Thursday, May 31, 2007

the Poison Control Center Sign to Afternoon Records

From the well-groomed, always stylish people of Afternoon Records

Minneapolis, Minnesota record label Afternoon Records has announced the signing of Ames, Iowa's spastic pop wonders The Poison Control Center. The announcement comes on the heels of a flurry excitement that's seen Afternoon Records' last 10 releases grace the CMJ Top 200, Top 100, and Top 40 charts, a write-up in Spin Magazine, and the honor of being named "Best Local Record Label" by the City Pages.

Afternoon Records plans on releasing The Poison Control Center's debut full length album, "A Collage of Impressions" this fall. The 16 track album was put to analog tape on the banks of the Mississippi River with Patrick Stolley ( in the recording booth and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive).

Afternoon Records also plans on releasing a limited edition EP on (only 500 will be pressed) on July 10 featuring the first single from the album, ("Glory, Us") plus 5 unreleased rocking B-sides this summer to coincide with the Poison Control Center's 3 week tour in July.

"Glory Us new single by the Poison Control Center on Afternoon Records this summer!

The Poison Control Center have been hanging from chandeliers and doing somersaults around the country for the last 6 years. Releasing numerous Ep's and Singles, garnering national press for their explosive live shows, been featured on NPR, played the CMJ festival twice, opened for their idols, headlined festivals, and even had Max Weinberg sit in on drums for a show. They are floored to be newest part of the Afternoon Records family.

Afternoon Records began four years ago as a basement project for then-18-year-old music biz prodigy Ian Anderson it has now blossomed into a big, shiny, national indie rock machine churning out some of the nations finest independent rock n'roll featuring Haley Bonar, Mouthful of Bees, We All Have Hooks For Hands, the God Damn Doo Wop Band, and Anderson's own Aneuretical and One for the Team.

For more information, please visit one for the following helpful sites:

More dates announced soon.
Upcoming Shows
Jun 15 2007 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Jun 16 2007 Bali Satay Ames, Iowa
Jul 3 2007 Big V's St. Paul, Minnesota
Jul 4 2007 Hexagon Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jul 5 2007 the Darkroom Chicago, Illinois
Jul 6 2007 Otto's Dekalb, Illinois
Jul 7 2007 the DAAC Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 12 2007 Northside Tavern Cincinnati, Ohio
Jul 14 2007 Irving Theater Indianapolis, Indiana
Jul 16 2007 CBGB's St. Louis, Missouri
Jul 17 2007 the Brick Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 10 2007 Athens Popfest Athens, Georgia
Aug 12 2007 Murfreesboro PopFest Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Sep 21 2007 IOWA STATE U. Ames, Iowa
Nov 11 2007 NEW ENGLAND POPFEST Northhampton, Massachusetts

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


so this week in the birthday department I found out from Pam that the godfather of indie rock (STEPHEN MALKMUS) turns 41 this week.. Man he looks good!
and so do these birthday ladies!!!!
Lois thats my mom (but i could not find a good digital picture of her.. so here is her pride and joy Cole and Merrick)
Happy b-day lady rebels!

Sticking with the Pornographer theme of the week...

Oh how I love the New Pornographers... Ashley and I got to see them last year and they were just great.. You know its funny for how much it takes to write and record wonderful pop songs... This band makes it sound easy.. and maybe dont get the due respect they deserve... there new single is masterful work of POP check it out here....

My Right Versus Your... new single by the New Pornographers coming out on Matador this summer!

I ran sound for two shows last night, my ears are still ringing! thanks Wolves in the Attic

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something for Joey

So while searching You Tube for Ron Jeremy I discovered that he is in this amazing video by Mercury Rev called "Something for Joey" but there pissy record label want let me embed it on my little blog... so check this out instead.. pretty sloppy rock n roll got to love it.......

Monday, May 28, 2007

The week has begun!

man Memorial Day, what holiday...

Yesterday Sunday started off out in the yard... Seems lately that everytime ashley gets a second of nothing to do she is out cutting schrub weeds from out fence.. She even cut TOOTIE our niebors rope that holds up her roses I guess,, Shes been all worried about it and I think its hilliarous.. and TOOTIE didnt give two shits either...
Then we played some Tennis and Ashley was kicking my ass untill we actually started keeping score, and then competitive patrick turned it on.. and I felt like PETE SAMPRAS mid 90's if you know what I mean....then Ash and I finally finished writing our wedding cememony.. and its going to be very nice... leaving somethings up to spontanaity.. so should be fun...

