Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stuck inside a house with the christmas blues again!

Well, since ash and I were stuck in ames, we went to Hollywood Video knowing that they are going out a biz soon, and they totally had a bunch of movies we have been wanting to see for CHEAP to buy so we pick up Whatever Works, Synecdoche New York, For your Consideration, NO country for Old Men, and Milk.. all for under 5 bucks a piece... so totally good score...

Whatever Works, the later Woody Allen film, has bits and pieces from a lot of his other films, but We both enjoyed it a ton, Larry David is great in it and does a wonderful WOODY impression! The story is pretty great too, and as always some totally killer one liners in it.. We have watched it twice...

Ok For your consideration comes from the great Chistopher Guest who brought us Best in Show, and A mighty Wind, this time a few has been or never been actors get some oscar buzz and it goes to their heads.. this is pretty great as well... Parker Posey ruled in this.

Well we have also watched Synecdoche New York which fucking blew my mind, CHarlie Kaufman who wrote Adaptation wrote and directed this one and oh my gosh its one of the finest most fucked up films I have ever seen! Philip Seymore Hoffam is just amazing and this is one of those movies you could watch 100 times and still not catch everthing.. what a trip, a lovely one though! See this movie.. WHY this did not win best picture is beyond me!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Vic Chesnut

I just put Vic Chesnut in my album to hear for the year.. my buddy ryan gave me a copy of the record he did with the guys from Fugazi and Godspead you Black Empor.. So it bums me out that it has been both reported that he is in a a coma from a suicide attempt and some reports that he is now dead?

EIther way he is a legend of the indie rock singer song writer world and I have many friends who have played with him, in fact Jimmy from Folklore and Elf Power who I just traded emails back and forth a few weeks back helped edit a tour film of Vic, and elf power in Europe that pitchfork just showed recently...

Vic is a total legend and I remember the first time i heard him was at fellow Wheatlord Jed Zwagerman's house in Sibley...
anyway... I will be thinking bout VIc today!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

some... of Renee's Shoreline's Favorite Albums of 2009!

Well again Im not going to make any fancy ass mo fo of a list but I will say YO LA Tengo top my albums list with a close friends right behind! Here Some albums you should all own this year!

Popular Songs Yo La Tengo
Never sticking to one style and doing every style oh so well, you cant deny the awesomeness of what I think might be the greatest indie rock band ever!! I know big words with Pavement and GBV always around but the last 6 Yo La Tengo records have been nothing but great! here is the proof...

Your Gonna Glow In the Dark Christopher the Conquered
I think this might be about as well crafted of a record that has ever come out of IOWA... Its is truly amazing and Chris's performances and mix of this record was just phenominal! The amazing songs dont hurt either! Congrats buddy, This one will be hard to top but I know its in ya! you rule

I'll Stop Loving You, by Christopher the Conquered from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Dark Night of the Soul David Lynch, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and Friends Man usually and all star type collaboration would probably kinda suck but this record that technically never got released but lucky NPR was streaming it for a long while and I dug into it Day after Day... I loved all the songs,, It features members of Super Furry Animals, the strokes, pixies, iggy pop, Jason lytle.. its just wonderfull.. Here is the tune with Julian from the strokes!

Actor St. Vincent
Just love the vibe and production on this one.. some really lovely rocking stuff but also the lyrics to the PARTY kinda killed me..

Album Girls The second i heard this record i knew it was going to be huge, cause Its kinda goofy but kinda could be precieved as having a lot of heart behind it..
The one thing you can deny is the band makes some good catchy lo-fi pop with some killer videos and have 1 hell of a publiscist!

Keep At Hand Minorcan
IF you like the Band's basement tape this is about as close as you would get in the year 2009, Ryan Anderson's songs all take on a classic timeless type feel that make some one like BOB Dylan who he is.. When I listen to this record I get that same vibe that Im hanging On every word.. Its so wonderful!

Get Guilty AC Newman
Well what can you say about AC Newman I almost forgot about this album since it came out in January of 2009 but the thing about it that make AC what he is, he is so consistant and talented.. He is a true pop genius, like a Mc Cartney where even if its not the best of his work you should listen cause you can learn a thing or two about writing songs from this guy!

Floating Action Floating Action
Yep this is one that probably pass most people up this year, but damn this record is so amazing! It sounds like it was recorded in the early 60's in some hut in Jamaca... Perfect soulful party music in my book! I would love to make a killer movie and use some of these tunes! love THIS! go get it on PARK THE VAN RECORDS.. they also recorded my favorite Daytrotter Session of the Year!

Video Musics Alexis Gideon
Man every morning when I was working this record I would watch the Video for Brimstone Blaine to get me pumped up for work! ANd it always worked.. This is probably the record Ashley and I quoted the most this year.. Alexis was also apart of some of the coolest concerts I saw this year!

the Mystery Mines Pennyhawk
This lovely album I got the chance to review for the Ames Progressive music issue and it is just so lovely and amazing and full of cool lo-fi production and songs with an intense feel that turns your blood inside... Just amazing! Get this record!

