little when next
thing you know don comes out of the bar and says, "He's back in the
kitchen hanging with the cook and making burritos!"
you gotta love him!
happy birthday, JT!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yep its true.. We have never done a full week dedicated to 1 person here at Renees Shoreline, but you only turn 30 once JOE T.. so this my friend is your week...
All week here on Renees Shoreline, Joe's friends will be shareing fun stuff about JOE.. so lets get it started right.. Did you know Joe Terry once had a party for all his friends just to give us letters he had written to each of the friends he invited.. I thought this was an amazing idea and have always wanted to repay the favor.. I also loved the fact that he said in my letter when we make music together its like the ultimate SEX! I couldnt agree more.. BUT DID you know I patrick tape fleming was about the only person who was not on 1 of Joe's fantastic solo albums, this broke my heart tremendously, well I guess I was on JAZZ hell but that didnt count.. BUT Joe must have known how bad this killed my little heart so He covered a song Joe Williams and I wrote called, "24 Hours a Day" This made my heart skip a beat and Joe has done that to many of us.. Read more and more about Joe all WEEK why because we love ya buddy!
HAPPY Birthday!

What a weeeeked!

Yep lots done this weekend.. Saw my first ELECTRONIDOLL show.. which was a blast by the way..
Ash and I were in our first VEISHA parade.. yep we handed out ANytime fitness shirts to all the beggers out there!
the twins swept the Angels but
most importantly we put the finishing touches on our first film together..
HERE IS a photo of the amazing art Ashley did for the cover! I LOVE IT.. well done babe! I a lucky son of a bitch!
yep that beautiful AMES CITY HALL on the cover! it plays as a vital backdrop to our film called, "THAT MARCH"
CLICK on the picture to see the cover up close and personal.. and ash has some spirulina (green shit she puts on salad) on her face!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not to bad at all

so yesterday I didnt really feal like going to work im pretty fed up with it.. but then I realized I dont have it so bad I watched the entire new CONOR OBERST documentary online, I DIDNT talk to any body and then my boss called and I got a .60 cent raise..
hows that for a work day!

the new conor oberst stuff is definately good, but not quite this good...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


well the other day my dad was in ames for the Iowa Funeral Home Convention it was great to see him and we got to have some dinner and such..
Ash has always wondered about the funeral home conventions that I spent a lot of my child hood going to, so my dad invited us over to check out the booth and see some caskets! Much fun was had and it was good to see some register books I spent a year makeing when i lived with my folks in 2005..
anyway TOday i saw online that the most used song at funerals was FRANK SINATRA's MY WAY.. wich I thought was totally hillious.. but a few weeks ago when ash and I went to minneapolis we heard it on the radio and I was booming it as loud as I could! man what a song.. maybe I will have it at my funeral! from one OLD BLUES EYES to another..

adam clayton rules!

so yesterday I had a hankering for hearing the song "WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAMES" by U2 off the Joshua Tree now mind you this problem could be easily solved if I had my cds out on a shelf, for I have the Joshua Tree and I have U2 greatest hits first 10 years thing.. and its on both those.. also I sit for hours at work or at home on the internet and could easily flip to Youtube and hear the song.. But fate had a different plan for me.. I was in GOODWILL killing some time before work and I happend to pick up a quite reasonable priced pair of jeans while standing in line at the check out counter I started gazing though their cds, which is usually a lost cause but i spotted ODELAY by Beck so I thought wow this could be promising.. So i was looking the disks over and to my suprise there was the JOSHUA Tree in all its glory, with that faboulus cover and the little Island Record symbol on the back.. for 2.89 I had to have it.. even though I already had it..
I was stoked. I got to the van and put it right in and heard the opening delayed guitar of WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME and I instantly realized why U2 was the biggest band in the world, (and may still be) the album starts off with 3 consective singles one being WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.. in my opinion the 2nd greatest U2 song after the song ONE.. anyway I have not listen to the full Joshua Tree album since maybe I was 17 and I got to say, its fucking brillient.. every song builds and builds and builds with great bass lines and drums working like construction workers on THE AMAZING HOME MAKE OVER show.. and all the songs reach that point where the guitar leaves the delay behind and hits you in the face right when BONO yelps some inspriring line! Man this record is good.. If you own go back to it and listen all the way through.. you will be rewarded!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Devin hair Doooo

yep devin used to have hair like this for about a minute


got to love the crazy JUICE photographes running around all the special events in the Central Iowa Area.. they got a couple of good lucking sisters and a guy who looks like young tom petty and well ugly old me..
naturally you must have a beer in hand to be in one of these photos. looking like your haveing a great time in des moines!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter .. for got to watch Jesus Christ Superstar

Well Easter ruled.. I played the bunny and hid some Lara Bars for ash,
the bunny also got me 4 cliff bars since I gave them up for lent..
all we did was clean but now our house looks amazing..

Gdp was fun on Saturday.. my first year without free beers

yesterday PCC opened for GIRL TALK it was fun playing and today Im sore as shit..

this post blows
this does not

eating dinner with my pops tonight.. Im hungry!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Listen to the CHEIF he knows best


So we have been a bit scared about our taxes.. since ash works so hard doing massage and owns her own buisness so she does not pay taxes till the end of the year.. But with PCC's milage and ash's diabetic supplies we figured we might make out ok.. So we called the CPA that my dad hires to do the taxes (thanks pops) and they said Ashley you will be getting 300 bucks back from federal and 200 back from state... SO WE started kinda jumping for joy and I was like YOU OWE PCC, we totally kept our recipts and got paid mostly in cash.. YOU OWE US! and we jumped around the house some more and I saw the fist HUGE SMILE on ash's face in a long time...