But then we had to go meet Dafney where the wedding is going to be at and her place pretty much looked like shit.. WEEDS every where and her grass was about 12 inches tall, she kept saying OH Boy we have some work to do this week, I hope it does not rain.. And Im thinking to myself oh shit its going to raid 3 days this week and my moms going to be out here picking weeds..
Anyway me and Ash decided we were not going to worry about it.. so then we headed to Des Moines,, we were going to catch Joe T. play with Arise Devilfish... so we got there a bit early and walked around the east village and down to the river in downtown. it was very nice.
Heck we even walked into ZZZ Records and the new unreleased PCC album was cranking, it sounded good.. Thanks Ladd for making my day on that one..

So we got down the the Vaude, you know when the show is supposed to start... Nope hour and half later it does.. But it was fun seeing Arise D. I havent seen them in awhile and there drummer was good who I havent seen at all yet...
Anyway. we then had to hurry back up to Ames for Ashleys buddies from Wheatsfield were having a party.. Man there partys are legendary... with the amount of food they have..

So tons of Vegan dips, salads, bread, chips, salsa... and mix that with the cheap beer I brought.. and oh many trouble in the bathroom city all night..But the party did have some great conversations.. But I was made to feel bad cause I was one of the only guys there who had ever seen Ron Jeremy's Penis.. when i was 14 I saw it at Jake Rozemas house... Also the place of the greatest super bowl partys ever... ITs all full circle know....

Friday, May 25, 2007

the 40 best music venues in the USA

So Ashley got me Paiste Magazine for my b-day last year and I dig the writing and the reviews and heck it even comes with a free cd.. and I was excited to see this month feature on the 40 best Music Venues in America voted on by musicans, fans, writers.. over 500 venues were nominated from coffie shops, to theaters, to basements, to huge stadiams..

So I was reading and its cool I think I have been to 10 of the 40 which isnt bad but isnt that great... for someone who has been going to shows for about 12 years now..
the cool thing is I have played 3 of the 40 and they are

the 40 watt in athens, ga--- this is a great one.. played there 3 times with PCC and last year it was sold out.. fucking awesome..
saw OTC play their first reunion gig there too.. so good.

The Earl in Atlanta--- We played there last year.. it was a great place that appearently has great food I spend most of the night on the phone with Ash but it was great, Joe terry had a weird night there as well..

The Basement in Nashville-- this is cool little spot under Grimeys record store.. the people there are awesome and the bar tender used to live in Iowa City so he treated us kind....

the one dissapointment on the list was Scubbas in Chicago we were booked to play our friends the Paper Airplane Pilots cd release show and mother nature did not let us get there... so I could have played 4 of the venues... But I do still have found memories of that night eating Mexican at Adolphs thanks to don, and Joe Terry winning 2nd place at a Karioke contest at a VFW in Coralville.. not bad that place will one day should probably make the list!

this picture is the PCC and friends at the 40 Watt August 2006

The Night they drove...

Wowo last night was awesome... Ashley said we gotta go to the mall quick and try to find you some pants for the wedding.. we had about 1 hour till the mall closed..
the mens section did not look promising, since I will not wear Pleaded pants since my mom made me wear them as a kid and it has tainted me and my brother for eternity...
Anyway we went to the womens section and found me a pair of semi Mick Jagger pants, so we bought em.. and hell they had some sale going if we buy them we get another pair for .99 cents so ashley got my Mick Jagger pants in a brown... Anyway to celebrate I took her to HY-VEE for an organic apple and a 40 for me at the practice space.. then to the London Underground for a drink and it was great...

Then to the practice space where Willy Muse and Wolves in the Attic.(remember that interview I did with Eric Moffit) anyway his new band.. Both groups making their debut performances and they were both really awsome...
Wolves featured Eric on guitar, my boy Devin on guitar, Jordan M. on drums and some guy named Nick... And they rocked the house.. its fun watching Dev play guitar cause I never really get to do it.. So it was blast of a show...