Modern Science Casper and the Cookies
Yep this is an epic album and I got to see a lot of these songs live before they were recorded but Im always impressed by Jason's production but on this record he went above and beyond.. Some people might say well they could have cut a few songs on this but I love that its so long and the 17 minute experimental side of the album is just incredible... the song NEW DAY ZERO is one of my all time faves! well done friends GO AND GET THIS RECORD FOLKS I got mine on red vinyl..
here is little kings

Well I cant leave with out atleast mentioning a few other records I enjoyed this year.... But I wanted to give some love to these bands above but you should also get records by the Flaming lips, the New Bodies, Jason Lytle, Super Furry Animals, Circulatory System, grizzly bear, wilco, Jordan Mayland, Camera Obscura, Fishboy, Julian Cassabalas, the Mumfords, Nuclear Rodeo, the Big Pink, listen to all Beck's Record Club, Destroyer, Woods, Cass Mc Combs, Bill Calahan, God Help the Girl, Anders Ponders, THe mountain goats, VIc Chestnut, Neko Case, Sonic Youth, Spiral Stairs, Shelley Short, One for the Team, Atlas Sound, Kurt Vile, Neon Indian, and go ahead and pick up that Animal Collective record just for shits, blips, and gigles

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Renee's Shoreline's Favorite songs of 2009!

Well I'm not going to do some fancy ass list of my fave songs of the year but I thought I would share a few that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside in 2009! I'm limiting this to 1 per artist! so its not just all Yo La Tengo...

Don't Stop Loving Me Now Floating Action
Man I love this song, and the whole album is just amazing! I bet it would make Jeremy Grace's next Splifed out Mix cd...
If I was a Pot smoker I would love to get high to this,, best thing about it, you dont need the weed.. the music does the trick!

If It's True Yo La Tengo
Well its always nice when one of your favorite bands of all time, gives you an album you just adore all the way through.. This track is my fave, I love it cause its a perfect love song for a married couple, Ash and I did a lot of soul searching this year and this song totally fit in with that, so I dedicate this one to my lovely hard working wife!

Helium Hearts Super Furry Animals
I went on a lot of runs this year, and every time this songs popped up on random I ran just a little bit faster, its got some incredible sounds in it! And anyway song that talks about VEGIMITE is ok by me!

Sudden Spring Minorcan
Well Ryan Anderson has been one of my favorite song writers from the past decade, I have got lucky enough to put out his music, play live with him, but most heart warming was getting to play on his latest record and helping record it... It's one of the finest pieces of music I have ever had the pleasure to work on... All the songs on the record are so incredible and you should pick it up here... Blood on the Vinyl Records Here is a killer version of Sudden Spring live in Austin TX..
The line that kills me the most on this one is "when I look into your eyes, its the best record i heard played all night"

Come Monday Night God Help The Girl
Man I love everything Belle and Sebastion have done and this is no different.. I remember when this video came out, there was a hushed conversation about wether we were supposed to like the song or as it was so elequently put get a boner... WELL for me the song kills no visual needed!

Insane Idiots Christopher the Conquered
Man one of the best things I did this year was record my boy Chris Ford's new album.. It's so amazing! The lyrics, music, passion, heart and soul were all thrown into the making of this new classic! My favorite song from the record is Insane Idiots which has everything I could ever want in a pop song.. But its not just a pop song it's full of the first of many magical moments on his album Your Gonna Glow in the Dark! Just amazing! The haters got to me on this one! pick it up on Itunes or where ever you buy your records... Here is a performance from the Ames progressive that I filmed!

Christopher the Conquered Live @ The Ames Progressive Office! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Marrow St. Vincent
Man I was totally taken by St, Vincent's new album Actor.. It's full of fantastic production, killer guitar work and just a great vibe all the way through.. This song stood out the most to me, Ashley describes it as "FIONA APPLE MEETS NINE INCH NAILS" sounds good to me! Here is a killer live version from Letterman

Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura New record is full of killer one liners, references to classic Paul Simon songs and wonderful lush production...
They are one of those bands who always put the best song on the album first so somethimes when you get the record you have it in your car and it takes you a week to get to track two if you know what I mean! Case in point!

Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
Yep that video was awesome, if you havent seen this give it a watch, the music is totally like that one song by Regina Spector a few years back, but I love the piano loop and the back ground vocals, the bass is pretty amazing too... Just a doozy!

Worm Mountain The Flaming Lips
Yep the lips were back with a super fun psycadelic mess of an album that had some great weird sounds on it.. and This song was my favorite with its disgruntled groove and blown out production.. its fills the headphones to the point where they sound like they might burst.. Its nice the lips are taking some chances again.. I dug this.

Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts Fishboy
You know I dont know why Fishboy wants Gabe (from Red Pony Clock) to be his biggest fan, He knows that I am and will always be... Fishboy makes some of the finest pop music in the whole wide world.. He is dedicated to his craft and I feel like a kindred spirit with him that we both want to make music that has repeat value and some kid somewhere will think its the best! Well Fish you got those fans, Who cares if its not Gabe! Pick up Nom the fantastic EP Fishboy released this year on Vinyl from his or head to Itunes

When I'm With You Best Coast
Best Coast is the perfect band to fill the void of no new Aislers Set record for like 6 years! I love this one.. Perfect just pefect cant wait to see what they can do on a whole record

Overjoyed Circulatory System
Well Lips I'm so glad you have great taiste and invited a true psych pop genius to All Tommorow's Parties this year.. I was a little under impressed with the new Circulatory album but listening back to it a few days ago, who the fuck am I fooling.. It's amazing and I love it! WELL done Will and the gang.. I love it so much!

