Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't B a Plumber!

Well yesterday (sunday june 29th) started off great, Ash and I got up and rode backs to Aida Haden (lake in North Ames) to go for a run, after we ran one of the trails and around the lake a bit we came home to do a little yard work... Ash tended the garden while I mowed!
by this time We were bothing stinking pretty good, both needing a shower!
Ash kinda finished up with that and decided to tackle another project we had, a clogged bath tub drain.. I have had this issue before in an old apartment and so the other day I bought one of those SNAKE things to unclog hair and goop.. To tell you the truth the problem wasnt reel bad but we were planning on having some company this weekend so why not fix it before you have a problem.. so I sent Ash up to get it started...

Well when I got done mowing she said she had "BROKE SOMETHING" so I went to take a look and she didnt really break it she just crack a little piece of it.. but we couldnt get the snake down in the drain cause I think our tub is a re-tub (since our house is from 1922) so I figure I would give it a whirl and I totally BROKE SOMETHING.. and then decided to clean out all the puddy and stuff that was cracked... Ash thought maybe what I was doing was a bad Idea but i was bound and determined to fix out tub... but at this point gave up.. But I was feeling bad that I couldnt fix the problem so I thought.. well I will clean the tub out, that will make Ash happy!

So I started scrubbing and rubbing and running some water and OHHHHH SHIT Ashley yelled for me to stop since there was water dripping into her office below.. SO I went down to scan out the situation and by this time Water was gushing from the cieling! I was like HELP.. but there wasnt anything we could do..

we got the water into pans and dryed up with some towels and decided we needed to blow off some steam so we went to Cafe Diem for coffee.. When we came home the cieling had crashed to the ground.. and boy what a mess it was.. WET CIELING is very heavy! so we got that cleaned up We layed a big old blacked down so if more ceiling fell we would catch it, and then decided to get some MEXICAN FOOD to drowned our sorrows in.. On the way to Mexican My parents called and my dad said "DID YOU EVER SEE ME TRY TO BE A PLUMBER" which was his way of saying next time dont be a dumb ass! so after our meal I was in the mood for some Vegan Ice Cream so we went and got a container from WHEATSFIELD and went and Sat at Dairy Queen to eat it.. finally my day was going great.. But when we got home again.. MORE CIELING had fell. and remember that blanket we put down to catch it.. YEAH NONE of it fell on the blanket.. OH shit what a night.. ATleast we are both laughing about it now.. And we both STILL NEED THAT SHOWER!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Des moines Art Fest

So today Ash came down to des moines early with me so Chris, joe, and I could practice.. we did it at the Vaude which totally ruled and Chris is So ready to Rock PCC style..
Ash had fun @ the Farmers Market while we practiced.. Then I parted ways with the boys and we walked down to the Des Moines ArtFest which is actually one of the best in the country..
We had a great time, we some some cool shit, ate some kettle corn, watched some music (little mojo Ephraims favorite band) and went to the Film Fest they had going on! It was all and all a great day.. Now we are back at the Vaude Im running sound she is reading a book! here is a pick of us at the Vaude!

Family Ties

So this past week Ash and I drove out to Indiana and Ohio to see every single member of Ashleys family and go to her friend from High schools wedding..

And oh what a blast we had.. first we went to Auburn, IN to make a 2 day visit to Grandma Smith and Aunt Sherry... As always they spoiled us with gifts and food.. Sherry is a professional Watermelon picker she goes to the grocery store and always picks out the best taisting melon.. It was great to spend some time with the both of them and thier doggie Bently and Parrot Birdy!

Then onto the wedding, which was totally great.. I wore a white linnen shirt and spilled Salsa on it five minutes into the cocktail hour so Ash got to introduce her hubby to her old friends with a huge Salsa stain on his shirt.. But damn the wedding was a blast and we got to meet some super rad people from Atlanta and we got to taiste some fucking exspensive champaign that Ryan this wine seller from Atlanta brought.. We got sat at the same table lucky us!

Then on to Nancy and Keith, Ashley's mom and step dad in Madison, IN.. Again we got spoiled with presents and food! we loved it.. We got to hang a bit with Nancy good friend and Neibor Tony, and we even got to plays some Uker with them.. And ASH and I won! which was totally fucking great cause ash hasnt played in years! SHE ever got a LONER BONER! It was so great seeing Nancy, I miss her so.. Oh and we got to meet her new doggie PING.. who is a chineese doggie Dog! Crazy hair... but pretty pretty good!

Then on to CINCINATTI to see Ashley's Dad, Step ma, and her brothers and familys.. This was rad we got to see Ash's dads new house which totally ruled.. We got to eat some at some great restaraunts and had a huge family cookout.. Got to celebrate B-days and even go swiming and canooing.. Which I found out Im terrible at.. but I did get a dead fish into the boat.. which made Ashley scream get that FUCKING out of here.. It was great! she was preturb..but it was pretty fun..
We had a great time with the fam... Ash and I even got to play ROCK BAND.. I sang she played bass...
her bro and his son play drums and guitar.. we did.. 3 90's classics
Say it Aint So
ENTER SANDMAN.. which I totally nailed!

the whole trip was a blast, we but Im glad we are home!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

watch me almost loose my shit!

well here is some great footage of the Freeman Spring Concert I played solo...
thats me with the pretty guitar (thanks ash) and the hat on.. if you make it to the end you see me trying to balance on a beam and sing and then fall backwords and get my life saved by some big dude in an orange shirt!!!
dig it....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I had such a wonderful weekend playing a couple PCC shows.. with my boys.. also we have added one of the finest rockers in the area to are arsenal..
Chris Ford who I have talked about much on this blog.. infact his solo album made my top ten records of last year! Anyway he is playing some horn, drums, and piano and singing for PCC and its just fucking great to have him along for the ride...
anyway we had a fine time in ALTON, IL we even some a bartender flash her guest.. UCKY OOO not fun for anyone.. but it was fun none the less.. I also got to gey my buddies some CLIFF bars... can you believe tara and chris have never had one.. I cant believe it... anyway..
I also want to not my saddness for the loss of Tim Russert, Ashley and I have been drinking coffee and starting our favorite day sunday with him for a long while.. He was funny and smart and fair and tough all in one! GREAT DUDE and Great Jounalist.. He will be missed! I will save him a cup of coffee!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Busy

Wow things have been crazy since I got home from tour..
Ash and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by eating that amazing vegan wedding cake again.. I had Erin from Wheatsfield make us one and it was devine.. we wanted to go to Adventure land for our anniversary but it rained so we checked out India Jones instead..

Then heck a week later for Ashleys B-day we did make it to Adventureland and it was amazing no lines, so we rode all the rollercoasters and ate kettle corn.. I loved it! So much fun was had! I want to wish all my pals with june b-day big happynesses here is the list
ASHLEY - ofcourse my fave.. you know the wife June 9th
Lois- My mom love her so, she put up with lots of my shit! June 9th
Nancy -Ash's mom boy if she knew half the stuff ash did as a kid she would go crazy June 13th
Pam B- Devin's partner in crime, groovy gal with a good head on her shoulders! June 3rd
Nicole- Devin's Sister! Who just got married! June 6th
SHAWN K- the greatest booking agent ever and one hell of a friend June 8th...

What a great month! JUNE IS MY FAVORITE for all these folks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yeah so you haven't heard from me in awhile well I have been out on tour and it was really awesome! I got back just in time to celebrate ash and I's 1 year anniversary.. which was great.. IT rained so plans of adventureland were scrapt for a little Indiana Jones and vegan Wedding cake.. not to shabby of a day...
look for the blog to be back in buisness now!
later gaters