Ok so I saw Head of Femur (also a band playing that night) play the night they drove old dixie down by the band a few years back and its one of Ashley's favorite songs so I went up to them while Ash was rapping with Sami and I asked them if they could do it for her... you know cause we are getting married and all and they said well our drummer doesnt know it, so then i pretty much told them to go teach to him and they said we will see what we can do and they totally went out side and learned... and after their amazing set of their own music they went into it annoucing it for Ashley and they fucking nailed it.. and I held Ash in my arms and she had tears in her eyes and it was fucking glorious!
good night!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Congrats to Daytrotter

Well Daytrotter takes up most of my time now and its great.. I love working for them.. how many people can say that their company has been featured in Rolling Stone, Wired mag, Magnet mag, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune in one year... and then today we recieve a best 2007 award from The Morning News.. which I think is out of England???
anyway go to and listen to the new VOXTROT session from SXSW as Pat Stolley would say it was recorded in Box so it turned out pretty good! but being someone who has always recorded in a box I think it sounds amazing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dun dun dun that law and order thing....

Man tonight was amazing I felt like I was in Law and Order...
if your in Ames watch your local channel for the Zoning committe meeting, ashley will be on there and she looked devine.. But the best part was this back and forth court drama that unfolded with a suprise ending two I's and 1 NA!!! and they needed 3 I's to pass I was shitting bricks it was so excited that it didnt pass... I cant even explain it.. how awesome it was.. but it did have to do with AARON Hefleys old cafateria for work....

Recorded Silly Sally again today.. she has an Irish flute player and picalo player named LIZ and it was good clean clown fun!
Im out!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

home SWEAT home

most of you think I just spelled sweet wrong but I didnt.. on sunday band was over doing some new basement tapes and it was kinda late and Donald.E.C the 3rd.. said he was going to stay in town, so Ashley offered him our FU-TON.. and he says, "I will stay where ever its coolest.." so saying either devs or joes place also were in the running.. Now we live in a be-u-t-ful old house but damn its been getting a little sticky upstairs.. anyway don slept there and was presumably fine.. he left a sweet note in the morning and did not make a mess (perfect house guest)
So this brings us to Monday night.. Im laying bed DIEing seriously, I have been in saunas cooler than our room... Ashley starts talking about how in our old apartment we had an Igloo of a room that never got warm in the winter... and I started longing for those days where if you wanted to add a blanet you could..
So I made the excecutive choice of going down to turn on the air for the first time since we have moved in.. and wow it felt amazing.. our house instantly cool and my heart warmed.. until ash thought i put it on too low, so she goes down and trys to program the fucking thing.. next thing you no the air turns off and does not come back on till I turn off the program after my run this morning. this is a terrible blog... but there is something about getting home from a sticky run and opening the door to a cool house..
Seriously Amazing!
I bet Don was wishing he was here now!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Give me a 4 track or give me death..

So I found something to wear for the wedding today at Salvation army for 4.99 four dollars and 99 cents! thats right not 400 bucks.. Its not a jeff lynn suite but atleast a Thurston Howell the 3rd jacket!

Man I hate computers when it comes to recording lately.. Mixed some of our live cd and its easier to fucking pass algebra 4 then even be able to burn a cd of your mix! fucking computers.. I love 4-track cassette recorders.. SO easy to use and yet still sound great..
My feet stink I think, I thought they were ashley but I'm pretty sure there mine..

Oh update on our mower I figured it out today that our mower has probably already paid for itself.. If you think you would have to pay some one 15-20 bucks a time to mow a year and or the gas Im not spending money on mowing the yard I think I have already made my money back!
Damn feels good!
well have a good weekend!
PCC recording a couple songs tommorow for a single that our new label is putting out by the time we tour! how sweet is that!
hopefully the computer does not fuck with me!

Friday, May 18, 2007

I had to much to dream last night....

Its cool now that Im not working overnights and I'm getting the normal amount of sleep a person is supposed to have.. I'm dreaming again.. And its great.. You know movies in your sleep.. I would love to understand dreams more, and why we dream certin things.. Lately I have had dreams about my family alot.. and I had one about Nick C. the other day.. some crazy dreams. Anyway this morning I woke up with a pimple on the tip of my nose.. And Ashley was so sweet about it.. first thing she says to me is something about being Rudulph.. shit... there goes my self-esteem for the day...