Stars Eyes (I Can't Catch You) Sparklehorse, David Lynch
This album Dark Night of the Soul was so fantastic all the way though... A all star collaboration, but I wanted to pick the great work of Sparklehorse cause they have made some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life!

Well there were many more good ones, but I wanted to share these with you, so long 2009! xoxo

Monday, December 21, 2009

wolves video

This is cool, ERIC looks like he is where Sleepy pants on in parts of this!!
This is one of my fave songs from Wolves great debut album I got lucky enough to record a few years back! Sounds and looks great

This is really awesome I love it!

I guess some animation will be added to make it look like this!


Man what a weak end to the weekend, Man the vikings sucked last night, just awful I hope they can play a little better next monday night geez that sucked!

Ok so my friday night was pretty good, we watched CAPE FEAR, which freaked ash out a bit but love Deniro and Nic Nolte, jessica lange and Juliette Lewis are all so incredible in it! seriously fantastic acting! Then we watch AWAY WE GO, with the dude from the office it was alright not quite Cape Fear but oh well!

Then Friday night I went over the Jordans house for the Nuclear Rodeo CD release show, this was fun but last time I went to jordans was the night I puked! so I had a plan to be home kinda early, but that didnt work out, lets just say when I got home at 4:30 in the morning ash was kinda pissed since we were heading to Des Moines at 8:30 since she had a body wrap at 10 am..

Anyway I got up with a terrible hang over so, ash got me a massage at the body wrap place but it was a bit brutal only a half hour and I never knew how good I had it here at home!

Then we rocked Merle Hay for some killer shopping and we did well, I got to see the H1N1 Santa who wouldnt let the kids sit on him so that was pretty classic, I also realized that I lost my credit card a few night earlier at LEGENDS in ames!

Ok the best thing that happen at the mall was I was in the GOLF shop seeing if they had something for my dad which they didnt but their was a high school looking kid with a huge afro working in there and as we were leaving the store he said, "hey man, LOVE THE PCC" so that made my day, but it was even better later when we walked by the store and the kid putting balls into a little cup! totally classic!

Anyway I found out on Saturday Ashley used to hate it when people called her, "KIDO" like your just a KID what do you know, but Now she loves it cause it makes her feel young, so I started saying everthing with KIDO on the end of it now... I think she got annoyed.. YOu want to eat something Kido! We need to get some Gas kido. Should we get this wraped Kido.. You wanna do it Kiddo.. Just kidding..

Anyway we hit up with Thai Flavors which I was paying for the next day on the SPICY factor if you know what I mean! OK, but the scariest thing that happend this weekend is the Christmas COOKIES we got from COLLETTE and Darin our lovely friends from Ames, But We think they might be trying to tell us something......

This is where I scream in bed!

Friday, December 18, 2009

remember when MTV

Remember when MTV actually played videos! Not that I have had it since 1999 but dang I remember loving everything from Guns N Roses to Boyz To Men, I'm thinking Jimmy Fallen was totally in the same boat as me, So I have to give him huge props for bringing Boyz to men on to play the Classic Motownphilly with THE ROOTS who also call philly home! This rules!

Well done Jimmy keep em coming!

WTF of the Day

this brings up my favorite joke ever!
What happend when KISS TOOK off the make up and made an album?
15,000 women asked for their blow jobs back!

Optical Atlas Well DOne!

Ok so Jeff over at Optical Atlas has done an incredible 2000's review of the Elephant 6 collective full of things I have never seen which I loved including this amazing interview with John and Robert of the apples from 120 minutes that I have never seen, including Robert fast talking and even dropping a SHIT on TV.. and John trying to save him! THIS RULES

CONGRATS TO JEFF ON this KILLER time line review!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hold On tight TO your dreams

Well I saw the first ever play at the Ames Progressive last night and it was pretty good, the opening was a dude pissing on a bum and at the end the bum got stabbed with a box cutter in the abs! SO in other words it was a very family friendly production..

I saw the movie FOOD INC the other day, I thought it was a very well make DOC.. and pretty much made me never want to eat again! but then again ashleys mom nancy just sent me two boxes of this killer Raw Bars.. that i love for christmas 3 down already today! I need to stop!

Oh well, I gave ashley her CHristmas present! We decided this year not to give actually present but take each other on a date! So Naturally I had to out do her and we are flying to Orlando, Flordia for 5 days at the end of Jan.. Im super stoked and so is she! Its going to be nice to get out of Iowa for a bit!

Man I have been reading a whole shit ton about the new Apples in Stereo record that coming out this spring and all I can say to the boys is

Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

oops my man Axl busted some dudes face in an airport!

Welcome to the Jungle
sh na na na na na na neaz neaz

Hope the guy DONT CRY after this happend


Man I had such a great weekend!
my best bud from High School Matt Travaille and his lovely wife (also bud from high school) came to stay with us on Friday and Saturday...
And my sis, Becky her hubby Tom, and the 3 coolest kids in the world Cole, Merrick, and Macy stayed with us on Friday so we had a killer full house!

