Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tour so far

Wow this tour has been amazing so far… opening for the APPLES is such a treat! We got the honor to see my mommy in law in Madison, IN and she treated us so well the night before the tour started… SO WE were rested and ready to rock Louisville!

Louisville is weird.. Like Des Moines its a City no one outside the city pronounces it correctly… Lullville is how the locals say it… When we got to the venue we realized we have havent played to many venues of this capacity… seriously this place was HUGE.. and it was rad cause it was filling up nicely by the end of the night! I had a major wardrobe malfunction during the show.. not only did I rip a hole in my pants but I must have popped the elastic strip cause they just came a dumbling down on the second to last song.. Have no fear the sound man was there with some string so I could finish the show! Pretty awesome.. I had to say to the crowd that I was seeing Don the drummer by “LOOKING OUT MY BACK DOOR”

Then onto St. Louis which totally ruled.. We played the Duck Room which is CHUCK BERRY’s very famous club.. Where he still plays a set once a month! The place was packed and we had a bunch of friends come out which ruled and we got our first shot of the tour on stage! I stepped on Devins by accident but it didnt matter as he was the DD for the night.. Don’s nephew played a couple songs on bass for us since Joe had to miss the first 2 shows due to family stuff.. but it was great.. Don’s Nephew Caleb is 16 and naturally I announced that from stage so not 1 minute after our set was done he got booted from the club… How rock n roll is that!
It’s also been great to have Chris Ford playing with us.. he totally took over singing Joe T’s role in our new song GIVE IT A TRY and he nailing the vocals, dancing, and trumpet… He is our new utility man and jack of all trades! OH and BEATLE BOB was at the show.. he is a famous dude who comes and Dances at all the “to be at” shows in St. Louis.. I got him to take the mic. on Magic Circle and he totally biffed the words but he sang so my heart pumped a little faster last night.. Also our booking agent SHAWN has come along for the first few shows and its been so wonderful hanging out with him for a couple of days! He RULES.. what booking agent would come and hang out with his crappy band?

Well we are rocking Iowa City tommorow Monday.. so come on over if you would like!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

me no Painting PRO!

this picture looks like my dad was painting but he was just eating a hot dog!

well I had a pretty good weekend... Other then our WASHER breakig again... This is time number 4 so ash and I went to Lowes last night and got a new one...
hopefully it gets here tommorow so I can do some wash before tour!
also kinda want a hair cut before tour.. will see what I get done.. If I didnt have to run sound everynight... oh well its dough..

So our friend Sami's dad came and fixed our cieling while we were gone and did a great job.. and since ash wasnt to found of her OFFICE color we decided to paint it over the weekend... NOW ASH SHOULD KNow.. that Im a terrible painter and bound to spill shit all over which I did and what ever.. the funniest part of the whole weekend is when ash picked the color of paint she wanted got it mixed then found one she liked better... there was a little scene in lowes.. she had a small break down but I came to the rescue and thought maybe they could just ad some paint to it to make it her new color.. which they totally could and it was wierd but the girl mixing the paint by this time was totally flirting with ashley.. it was hillious and weird.. Ash pick some fire red color for her door and the girl was like I would love to hear how that turns out!!!
I felt uncomfortable for a moment...

Had some great plains vegan pizza last night that was good..
ok back to running sound!


later gaters

Monday, July 14, 2008

PCC live @ 80/35

Here is some fun footage of us... along with some friends and fam... check it out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nothing like having an amazing weekend of Festival fun and then hopping in a suburban with you’re wife, dad, younger sister, younger sister’s boyfriend, nephew, and older sister’s husband.. for what they call a FAMILY VACATION!

Thats right 7 people 1 car.. 4,000 miles, in 5 days.. sounds like fun right! Well actually it was amazing!
We drove all the way to the east coast and back in 5 days!! We hit the baseball Hall of Fame in Coopertown, we hit Yankee Stadiam before it closes this year, we hit my favorite baseball field Fenway Park in Boston, and then drove thru the night to catch a game in Detroit yesterday and now am back at home sitting on my computer recovering from the wonderful week of Family hang time!

With No Fights... COLE did get a bug in his ear... which his pops totally saved him, ashley fleming the first did get car sick, bumpa had a few cramps trying to get into the car, tom did have to yell at cole a few times, bob did yell at me once for driving poorly, other than that it was a pretty smooth trip..

Ashley tape was a wonderful sport and learned a ton about baseball.. COOPERTOWN was her fave...
We even got to see our dear friend ALLI A.. in NYC... got to eat some morracian food and I drove in NYC like a badass bat out of hell..

Lots of stories I could share but I thought this was the best.. My dad got us great tickets in New York and guess who was in our section…
None other than former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani… Now I noticed him coming down the steps first so I yelled Mr. Giuliani and he TOTALLY Ignored Me.. so I figured he was just putting the RUDE in Rudy! I was kinda pissed.. I figured he just ignored me cause I was from Iowa.. Just liked he ignored campaigning here for his very short presidential run!
Anyway I kept my eye on him the whole game and Ashley (my lady) said “he has a bladder of steel” cause he wouldn’t get up to go the bathroom.. But I knew he had to at some point and when he did I was going to get him…
And in get him I was totally going to shake his hand! So when he made the move for the stands I was ready… I said Mr. Mayor and put out my paw and it met his with the grace and glory of any hand shake that could have been president.. But to tell you the truth I thought the shake was weak.. and THEREFORE my prediction is RUDE RUDY will never be President! So SORRY DUDE… Atleast the Yankees won for you!
Ok Im glad to be home.. We leave for tour this week… more on that soon!

here are a few pics from the back of the suburban....

Saturday, July 5, 2008


well yesterday I had such a wonderful! I got to hang with friends, SEE THE FLAMING LIPS and drink free and or cheap beer in the summer sun! Here is a pic of ash, sami, and I enjoying one of the free stages that PCC will be playing today..

Im doing live blogging about the fest on JUICE's blog so check it out

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Death of a CLown

well a very sad day today in the world of laughter.. and grand prize games!
I loved bozo so much I loved it when the kids playing the grand prize game would miss the first bucket.. he would give them another chance and say "SQUARE BALL!" fucking classic!
so I give you death of a clown by the Kinks!

I will always love you bozo...


Yep us dudes in the PCC are now blogging for Juice Magazine...
Check it out here...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what a long day

man I had a very long day.. mostly spent on the computer returning stupid emails! I need to see the sun, I need to watch a movie..
I need to head to You TUBE to find the greatest two minutes of film history these are the top 3....

Happy B-day CYRUS!

Well as July 1st rolls around, another year is half gone and it time to pay the morgage again.. but lets not think about that crap..
Its a great day cause 55 years ago today my grandma Judy gave birth to my Dad! Well done granny! Look what you got yourself into!
Happy B-day Dad!
Im stoked cause next week my dad, sis, sis boyfriend, bro in law, nephew and my lovely wife pile into a suburban and head to YANKEE STADIAM the mecca of Baseball dreams! I cant wait..
Happy B-day day!