Oh last night we went to MENS WAREHOUSE in Des Moines to find an outfit for me for the wedding and shit I about clocked the lady working there.. CAUSE SHE KEPT SAYING... "YOU DONT WANT THAT" How the fuck does she know what I want... It sucked! "I WONT BUY STUFF FROM YOU I Garunttee IT"
So then we went to the Valley West mall and I tried on like 3 suits, pants the whole works dress shirts and me and ashley decided I would buy this Jeff Lynn looking suite then. I look at the price tag and Im like No fucking way.. I dont own a guitar that that exspensive... Shit. the pants alone were 160 bucks.. I can see them crumpled in a pile at the bottom of my closet... Totally sucked!
Then we drowned our sorrows in some Brushetta at Olive Garden... Which late brought up the joke BUTT-SHEDDA.. for reasons you probably already understand...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

sorry 1 more

This band has been my favorite for the past year.. just wonderful.. enjoy...

Why do heroes have to be dumb asses?

I love Phil Spector... I do.. even after reading Ronnie Spector's book, even after knowing he threated to Kill John lennon, even after he killed some b-movie actress...
I think he is amazing, his ear for music is incredible and his musical taiste is as far as I know some of the best ever...
I just listened to George Harrisons All Things Must Pass and it so amazing production wise, Its just intense.. It builds and builds and builds and just fucking slaps you in the face with sound.
Anyway that not what this is about.. its about heroes being dumb asses... here are my top 5.
1. Phil Spector- nice wig buddy
2. Pete Rose- Come on you know you didnt always bet on you teamr to win.. No one would if they were the Reds..
3. Michael Jackson- Dude what happened.. I dont think there is any hope.. Not even a new Vegas Show..
4. Ted Williams-Why would you want to freeze yourself and comeback... The Red Sox won a series without you.. they dont need you.
5. Aaron Hefley- When is that Binary cd going to be done.

my 3 wishes

1. I wish I could write a song this good.
2. I wish I could think up a video this amazing.
3. I wish my hair looked that good when its longer..
I give you FIONN REGAN

How important is Joe Mauer

Man as the Twins fall just games above the Kansas City Royals its begining to be quite evident who their most important player is. Well Da its Joe Mauer.. On May 5th I think, Mauer went on the 15 day DL and the Twins have take a drastic slide.. It's been painfull to turn on the radio and hear the scores, or rush to Yahoo sports in the morning to see how the game turned out.. I hate to see this happen cause come late summer if the Twins are not in the race I feel faces are going to be leaving that I love..
Tori Hunter, Justin, Santana... all could go to the Yankees to improve their time.. so as Paul Mc Mcartney said, "Get back joe"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Never to cold for a picnic

So tonight I went to a picnic with some of my buds from my old life at the house of kids! And it was wonderful.. Nate even let me know that he has been digging on my blog.. And I get so excited when someone has been reading my blog, but then I also get super disapointed in myself that I havent been doing a very good job.. So this one is dedicated to Nate..
Nate is a rad guy, who is a bad ass drummer and I want to play music with him sometime.. he can play tons of different instuments and he lives in the cool old house in Boone.. His bedroom is seriously the size of an Arena football field and he was rocking the grill tonight, and taking care of his cute dog...
Anyway the night was super cold and it was fun hanging with my buds but dang I was freezing so I had to dig my old polyester shirt out of the van that Devin burnt a hole in.. We almost had a fireworks show in the van.. Story for another time.. but anyway.. it was good night. remember though to bring a sweatshirt next time your out and and about and only bring PBR for dinner.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I used to work with that same polar bear puppet at the childrens museum that you thought was scary.. I used to make it pretty scary too, then I would sneek into the break room for sips of DIET BIG K and eat free Starburst.. those werent the days

All work and no play!

Man what is it with work.. Today I had meetings all day, super busy so I was reminded about how I didnt get to go see Sonic YOUTH and the Flaming Lips this year in Council Bluffs with all my buds and ash..
BUT have no fear I saw em on the Soft B. tour a number of times and shit look at this song from the upcoming DVD.. its going to be amazing!