It was great seeing the kids, MACY was really social and let me hold her a bunch and was super smiley and Merrick and Cole and fun beating on my pink drum kit for about and hour, they were both Naturals and with combined powers could give Ringo a run for his money! And were way Cuter then Ringo ever was!

So that was a blast and Im so glad they stayed!

As for Matt and Amanda we drank lots of beers ate some good food and talked a ton, about the past present and future!
Got to see some wedding photos and Got to have lunch with another high school buddy Kelsey Wallace...

So Im so glad we had a full house it was so fun!

Also The vikings game was so good yesterday, and the Wheatsfield Christmas party ruled as well! MORE BEERS AND A TON OF GREAT VEGAN food.. SO ALL IN ALL it was the best weekend in a long time!

We even got some christmas shopping done! Now its snowing, icey and I have to do some spread sheets for work BLA!

But tonight we are going to go to the first ever play at the Ames progressive which im stoked about!
also pretty stoked about this DVD coming out

The White Stripes: "Let's Shake Hands"

THE WHITE STRIPES | MySpace Music Videos

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Man when I fall

Man when I fall I fall hard, and lately I have been just loving the band the FACES..
Pat stolley the dude who recorded the last 2 pcc albums compared us to them, and he compares them to the stones! Well he wrong about the comparison to us, but WTF I will take it.. He also said to me once that I was the Indie rock Rod Stewart.. Which totally gets Ashley wild probably my grandma too, I dont see it but I am loving the Faces!
Take this stones....

there piano player is soooooo good!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RUN Down

man lots going on around here besides mother nature dumping a shit ton of snow on us! I have been out scooping twice already today.. Im going to fucking stay a head of this shit this year!

Today I realized shoveling is so much better while listening to music! so the IPOD is charging as we speak!

Ok run down of shit..
well today marks the 29 years since John Lennon was shot.. so I give you one of my faves here is the making of the classic song

THere is some nice things Ringo says about doing drum fills on the song, which reminds me Of Donald E.

OK next one of my favorite female artist of all time has a new album coming out in Feb of 2010!
SADE comes down from her cloud every 5-8 years and drops a new soul classic every time!
Every song of hers has such incredible sexy groove..
Her new single, SOLIDER OF LOVE is really awesome! really awesome production with flares of heavy guitars and little tiny flashes of acoustic guitar hidden way in the mess.. she is so amazing! Check it out

And last but not least Im getting so pissed about all these albums of the decade lists.. I have not seen one list with Fiona Apples "Extrodinary Machine" This is album is pure fucking gold! I have chose to post my 6th favorite song from the album.. Think of an album that has 5 better songs then this...

thats what I thought!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My poor EJ Henderson

Man the vikes were bad last night,
Bad Tackling and Bad Blocking all around! And Brett and AP had the worst games of the season..
When it Rains it Pours the worst thing though was the injury to our start Linebacker EJ Henderson..
THis video is not for the weak of heart..

His leg looks like a baribie doll leg how you can spin it around!

In other weekend news I had a blast playing a super fun HOUSE Show in ames.. I play a ton of songs I have never played solo and the crowed was sooooo cool! I loved it.. . It was a blast!

Christmas shopping on Saturday didnt amount to much and well yesterday the vikes sucked so It was not to good of a weekend for Me besides the house show.
OH well I hope EJ is ok and I hope this week is better. but its not starting off that way!!! SNNNNNNNNNNOW IS here!

Friday, December 4, 2009

good albums

well my year end best albums list is coming, its going to be a hard one! As I can say this is the first year where I dont have 10 albums that just blew my gord off!
But some albums have been getting better and better the more I hear them... Camera Obscura's is one of them.. and Lucky for my they did a nice little acoustic set, beatifully shot by THEY SHOOT MUSIC
Check it out

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Cussing with me!

Ok so the other night I burnt the shit out of my back from a heating pad I left on it bed, It blistered its gross, BUT have no fear Movie theater seats are padded! Perfect for watching the new Wes Anderson CLASSIC... Fantastic Mr. Fox! This is by far the best movie I have seen all year and I want to go again! but I have a feeling it wont be in ames long.. WHY cause ash and I were in a theater with only 1 other person.. Which helps you have no problem when sneaking snacks in for the flick! We could chew as loud and we wanted and HELL I could have sat 15 rows away from ash and still talked..
Anyway go see it before it goes bye bye! Future DVD for sure!

Check out one of the trailers!

then if your bored check out this funny short fishboy sent me with Will Arnet and Spike Jonze

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Man I had such a great thanksgiving, I will talk more about that once ash uploads her pictures from her I phone! There was lots of driving involved but it was totally worth seeing all of Ash's fam.. We had a great time!

Also I got some great news on T-day morning that JOE Terry would be flying in for the Poison Control Center show at the Vaud what a wonderful surprise and the show was such a blast! I got to see some footage from it yesterday shot by our buddy Andrew and it looked really cool! So I was stoked about that!

It was great hanging with the boys and Don even asked me to help DJ his wedding which im really stoked about!

