Friday, November 20, 2009

Got New Years Eve plans

Well PCC will be dropping that NYE ball this year with some very serious rockers at the Des Moines Social Club!
We got the great Leslie and the Ly's

The great Christopher the Conquered

and these dummies

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well Ash's Iphone took a shitter on her, she kinda freaked out the other day cause she couldnt get her messages and stuff it was kinda scary, usually I can fix it for her and I commend Ryan and Chris internet AOL instant messenger help but yesterday she had to head to DES MOINES to get a new phone cause her IPHONE was not working right! Good thing the good folks at APPLE hooked her up with a free one!

I forgot to mention my dear hommie Sami got me a lovely b-day present, A patrick survival gift featuring wonderful SOFT TOILET PAPER, some OJ, and Robin Hood Men in tights and some other goodies.. SO A HUGE thanks to her, I mention that she got SOFT Toilet paper cause ash bought some stuff that was CHEAP but its also the equiv of whipeing you rear with GRAVEL!
seriously thanks so much Sami you rule!

Man I got to hang out with Andrew R. yesterday that was fun talking film stuff, and we even grabbed some Great Plains Pizza which Im still feeling today,

Ok MAN I got to Give so so so so so many props to BECK right now.. His new song HARRY PATCH might be my fave song of the year, seriously its a 10 minute experimental Jam.. which makes me think his time on the road with OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL was not waisted time! SERIOUSLY THIS rules give yourself 10 minutes for this one!
BECK's amazing jam for HARRY PARTCH

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what up

Yeah well Saturday was a super fun I surprised Ash with ticket to the Colorado, ISU game so she could see her old Buffs play.. and let me tell you they sucked! I found some super cheap Student Section tickets and it was a blast sitting in the section hearing people yeah fuck off to the refs, and "that guys in one of my classes he is a fucking idiot!"

Anyway we left the game in the 4th quarter to walk home and a block or two away from the stadium this lady comes up to us and says do you know where Such and such street is and Im like I have no clue so Ash got out her trusty Iphone and yep we located the womens car, and got her to it safely, she didnt want to have to call her husband who was still at the game and bug him! She was from des moines, had grammas who lived in ames and was going line dancing that night. SO IN OTHER WORDS we walked with her a bit! And to top it all off when we found her car Ash and I each got hugs! NOT BAD!

Ash has been making me watch PBS's hours long movie PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE which i got for ash for her b-day a few years back but I had never watched it.. I cant stand period pieces, but SHE LOVES it so much I wrote it into a new PCC song that will be on our album but anyway .. DONT TELL ANYONE but i thought it was pretty bad ass too!
COLIN FIRTH or what ever his name is was just great in it! I highly reccamend it and I think its better then ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!

Well the Vikings are 8-1 which Im stoked about, I spent all day sunday doing jack shit but drinking Grain Belt and watching football, I had a ton of stuff I should have been doing but oh well..
This is nice
the White Rabbits and Britt Daniels of Spoon doing some Instant Karma

Friday, November 13, 2009

I know

I know I know I have posted about my love for WHITER SHADE OF PALE on here so many times but god I could listen to this song 1,000 times on repeat and it would still blow my mind..


man his record club is killing me,
so good now he's got Wilco and Feist involved in Skip Spence's classic OAR...
BECK you are the best...
I remember when this came out and I didnt like the album but I LOVED THIS SONG!

Hepititus contact lens WHAT

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a Geek i know

But geez i found a video of ELVIS COSTELLO playing a venue that PCC played last year with the Apples and this place is fucking tiny...
I hope i sang in the same mic as he did! Fishboy start taking notes! FISHBOY tells me i need to start a music blog called

Its a great title not as good as EC on the same stage that i played.. I feel kinda blessed today

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waynes weener!

Flaming lips new video
Yep if you are at work dont watch this..
Well lips, or should I say butts, boobs, and weeners!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well we didn't win either of the awards we were up for in the Wild Rose film fest.. Bad way to start the day.. But oh well.. got a nice a call from this guy last night..

Insane in the Membrain, Insane Zombie Mark Twain

Monday, November 9, 2009

monday monday

Well I guess the best news of the weekend is that our movie That March has been nominated for 2 awards at the Wild Rose Film fest.... BEST DEBUT FILM, and BEST IOWA FILM... I dont think we have a chance at either but who knows!

Well we went to a day of the dead party on friday, you were supposed to dress up, yeah ash and I were the only ones who attempted this.. OOOPS.. no but the party was fun and really got going when I started talking about drunk ewoks and then the computer was brought out so we could all enjoy.. Then we started watching I GOT BRACES.. then I started to realize I need to get a life..