Monday, May 14, 2007

happy B-day Sofia

Ok I love the Godfather movies so much, but I got to admit that nothing in all three of those magical films is as heartbreaking as this minute and half clip from the Virgin Suicides..

makes me feel like I'm living in sibley calling indianapolis everynight at 9pm.

Happy b-day Sofia Copela and George Lucas...
ps I saw George Lucas drinking a coffee in Down town indianapolis during a star wars convention a few years back it was like 7 am and i was on a fun... he was in a jogging suite.. how cool is that!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I lost more than 1 thing today

So my hair has been pretty much looking like shit, so I decided to go get a hair cut.. Now since I gave my last hair cut to myself and asher gives me ones on occasion I believe I have lost my ability to talk or B.S. with barbers.. I know its a skill they have to have.. For instance I went to John's on main, I got one hair cut there about a year and a half ago and had him shave off the whole thing and he totally remembered me cause he said shave it all off.. and I thought mmmmmm better not, might be in that bad stage in 3 weeks so I explained what my desired cut was then... nothing but silence.. I didnt know what to say and he didnt either.. We were listeing to KIOA Oldies and they were playing good shit but still nothing to talk about. Finnally the Old Youngster (member of Iowa Rock n Roll hall of fame as a DJ) called some women up and gave her 100 dollars on the air and she sounded so fake that she was happy and the Youngster was like are you excited and she was like monatone yeah.. SO that was my chance to break the silence I said, "she dosnt sound very excited" and he then said, "Get off the pills women" and then dead silence again until he asked me if I liked the cut...
I lost some hair (mostly grey) and my ability to talk... very sad.. I sat with my hands folded in quiet misery!

It was 20 years ago tommorow..

it was 20 years ago tommorow
A birth of a brand new staro
wish her a happy birthday
or feel pain and sorrow

I swear!

So since we now have our own house people are always trying to pawn off pets on us.. Bunnys, hamsters, fish, you name it. Now my parents never really let us have pets, I mean there was KENT HRBEK FLEMING who was a gold fish that lived under my care for about a week then he was burried behind the garage in check book box, then I missed him, so a week after that I dug him up and he had pretty much decayed, nothing but Bones or scales or what ever they call them in fish... Anyway.. I have always said I would rather have kids then have pets and people are always like WHAT...
this picture should be reason enough... how fucking cute is that! hell even Don thinks so!


Man my buddy Dev, got to see the Magnetic Fields a few years back and oh how I wish I could have... I think with that whole thing of bands now perfoming classic albums, I will hold out to see them perform 69 love songs.. They a did a bunch of those 2 night showings of it.. Man I need to find that cd, I think we should listen to the whole thing on the way to chicago tommorow.. So if any of you that can make that happen are reading this, lets do it!!!...
Here some nice live footage of the Magnetic Fields this makes me excited about being bald!

It's a Suprise, It's a Suprise, It's a Suprise

Man I had wonderful day yesterday.. It was kinda my first day kicking my new job, which I kept super busy and had fun.
Then I become a recording engineer again and started working on whats bound to be a new classic childrens album, with SILLY SALLY.
Then I went for a walk with my lady and shit, we get back home there is a suprise party for me waiting there, friends in PJ's, ... I could tell you all the details but its to funny! Anyway thanks to all my buddies and to asher for suprising me.. with beer and pizza.. you guys are greatest! You all deserve a Silly Sally Singing Telegram!

"Dreams" Come true

This is some hot news, the Apples in Stereo will be releasing a rareties album with every non album track they have recorded since Fun Trick Noise Maker
I'm sure it will come out on Yep Roc and its going to be called "Electronic Projects for Musicians" Now everyone in unison laugh like John Hill after he's just had a doobie in the van..

Live Apples in Stereo unreleased song "Dreams"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The B-side

Well the B-side has kinda become an exstinct thing people dont really put out singles anymore.. So now if you fill an ep or a MAXI single with extra songs they are considered B-sides.. Even though they are not all they are all... But I still use the word just cause how can you call something like this....... a left over..