Also in PCC news, We have a song on the EAR FARM Christmas Comp. Coming out.. 100% of the proceeds go to the Association to Benefit Children so its for a great cause and its got some cool bands on it too! Before we left for Thanksgiving ash and I shot a little promo video for it, and GOT busted at the Ames Mall Paul Blart style! Check it out here....

"Happy Christmas," by the Poison Control Center featured on "Do You Ear What I Ear," an Ear Farm Christmas Comp! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

And make sure you order you copy of the benefit cd from

Friday, November 20, 2009

Got New Years Eve plans

Well PCC will be dropping that NYE ball this year with some very serious rockers at the Des Moines Social Club!
We got the great Leslie and the Ly's

The great Christopher the Conquered

and these dummies

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well Ash's Iphone took a shitter on her, she kinda freaked out the other day cause she couldnt get her messages and stuff it was kinda scary, usually I can fix it for her and I commend Ryan and Chris internet AOL instant messenger help but yesterday she had to head to DES MOINES to get a new phone cause her IPHONE was not working right! Good thing the good folks at APPLE hooked her up with a free one!

I forgot to mention my dear hommie Sami got me a lovely b-day present, A patrick survival gift featuring wonderful SOFT TOILET PAPER, some OJ, and Robin Hood Men in tights and some other goodies.. SO A HUGE thanks to her, I mention that she got SOFT Toilet paper cause ash bought some stuff that was CHEAP but its also the equiv of whipeing you rear with GRAVEL!
seriously thanks so much Sami you rule!

Man I got to hang out with Andrew R. yesterday that was fun talking film stuff, and we even grabbed some Great Plains Pizza which Im still feeling today,

Ok MAN I got to Give so so so so so many props to BECK right now.. His new song HARRY PATCH might be my fave song of the year, seriously its a 10 minute experimental Jam.. which makes me think his time on the road with OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL was not waisted time! SERIOUSLY THIS rules give yourself 10 minutes for this one!
BECK's amazing jam for HARRY PARTCH

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what up

Yeah well Saturday was a super fun I surprised Ash with ticket to the Colorado, ISU game so she could see her old Buffs play.. and let me tell you they sucked! I found some super cheap Student Section tickets and it was a blast sitting in the section hearing people yeah fuck off to the refs, and "that guys in one of my classes he is a fucking idiot!"

Anyway we left the game in the 4th quarter to walk home and a block or two away from the stadium this lady comes up to us and says do you know where Such and such street is and Im like I have no clue so Ash got out her trusty Iphone and yep we located the womens car, and got her to it safely, she didnt want to have to call her husband who was still at the game and bug him! She was from des moines, had grammas who lived in ames and was going line dancing that night. SO IN OTHER WORDS we walked with her a bit! And to top it all off when we found her car Ash and I each got hugs! NOT BAD!

Ash has been making me watch PBS's hours long movie PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE which i got for ash for her b-day a few years back but I had never watched it.. I cant stand period pieces, but SHE LOVES it so much I wrote it into a new PCC song that will be on our album but anyway .. DONT TELL ANYONE but i thought it was pretty bad ass too!
COLIN FIRTH or what ever his name is was just great in it! I highly reccamend it and I think its better then ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!

Well the Vikings are 8-1 which Im stoked about, I spent all day sunday doing jack shit but drinking Grain Belt and watching football, I had a ton of stuff I should have been doing but oh well..
This is nice
the White Rabbits and Britt Daniels of Spoon doing some Instant Karma

Friday, November 13, 2009

I know

I know I know I have posted about my love for WHITER SHADE OF PALE on here so many times but god I could listen to this song 1,000 times on repeat and it would still blow my mind..


man his record club is killing me,
so good now he's got Wilco and Feist involved in Skip Spence's classic OAR...
BECK you are the best...
I remember when this came out and I didnt like the album but I LOVED THIS SONG!

Hepititus contact lens WHAT

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a Geek i know

But geez i found a video of ELVIS COSTELLO playing a venue that PCC played last year with the Apples and this place is fucking tiny...
I hope i sang in the same mic as he did! Fishboy start taking notes! FISHBOY tells me i need to start a music blog called

Its a great title not as good as EC on the same stage that i played.. I feel kinda blessed today

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waynes weener!

Flaming lips new video
Yep if you are at work dont watch this..
Well lips, or should I say butts, boobs, and weeners!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well we didn't win either of the awards we were up for in the Wild Rose film fest.. Bad way to start the day.. But oh well.. got a nice a call from this guy last night..

Insane in the Membrain, Insane Zombie Mark Twain

Monday, November 9, 2009

monday monday

Well I guess the best news of the weekend is that our movie That March has been nominated for 2 awards at the Wild Rose Film fest.... BEST DEBUT FILM, and BEST IOWA FILM... I dont think we have a chance at either but who knows!

Well we went to a day of the dead party on friday, you were supposed to dress up, yeah ash and I were the only ones who attempted this.. OOOPS.. no but the party was fun and really got going when I started talking about drunk ewoks and then the computer was brought out so we could all enjoy.. Then we started watching I GOT BRACES.. then I started to realize I need to get a life..