Saturday it was so nice out I could have raked leaves since ash was studying but I decided to mess around in the basement all day, which i quite enjoyed but I think i sat on my legs to long and hurt them! Oh well, other then that the weekend was kinda depressing.. since there was no vikings games.. I went on a lot of walks, runs, played some tennis, ate a ton of PB and J.. and man this post is as depressing for its boredom.. well Not all sucks in the world.. This video from The Most Serene Republic: Heavens to Purgatory is really awesome!!! check it out

Sunday, November 8, 2009

R.I.P Jerry Fuchs of Maserati

Man I cant remember when it was but I ran sound for Maserati once at the Vaud and I thought the band was pretty amazing.. The one thing that made them super amazing was their drummer Jerry Fuchs.. HE was incredible..
I guess he died last night in a loft in brooklyn.. he was trying to get out of a broken elevator shaft and was trying to Jump to his safety, but a piece of his clothing got caught on something and he fell 5 floors down the shaft.. Anyway I send good vibes to his friends and family.. Man he was an incredible drummer one of the best I have ever seen!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Year is getting closer to an end!

Well I got asked yesterday by my friend Ryan if the new Wilco was going to make my top ten list this year... mmmm
Good question, I havent started thinking about it all to much, but I know that Jarvis Cockers latest will make it...
here is a new video for Further Complications the album's great single..
This might be what the KINKS would sound like in modern times with loud guitars and sassy wit!

In other news are movie got tons of laughs and a killer round of applause last night at WILD ROSE, and I counted 45 or so people at the showing so not bad theater was about half full.. It was nice seeing it on a real big screen with killer sound! It got loud, but the 2 ladys behind us fucking loved it and there comments were great.. one of them said did he just say DOUCHE.. I was pumped up afterwards and decided to celebrate by dancing in the kitchen like a drunk ewok!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

THAT MARCH in Wild Rose Film Fest

Just a reminder Thursday night Nov. 5th our Movie will be playing at the Des Moines Historical Building's theater as a part of the WIld Rose Film Festival.. We will be in the group of short films starting at 8:15 I'm going to be there, Ash as well come hang out!
it should be fun to see in a cool theater!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


ok so chris ford told me about this.. on halloween the today show staffed dressed as Star Wars Characters and has some Ewoks on, ooops but they were drunk trouble trouble trouble..
this is so worth your five minutes I was lauging and crying so hard I pissed myself a little
so good

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beggers Night!

Man I had such a great friday night, I scored some tickets to the new Michael Jackson Movie This IS IT..
which was just incredible.. Honestly please go see it.. I just loved it, I sat with my jaw on the floor and the whole time I kept looking at ashley and she was either smiling or crying so so so so so good! I loved it! long live the king!

Ok so yesterday we were having battles on what to be for halloween, our ideas were dieing fast.. some included
Alvy Singer and Annie Hall
John and Yoko
Phil and Ronnie Spector
50's house wife, with a nicely decorated table (me)

None of which made the cut but I think we came though.. Its always a big deal if your going to the Wheatfield halloween party for your costume to KICK ASS, so we kinda were stressing... But we rocked it
ASH was a corps bride thing.. which she did such a good job and she look devestatingly freaky...
I went as a SNAKE CHARMER! with a little homage to DICK IN THE BOX!

man our street is so lame we were the only house with our light on so we had like 10 tricker treaters total, and I had some Miles Davis, and Godfather soundtrack blaring to scare the kids!

Ash loved my outfit she kept saying I should where what she called GUYLINER or MANSCARA all the time! I think it was probably just the snake popping out of my basket!

I also had an awkward incounter with one of the guest at the party who was dressed as a hippy.. I think the dude had a boner and I was like haha what do you got down there, cause I thought he had a sock or something making him look big down there since his poliester pants SNAKE was stinking out, and he was like ah ahh ahh nothing.. and I was like ooops he just had a boner, probably from the killer food spread and fine KEGs!
anyway its been a good weekend..

HAPPY B-Day Merrick

YEAH one of my fave days in the whole world Nov. 1st!
This is because my amazingly wonderful goddaughter Merrick was born in 2004!

So I guess she turns 5 this year!
What a cutie I love you so much and I look forward to talking to you today!

The only person I have ever written, recorded, and mixed a song about in the matter of a few hours on Nov. 1st 2004, and then went out for some Taco bell to celebrate!

I love ya very much Merrick i hope you have a great day!