THIS didn't make the new album

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I need to buy new running shoes

Ok I have had the same running shows since Feb of 2005.. My dad bought me these Adidas shoes for 35 bucks. In a Sioux Falls sports store. But that was over 2 years ago, That is not good, My feet are starting to feel the pain.. I run everyday, I think your supposed to change your shoes every 500 miles or some shit... so Im due for a new shoe or two...
I feel that if I get new shoes, and keep doing my push ups I could look as good as this in a tank top..........

who the fuck am I kidding.. Appolo, and Sly will never die.. even if he didn't throw in the towel!


I broke the WILCO playing prairie Home companion story before pitchfork did...
How cool is that... Though I said they were playing at the Fitzgrerald its actually the State Theater... Which is where I saw Radiohead and Teenage Fanclub on July 7 of 1997 from the front row it looked something like this.....

So I didn't Know???

So when you own a house you care about weird things... for instance we have new NAY-BORS moving in across the street, and while my lady was walking me to work says "It looks like they are working on that house" and I said yep, then she said "great maybe it will make our property value go up" then I said in the sweet yet sarcastic tone, I don't think them fixing up the inside of that house is going to do much for our property value, then she said, "Well as long as they don't make it into a Brothel" and I'm Like what the Hells a Brothel.. and then a look came across her pretty face like I was an Idiot! Now to me I would think its a good thing that your man does not know what a Brothel is, to me it sounds like some Europeon City.. anyway for those of you like me a Brothel is.....
also known as a bordello or whorehouse, is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution, providing the prostitutes a place to meet and to have sex with the clients. In some places, licensed brothels are legal (see prostitution), and in many countries, places such as massage parlors are allowed to function as brothels, with varying degrees of regulation and repression. Depending on zoning, brothels may be confined to special red-light districts or 'tolerance zones'.

Hockey Night Breaks UP!

Its a sad sad world when a great band breaks up! Hockey Night were pure power-pop fun from Minneapolis, I got a chance to open for them once at a house show at the Playground (R.I.P) They were super tight and super cool guys! This info was and exclusive from here's what they had to say....
"The bearers of bad news, we hate to be them, but this bad news is laced with sugar and sunshine, we assure you. One year ago this week, the slap-happy, goodtime homies Hockey Night were by. We were rushed and they produced one of the most smashing pieces of fun we’ve assembled for you. There were burger baskets and chuckles all around. Paul Sprangers informed us Monday night that Hockey Night is no longer a real thing, but now joins the ranks of mythology. He and fellow guitarist Scott Wells are forging on with the blazing guitar shenanigans, but they’ll be doing it with a different cast of characters. “It was a long time coming,” Sprangers said. “I realized I didn’t want to continue on the way we were going. We were operating under that indie rock idea where it was fun and everybody’s buddies. We just want to do it right and we couldn’t get things done.” Sprangers said that DFA Records — run by Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy (the latter of LCD Soundsystem) — has signed the pair to continue on. They’re planning on releasing some 12-inch singles in the fall and being all dope under a new name. Pour a drink to the memories." Listen to their Daytrotter session at or its linked below for you lazy kids!

Mothers Day is Sunday.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I bet you have a great mom, love her to death.. but May always comes around and shit what do you get you mom for Mothers day...
She doesnt need anything, so you end up with the cop out gifts flowers, plants, cards, and frankly I think thats bullshit! So have no fear this year... Check out this sweet vintage bag from great folks at Monster Fashion...

Red Flower Vinyl Bottom Tote

Hey guys its this Sunday the 13th so, put on Pink Floyd "The Wall" disk 1..
"Mother will they try to break my balls"--in your best British accent

Moon River!

Listen to this elegant version of "Moon River" by Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't (Peter Erchick of Olivia Tremor Control)..... I got this from the Southern Shelter Blog..
Close your eyes and listen!

Moon River Live at the Flicker Bar Athens, GA

Two things I love....

1. My Earth Friendly new mower... Even though its a work out! BUT I Don't smell like gas when I'm done mowing!
2. shhhh be quiet this ones a secret....
early Bob Marly and the Wailers

White men Can't DANCE!