Saturday it was so nice out I could have raked leaves since ash was studying but I decided to mess around in the basement all day, which i quite enjoyed but I think i sat on my legs to long and hurt them! Oh well, other then that the weekend was kinda depressing.. since there was no vikings games.. I went on a lot of walks, runs, played some tennis, ate a ton of PB and J.. and man this post is as depressing for its boredom.. well Not all sucks in the world.. This video from The Most Serene Republic: Heavens to Purgatory is really awesome!!! check it out

Sunday, November 8, 2009

R.I.P Jerry Fuchs of Maserati

Man I cant remember when it was but I ran sound for Maserati once at the Vaud and I thought the band was pretty amazing.. The one thing that made them super amazing was their drummer Jerry Fuchs.. HE was incredible..
I guess he died last night in a loft in brooklyn.. he was trying to get out of a broken elevator shaft and was trying to Jump to his safety, but a piece of his clothing got caught on something and he fell 5 floors down the shaft.. Anyway I send good vibes to his friends and family.. Man he was an incredible drummer one of the best I have ever seen!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Year is getting closer to an end!

Well I got asked yesterday by my friend Ryan if the new Wilco was going to make my top ten list this year... mmmm
Good question, I havent started thinking about it all to much, but I know that Jarvis Cockers latest will make it...
here is a new video for Further Complications the album's great single..
This might be what the KINKS would sound like in modern times with loud guitars and sassy wit!

In other news are movie got tons of laughs and a killer round of applause last night at WILD ROSE, and I counted 45 or so people at the showing so not bad theater was about half full.. It was nice seeing it on a real big screen with killer sound! It got loud, but the 2 ladys behind us fucking loved it and there comments were great.. one of them said did he just say DOUCHE.. I was pumped up afterwards and decided to celebrate by dancing in the kitchen like a drunk ewok!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

THAT MARCH in Wild Rose Film Fest

Just a reminder Thursday night Nov. 5th our Movie will be playing at the Des Moines Historical Building's theater as a part of the WIld Rose Film Festival.. We will be in the group of short films starting at 8:15 I'm going to be there, Ash as well come hang out!
it should be fun to see in a cool theater!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


ok so chris ford told me about this.. on halloween the today show staffed dressed as Star Wars Characters and has some Ewoks on, ooops but they were drunk trouble trouble trouble..
this is so worth your five minutes I was lauging and crying so hard I pissed myself a little
so good

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beggers Night!

Man I had such a great friday night, I scored some tickets to the new Michael Jackson Movie This IS IT..
which was just incredible.. Honestly please go see it.. I just loved it, I sat with my jaw on the floor and the whole time I kept looking at ashley and she was either smiling or crying so so so so so good! I loved it! long live the king!

Ok so yesterday we were having battles on what to be for halloween, our ideas were dieing fast.. some included
Alvy Singer and Annie Hall
John and Yoko
Phil and Ronnie Spector
50's house wife, with a nicely decorated table (me)

None of which made the cut but I think we came though.. Its always a big deal if your going to the Wheatfield halloween party for your costume to KICK ASS, so we kinda were stressing... But we rocked it
ASH was a corps bride thing.. which she did such a good job and she look devestatingly freaky...
I went as a SNAKE CHARMER! with a little homage to DICK IN THE BOX!

man our street is so lame we were the only house with our light on so we had like 10 tricker treaters total, and I had some Miles Davis, and Godfather soundtrack blaring to scare the kids!

Ash loved my outfit she kept saying I should where what she called GUYLINER or MANSCARA all the time! I think it was probably just the snake popping out of my basket!

I also had an awkward incounter with one of the guest at the party who was dressed as a hippy.. I think the dude had a boner and I was like haha what do you got down there, cause I thought he had a sock or something making him look big down there since his poliester pants SNAKE was stinking out, and he was like ah ahh ahh nothing.. and I was like ooops he just had a boner, probably from the killer food spread and fine KEGs!
anyway its been a good weekend..

HAPPY B-Day Merrick

YEAH one of my fave days in the whole world Nov. 1st!
This is because my amazingly wonderful goddaughter Merrick was born in 2004!

So I guess she turns 5 this year!
What a cutie I love you so much and I look forward to talking to you today!

The only person I have ever written, recorded, and mixed a song about in the matter of a few hours on Nov. 1st 2004, and then went out for some Taco bell to celebrate!

I love ya very much Merrick i hope you have a great day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matt and Amanda lovely wedding Photos!

man my high school buds, got married a few weeks back and it was just lovely! And another high school buddy Bill Adams was there to take some killer photos! He even had a little imprompto photo shoots going on! I got to lift my mom up, and take some great photos with ash, the bride, and my old buddy Nick... Much fun was had! LONG LIVE THE WHEAT LORDS!


Man i had such a great night last night.. I did not get to watch the World Series champs beat up on the yanks but my huge nose zit and I headed down to des moines for the Music University Panel from the DMMC! It was quite good, and it was on reaching out to the media, on the panel was friend Marc H. Joe L, and Michael S. all who i know and dig very much so it was a blast! I got to sit with Marc's wife Angela and we gave each other a little high in our heads when Marc got the first laugh about how to reach the media is SEND VINYL!!!!!
Lucky for him i had a brand new copy of the killer Minorcan record on glorious 12inch waiting for him in the van!