THEN about 2 hours later we got a call back from the CPA saying he was very sorry and apology was in order as he gave ASHLEY TAPE FLEMING the info for my little sister ASHLEY Fleming.. OH NO, yep we do have to pay in... but it was about 4 grand less then she thought...
WHAT A 360 though...
so much screwing the GOV!

oh well this video rules!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HEY POPS start printing these

ok so my dad prints buisness cards! I even had one when I was like 9 years old for the little baseball card company I had called COLLECTORS CHOICE...
anway I want this guy is passionate about his buisness cards..

thanks for the link fishboy

Best Quotes of the last 2 days

1. IN tuffy tire getting the van fixed.. the second i walked in the guy goes, oh no not the band van... then proceeds to tell ashley that the plate on that thing should say.. MONEY MAKER!

2. last night ash had a small melt down cause she wants to do something in NATURE so we may take a nice trip to COLORADO, she wants some sort of survival type trip, and she then comepared it to how I love touring, then i said remember our trip to CMJ a few years back that was surrvival and then she told me, New York is not survival you excell on food, concrete, alcohal, and loud music! I DONT!

I then thought she should pitch that moto to CMJ...
sign me up for that shit anytime!
here is one of the shows we hit that year before we flew home a day early!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


ash and i's movie is almost done.. its called "THAT MARCH"
Im not going to post it here for I want to debut it at some festival this summer but if you to be a critic and give us an opinon I might hook you up with a dvd when its all said and done!
I hope its a combination of CLERKS/ANNIE HALL/and the WIZARD OF OZ...
why you may ask... this is why...

with a little dark side of the moon action!

album of the year?

Well it might be a tad early calling out my album of the year, hell Wilco's got one coming later too.
but damn the new St. Vincent record is sublime!
here is a rehearsal from SXSW..
love the guitar on this one...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Man I have had a great week on the music front.. First I got advance copies of the new St. Vincent, and Camera Obscura Records both which are devine, and yesterday after a long day of work I got home to see a package from the great white north of Minneapolis, from Afternoon Records.. It was my copy of the new ONE FOR THE TEAM ep "Build a Garden." The band only made 500 physical copies of this one and I got number 3 of 500 which makes me think Elliot got the shaft, since I'm assuming Ian and Grace took number 1 and 2! Take that Elliot..

Anyway the Ep is pretty fucking awesome, its a much more organic, mature, and laid back sound for the band and the perfect follow up to last years "Build It Up" album which found its way into my top ten of 2008! The new ep was recorded in the bands Twin Cities apartment and feels like a couple sitting on a couch singing pop songs to each other! Gone is the multi-tracked vocals of their album and present is 2 strong voices that can hold there own with out any fancy production. Not that I don't love fancy production its just that this ep came as suprise to me and shows that the band is perfectly capable of making something magical in the comfort of thier own home! Well Done Teamers! Now the Twins didn't win opening night but your new ep did!
Go listen to some songs here and get the ep as well..

Monday, April 6, 2009


finnally paul lets ringo shine.. to bad he was way out of tune..
this video is worth watching till the end.. cause you get to see DONOVAN who looks like a geezer wizard or something in purple!

kinda bummed im not going to make the show at the Vaud tonight..
Beati P, Chris the C, Show is the R, and BEEP BEEP..
oh well I can get my rock fix at GDP later this week.. my first year with out the free beer! booo

Opening Day!

Yeah one of my favorite holidays of the year! Major League Baseball opening day! For the next few months there is always somethin to do wether it be listen to a game, watch one, check the stats, see the rumors, and pray for my Twinkies...
Mind you it does not feel like Summer yet..
AMES has 6 inches of snow yesterday.. its sucked..
Next year at this time I hope I have my winter coat on sitting in the new Twins Stadiam.. TARGET Field!
anyway.. I predict the Twins are going to win their division this year..
I hope they win 94 games!
go get em boys!

Friday, April 3, 2009


who would have thought IOWA would be a head of the times.. at 8:30 am this morning news from the state house is.. that GAY MARRAGE is nothing but LEGAL in iowa!
Congrats to the state for being one of the first ones to pull there head out of asses!
I gave my stance on the subject way back in 2005 when i wrote the song "GROW UP AND MARRY YOUR BEST FRIEND"
the first line in the song is, "It dosnt matter if your a boy and he's a boy cause love is brother blind if there's joy!"
well done IOWA
that reminds me I really need to see this movie!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I could hear strings...

time for SHAWNER and Carl and I to get excited!


So last night while ash and I were doing our taxes.. which i found out PCC drove more than 17,000 miles last year.. Oh gosh that poor van.. anyway I got a phone call and guess who it is but FISHBOY! he seemed semi excited and said well Im moving cause I got a job in AMES IA.. and I was whoooo thats fucking awesome then it dawned on me as he sayed it I had just been FOOLED!
I was bummed!
Oh well offers always open ERIC!

also "DIG THIS"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

today at work

I havent seen this lady working out lately?
where's she been

She did it again!

Well I personally think that stoned out of her gored Maryanne Faithful steals the show at the ROLLING STONES ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS... take that STONES, the Who, and Dirty Mac band.. and last night she did it again on letterman performing a cover of the Decemberist from her new album! and man this makes me wanna get a TELE and actually learn how to play guitar!
excellent job former ms. jagger!

and this magic with the stones backing her...