Hey I love the new Ep/single thing Bright Eyes put out called "Four Winds". Its really great and I always seem to like his eps better than his albums, not that the albums are bad either.. But if Conor Oberst is our generation Bob Dylan I wonder what era Dylan he is in right now...
Cause Dylan never used a 75 piece Orchastra on his albums.. anyway.. So here a good laugh... BOB DYLAN Would have never been caught at a party doing this....

He maybe a better songwriter than me but I could bust a move on the dance floor around him!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fishboy has finished its TWEE ROCK OPERA!

There has never been a TWEE ROCK OPERA
is there even such a thing as TWEE?
I don't know, but word from the lone star state is the rock opera they have been working on is finished and now
in the final stages before its released this fall!
I'm shivering with anticipation for this as Fishboy is one of the best live bands in the country....
to get you just as excited as I am..
check out the video shot by Ryan Anderson, and featuring his groovy wife Jennifer (her sketch blog is linked below)..
its called "A Suprise Return" and should get all the TWEEsters in a shit twist of excitement!!!


So my lady has started to use the fraze CRIKEY a lot.. WHY I don't know, so this brought up a conversation this morning while taking a walk in the rain in our lovely community...

She thinks the word is a mixture of christ and mother fucker... (which she thinks she should not use.. Fair enough I thought)
How she got this from that I have no clue.
And the only person to really probably know what it means got electricuted by a sting-ray last year...
I guess we will never know!

Tips to bands!

Ok so lately I have been running sound at the best music venue in Iowa... The Vaudeville Mews..
The venue is great, it gets good shows, it sounds good, got a great friendly staff, and gets a wide variety of shows...
This week the famed TAPES n TAPES will be there on Friday for an all ages show...

Now I'm not the head sound person there infact I run sound maybe 7 times a month, so I get kinda the shit of the litter shows, the sunday evenings and monday nights when there are probably about 5 to 15 paid people in the audience.. Which bothers me a bit because the venue is not making any money and they are still paying me.. Now I have seen some really great bands while doing this, but I have also seen some fucking HORRIBLE local bands that are just idiots seriously!! here are some tips for them...

1. First off don't bitch into the mic. about on how there is only 5 people in the audience.. Fuck its your show, your local put up a fucking flyer, tell some friends, and then don't try sneeking all them in the side door..

2. Atleast ask the sound person (me) what there name is so you can not refer to them as "Hey Sound dude"
...Personally I like knowing the name of the person who controls my destiny for the next 45 minutes...

3. Dont be a dick to the out of town bands!

4. Dont think you should get paid anything when you bring 2 people though the door.

5. Thank people, (bar tender, door person, and sound person) not for doing there jobs but for putting up with your bull shit attititudes for the evening...

Running sound is fun, its great when your doing it for a great band... and sometimes its even fun when your doing it for a band that you cant stand but they are really nice! happy monday!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Interview with Eric Moffitt of Keepers of the Carpet

The original Keepers of the Carpet line-up, was a Rock n Roll machine! 4 guys from a small farm community in the middle of no-where northern Iowa. Tall Smith boys came and went and a few years ago you might have thought Jordan Mayland's perfect power pop group was fading into the dark, far far away from their days on the CMJ charts. But winners never quit and a couple years ago when I moved back to Ames, IA I got to see the new 5 piece Keepers of the Carpet and they blew my mind.. Keeping the history of tall attractive guitarist I saw for the first time Eric Moffitt ripping through the KOTC songs with fierce glory. Lately they have been destroying crowds with pure pop glory mixing loud distorted engines of guitars and some wonderful keys work. Whether it be on a huge stage in front of hundreds or in a sweaty basement at a keg party the band is on and I'm telling you about it before someone else does. The band just released a new single that is easily their best work yet and come fall of 2007 we finally get full-length number two from the boys. Here is the first Renee's Shoreline Interview

Eric How do you feel about being the first person I interview for Renee's Shoreline?

This is very exciting. Very similar to the feeling I got the very first time I successfully tied my shoe on my own.

Tell me a bit about how you got involved with Keepers of the Carpet?