The DMMC function was fun and got to see some friends and talk to some others! And the Media types didn't knock publicist to much so I still have a job!

After this we hit up the Lift for some drinks and I got to talk to Marc and Angela about Marc's fave music writers and he introduced me to this chap Austin and we talked about are fav DYLAN records and conspiracies revolving around mr. dylans motorcycle accident, DID HE WANT OUT OF THE SPOT LIGHT or did he just have a good WOMEN making him think he didnt need to act so cool... mmmmmmm

ok Then on to the Vaud to see STILL FLYIN which was sooo good, It made me miss Joe and Dev cause a bunch a people who were there the night Joe and I met Dev were there...

It was my goal to get Sean (who is major sweet heart) from Masters of the Hemisphere Druker then he was in Iowa CIty that night so he would dig Des Moines more! SO I bought a round of shots, Marc did, and so did LADD! First ever time the band got 3 rounds of shots..
Mind you there is 9 people in this band! ha ha one of the gals in the band gave me a free shirt and the other had seen PCC at the 40 watt twice so that was sweet of her to say.
It was so great talking to them, and SEEING GOOD old Gabe From Red Pony Clock, and good old Yoshi from Aislers Set on the drums.. We talked alot about old times and it was soooo soo fun! Marc kinda flipped cause the bass player from the LUCKSMITHS was also there!
what a night... MADE ME WANT TO GET OUT ON TOUR AND SEE old friends.. But I got good ones here too! Man POOR ERIC M.. he is trooper I will say that but thats a story for a different time
now dig some still flyin!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


man there is only one record better then the CTC record this year in my opinion and it just happens to be by a band who has put out 16 records so what I should say is that they are both classic in my book and one not really better then the other but here is a little Yo La Tengo action from atop of a Brooklyn building staring at the sun going down over beautiful NYC
here is "Nothing to Hide" thanks to P-fork tv

Christopher the Conquered Live on Scented Vinyl

Hey guess what one of my fave bands in the whole world rocked one of my fave dudes in the whole world show this past monday..
Im talking about Christopher the Conquered being on Dan Bosman's Scented Vinyl! The show turned out awesome, with a couple of fantastic recordings from the Sonic Factory studio.. Seriously you got to listen to this shit it rules!
What a version of one of my top 10 songs of the year "INSANE IDIOTS" so fucking good
check it

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the LATE GREAT b-day Present!

Man I just got a killer late b-day present from Donald, so much thought and care went in to this one...
Ok so if you have ever been to a PCC show and paid attention to our pre show rituals, (if your doing this get a fucking life, you need help)
You would have probably noticed me going up to Don probably while he was setting up his drums to make my guitar strap as short as it can be so I can have my guitar at about CHIN LEVEL seriously. Usually during this Don roles his eyes at me and makes some comment but lately he has been really nice about this.. Maybe cause we have not been playing as much.. Anyway today Tara stopped by and dropped off my late great b-day present the shortest guitar strap ever! Which has even been personalized by D, and pre measured out secretly by Ashley for him!! HOW FUCKING THOUGHTFUL! and I got a killer Baseball Coffee mug too!
Damn Don Im so thankful! this RULES I can't wait to try it out! WHO WANTS TO BUY ME AN AMERICAN STRAT SO I CAN! Thanks again D you rule! That Destroyer record I got you dont look so good now!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey all just got word that Ash and I's Movie THAT MARCH
has been selected to the Wild Rose Film Fest in Des Moines..
Its going to show Thursday Nov. 5th at the Iowa Historical Building Theater.. YEAH a really cool theater is showing it...

it will show sometime between 8:15-9pm...
Make sure you come out and check it out if you havent seen it or if you have come and try to find the Eurythmics reference in it!

or the reference from this song

and if you forgot this is what the trailer looks like

That March a tapes for life film OFFICIAL Trailer! from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Weekend WOES!

Man this weekend was starting off so good, On friday night Ash and I went to have a couple drinks and much fun was had!
On satuday we got up did some yard things, and then finished some shopping that needed to be done.. We then decided to go to this Apple Orchid and Pumpking Patch just south of Neveda and it ruled.. Got some free cider picked a bunch of super delicious Apples for free got to go on a free hay ride and hang out with a bunch of super cute kids! It was a blast

we then came home and listened to a bunch of records and even fell asleep on the couch listening to Ziggy Stardust..(aparently i was not playing it at maximum volume like the liner notes tell you too!)

Anyway I was totally content on listening to records all night and having a couple of Beers.. So thats what we were doing, I pulled out my 7inch collection and I DJ'd for ash... Just then Eric M. calls and see if we want to hang out
BAD idea 1.
Eric comes over we have some beers and listen to records then we decide to go see Nuclear Rodeo
BAD idea 2 this involves much more beers and a monkey bomb shot
the boys played good, so that part was fun.
then we are invited to Jordan Maylands Bach pad for a halloween party after the show
BAD idea 3 this involves even more beers and me seeing Dave larson ex girlfriend and asking her how dave is OOOOOOOPS!

I remember leaving the party and Ash got me home.. but next thing I remember is me puking in bed..
not fun
I woke up with the worst hangover ever! Then I was still not feeling so hot watching the Pre-game for the vikes big game and I drank some water and yep GOTTA to do it again this puke was projectile all over the back of the toilet and wall and entertainment weekly magazines! not good!

Then I showered up and felt pretty good!
Watched the vikes play, and they totally should have won but I feel that they played right with the Super Bowl Champs so I was happy with it! and hell not like we were going to go undefeated..
BUT the sad thing is it was the first game I bet on this year..
I bet my new buddy Bridget (huge steelers fan) who bakes and has a cool job! Shes buds with Marc Hogan.. So I bet her a vegan pumpkin pie and lets just say she dont have make me one! booo but now I get the pleasure of turning her major label ears into indie rock ones with a killer mix cd!

well last night got better as ash and I made some killer soup watch BIG, what a classic and then I watched the Angels suck ass! and had to put up with TIM McCarver the rest of the night! oh well back to work today!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Man can you believe it my little buddy Devin Frank is turning 26!!!!! you on the wrong side of 20 heading towards 30! Ash said yesterday that now it seems like Devin is kinda our age... hahha Poor dude...
Anyway Dev you have always been such a fantastic friend and person and Im so glad your parents let you hang with all the older kids so you could be in our band! I hope we didnt let them down!
Anyway lately u have been turning all your band mates on by your new styles so your b-day present will represent this!!
I hope you have an incredible B-day weekend and I hope 26 is a good year!!! happy b-day buddy

DJ Tara and a POT PIE

Man last night was good, Ash found a Recipe in the Vegie mag she gets and it was a Vegan Pot Pie.. Now I remember my fam eating pot pies but I never did for some reason, which brought up a conversation about having a family and making something all the kids like.. anyway Our Pot Pie was killer full of good shit, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, onions, some vegan gravy shit, and even had a flaky crust.. it was incredible..

We listen to vinyl from Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, Harry Nilson's Nilson Smilson , and Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey.. Wonderful bakeing records..
I loved ash's comment on Rumors. she says "Damn this record is good" and Im like Oh really it only sold like 22 million copies..

anyway after dinner and 10 consective text messages to Donald, we got Tara's brand new radio show on KRUI tuned in over the net and she played some great shit and DID NOT have boring college radio host voice and it was her first show!! GREAT JOB! and what a fun time slot we will be tuning in again!

NOW can it stop raining please!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youth is waisted on the Young

Man lately i have been super nostalgic, maybe it was being home this weekend or maybe its just that there is not anything really cool going on right now, but dang I have been listening to music from my high school years and I even told my parents about the worst thing I ever did as a kid, and they were shocked..
It was my classic story about how I brought a bottle of Tanqueray to school and being dumb I throw my bag down on the commons table and it broke in my bag.. OOOZING BOOZE out of the bag onto the table.. Lets just say i was scared shitless, got my PE clothes and wiped it up and threw the bag in my locker between classes I threw my whole bag away in the bathroom garbage! and guess what never got BUSTED! oh shit I freaked out....
Anyway my parents said that was worse then anything BECKY ever did, so I high fived myself in my head!!

Anyway so last night I made myself some Cinnamin and Sugar toast and I remembered how rad my mom was cause she had a container of cinnamon 1/4 , and sugar 3/4 already in the cabinet for situations liked this.. God my mom is awesome and so is this

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


man when I was in sibley I picked up a box of old movies and Damn i just want to say that Mallrats has some of the finest over acting ever! What a classic! top 25 comedies of all time no doubt!

Past Boyfriends!

Well some of you know I wanted to book a tour around the cities of all of Ashley's old boy friends and film it..
I even wrote a couple songs for the tour, one being Start the Revolution that made the upcoming PCC album and one called Nothing Ever Goes Your Way (AKA FLEMINGS LAW) which didnt make the cut but... maybe I should have just learned this song instead for the tour.....

thanks for the video Fishboy

speaking of Fishboy I heard his first album this week for the first time and its classic go get
ZIPBANGBOOM on Itunes now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Album covers are hard

yep PCC is working on our new album cover right now.. Mostly Joe, SO I wanted to give him this advice from Mick Jagger to mr. Andy Warhol..
Got it Joe
not make it classic! and use a ZIPPER if you need too!


ha ha ok so yesterday we were walking by this house that has this crazy ass halloween decorations up...
Big Spiders and a big web and SOME GEESE?
anyway we were walking and Ash was talking and not paying attention so I was like AHHHHHHA and starting made some quick movements like I was scared shitless and she got freeked out cause she thought a DUCK was chaising her.. She didnt even see the huge ass SPIDER...

SHe was pissed then cause she got freaked out by the duck, so today on our walk downtown to pick up a pair of my pants and go to the library I made her take a picture by the shit..

you can also see the scariest thing in the picture is those 200 dollar UGS!

Bye Bye Besties have you any Soul! sad day

Well its all over the web, email, twitter, YOU AINT NO PICASSO, that the Besties will be disbanding after a couple of final shows! What a bummer, these folks are some great friends and a fantastic band! Lets just hope If I go to NYC and do Karokee ever again I still get to see them rock it over some budwisers!
you guys will be missed!

I guess they have a never video out too, but I could not find it so here is one of my faves for a killer 7inch of thiers!