Well, I had been somewhat of a fan. A friend of mine that I had been writing songs with had worked with jason and we ended up practicing at jason's house. We ended up going out that night, and jason and I talked about amps at the bar and somehow this led to us living together which is how I met jordan. One day keepers were practicing some new songs in our basement and I sat for a few minutes and figured them out and then went downstairs and started playing with them, and then jordan asked me if I wanted to play at the m-shop with them and I did. kind of wierd I guess, for a long time I felt like a house guest, especially when the smiths were around. now it's comfortable.

You guys have a new single out. Tell us about it?

Crazy Things/Glued. well, they are off of our upcoming full length. We kind of went into recording thinking that Crazy Things was going to be the single. And Glued is a song of jordans that has been around a few years, and really deserved to be recorded and put in the spotlight (as small as our spotlight may be). It's an awesome tune.

When can we do we get the full lenth release?

Late August or Early September, we are trying to coincide it with a fall tour.

Whats your favorite song off the first Keepers record to play?

For the longest time, I knew how those songs go, but I didn't really know how to play them. Know that I actually know how to play them, I would have to say Rooftop is my favorite to play.

How do you like living with Jordan Mayland? Do guys write much together?

Living with jordan is fun, we are both messy. We really don't write much together. Usually one of us will have a song and the other will listen through the walls and write parts to it and then about a month later we will talk about new keepers songs and be all like "hey, I heard you playing this, and I wrote this to it, and blah blah blah." There is always music flowing from our house, as both of us tend to play guitar more than we do anything else.

Tell us about your side project Wolves in the Attic, I love that shit.

Well, right now it is just me. Most of the stuff I write is not suitable for keepers, so wolves in the attic is where the rest ends up. I guess I really like playing and singing and writing. I am hoping that Wolves in the Attic will actually become a band in the fall, and will play some shows and what not. I just seem to have a hard time finding people to play with that see where I am comming from with it, which makes life miserable when you are trying to get a band together. anyone interested?


FREE Wolves in the Attic songs!

1 thing I would like to do this year

Man I love Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire.. I would love to see them live this year! I do doubt it will happen, so I just have to keep finding great shows on line..
Here is a great live mp3 of Intervention I got off the great blog Cable and Tweed...


Man I haven't listened to a Ben Folds Five album since I was on the worst drive ever, from NW KY driving back to Madison, IN in April of 2005. My Friend Nathan was sleeping in the back seat, and Ashley had taken over driving cause I had drove for like 6 hours and was passing out, We listened to the Unathorized Bio of Reinhold Mesner by Ben Folds Five and it such a wonderful album I had to stay awake, and I thought Ashley was driving off a cliff so I took over driving again! And I totally got us home...
I got to see Ben Folds Five last ever United States show, I actually saw them 4 times.. the best was at First Ave. in 1999..
I got one of Ben's Piano wires, thanks to Nick C. laying this one girl out! well
check this...for proof at how great they were back then...

How did I miss this...

Man this sucks.. well not really but I have to be in Chicago may 12th.. I love Chicago, but I kinda consider Minneapolis my home away (even though its 3 hours away) from home and the greatest American rock and roll band is going to be playing Prairie Home Companion in St. Paul at the Fitzgerald theater on May 12.. WILCO!!!! I played the Fitz once.. and we had to be super quiet on stage I wonder if they will make them be super quiet..
Get their record that comes out May 15th.. Its amazing!

Welcome to Renee's Shoreline

Hello all.
how are you, I hope great.. I always start shit like that.. Anyway I read more blogs than anyone I know so I thought I should start my own.. I mean everybody has them, hell even my older sister has one..
My name is not Renee, although it is the middle name of my favorite person in the whole world and she used to live on a street called Shoreline... So some people say that's what your Porn name would be, your middle name plus the street you lived on as a child...
So my porn name would be Regan 7th... Not as good as Renee Shorline.. But anyway.. I will probably post some music review and other such shit on my little blog, plus share some happenings in my little life..
Here are the top 5 things on my mind right now
1. my wedding-- which is going to be the craziest wedding ever! Not Traditional at all.. I'm excited!
2. my twins are fucking sucking lately!
3. I only have 2 days of my job left.. Which is exciting! Although if I kept my overnight job, I would probablywrite more on this blog for sure!
4. Summer tours.. Nothing like getting in stinky van with your buddies
5. I LOVE QUEEN so to end my first entry I give you this...