Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years EVE

Not much rolling today, cept working.. I have been watching my new TOM PETTY documentary and enjoying it so much.. I watch Bottle Rocket last night as well and that was fantastic.. Ash dug it a lot.. we have both been feeling a bit run down since we got home.. and last night didnt help with DELTA called at 11pm right when we both had fallen asleep to say they were bringing our lost bag up from des moines the same night.. so I waited up for them.. oh well least I got my deorderant and cell phone charger back!
well. I hope everyone has an excellent new year!

When you Awake tommorow it will be 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

yo im back

well ash and I arrived home safely.. with 1 less bag, then we went with.. WAY to go DELTA.. but our trip was sublime..
here is a quick run down...
Christmas = food, presents, a vikings playoff, lots of fun family and feeling a little sick when you get home...
But we had such a great time thanks to all Of Ashley's family for making me feel at home and providing me with great conversation about movies, and poops, and letting me get ultra excited when the Viking won their division..
I did not feel like and OUTCAST the whole trip!

now I better go get some groceries.
ps I made my first batch of Mashed potatoes for the fam and everyone dug them.. I learned a thing or two from my mom
...4 sticks of butter, milk, garlic, salt and pepper, chicken broth, bag and 1/2 of mashed potatoes...
I didnt get to eat em but they looked good!

Monday, December 22, 2008

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND.. that titles for Joe T.

Well this weekend was a blast, PCC got our Buddy Holly songs recorded and I think they turned out fantastic.. I got em mixed this morning and now im at work.. FOR The last time before I head to CINCI for christmas which Im totally excited about..
Although today work sucks I had to clean the floor boards since the bosses were in.. not to fun.. Oh well..
I beat my boss in a push ups competition and then he gave me a christmas card with 25 bucks and 50 bucks to Hickory park so not bad! that sounds like a root beer in my future! On saturday I worked and I didnt have shit to do but watch YOUTUBE... I watched the making of Fleetwood Mac album "Rumors" And I found out my favorite Fleetwood Mac song didnt make the cut that's why it wound up on there next kinda album of left overs... Its called "SILVER SPRING" and the Time cast a spell on you part kills me everytime!

so PCC played a wedding this weekend and it was great.. our last one of the year we played 3 this year.. this is the first one where we played a whole set but it was fun and Devin got to say, "your pretty face is going to burn in hell" to a fellow Stooges fan so I know that made his night... My night was made from the free beer and wonderful penut butter pretzils! BOO YEAH! Congrats to DON who was actually the dude who married the couple.. now thats pretty cool d, I told him he can renew ashley and I's vows someday!

so the vikes sucked it up yesterday BUT ashley and I did our little home christmas infront of our rad new TURN TABLE.. which it took PCC about 20 minutes to figure out how it worked.. anyway.. SHE LOVED the coffee table book I had made for her and I also got a nice print framed from a local ames artist we both that was cool I got the new BELLE AND Sebation live at the BBC and the new Critrian Collection DVD of BOTTLE ROCKET... boo yeah... also a gift certificate for a date to des moines, a record at ZZZ, and dinner at the OLIVE Garden.. sounds like a winner to me!
anyway.. I got an hour and a half left of work and then im out! boo yeah!
ok.. hope your weekend was better than the vikings one was!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

HOOK, LINE, and SINKER Fishboy gets Hitched 2morow!


Well I want to say a huge congrats to my good pal Fishboy, who will be getting married tommorow, to a wonderful gal, with a huge smile named Carleen.. Ash and I so wanted to be there to be a part of the day and to see all our texas buddies, and heck who wouldnt want to be in Texas this week.. anway, I hope Eric and Carleen have the most amazing day and a present will be coming soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Poison Control Center Interview Part 1

Poison Control Center Interview Part 2

Here is a pretty indepth recent interview with the PCC, on TITO Radio! Its in the Vauds bathroom which is quicking becoming the grosses bathrom in rock n roll I might ad.. thanks for the fun interview TITO

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

America's Most Forgetful


Monday, December 15, 2008

Sylvia Wren Anderson

Wow what a cutie.. today we have a great picture of Jennifer and Ryan Anderson's lovely new daughter Sylvia Wren!
My lovely and talented wife made Sylvia 3 one of a kind onesies to wair out and about in Austin, TX where they live and here she is sporting her I LOVE TOM WAITS Shirt... I also came up with the idea of AUSTIN PRETTY LIMITS and ash totally nailed the design! anyway.. here a pic of the cutie who is totally way cooler that SURI CRUISE in my book!

Speaking of Jennifer she made me this 1 of a kind t-shirt which pretty much says I LOVE CHRIS YETTER!

We go International

Well i was excited to hear, that our friend Ma-ri-a had a great trip to Germany to see Faye and Paul, a couple who used to call ames home! Anyway I guess Faye is an avid reading of this blog so thanks to Faye Renee's Shoreling is international! WHICH MAKES ME STOKED!
Faye thanks for reading and your plants you left us are doing very well and staying warm even though in negative degrees in ames today and the plants miss you very much.. Maybe I can throw a pic up or some video of them for you! But they say hello!

Ok now down to buisness So Im going to be flying for the first time in like 4 years this next week, and NOW not only am I going to have to take off my shoes at the gate they probably wont even let us where them on the plane thanks to this dude, who I say has quite the canon and could probably pitch for atleast the REDS next year if he wanted too...

also congrats to my VIKES for wipping up on the first place Cardnals, we still in first place and have a great chance for some home field advantage for atleast 1 playoff game.. which would be sublime!

last night I go to go to WHEATSFIELD's holiday party which was nice, I got to drink some good beer and not to many parties have VEGAN COOKIES so I ate a salad and then ate 8 Vegan cookies to go with my 5 beers..
thats a decent night!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday cheer with Lenard C.

ok so I have always had a thing for Lenard Cohen, the first time I heard him was in high school i was 17, as I drove my mom to the sioux falls hospital in a blizzard as my dad was being rushed there.. I didnt know what was going to happen or happening but my mom and I didn't speak the whole time. but when we got to rock rapids (35 miles from sibley) I turned on Augustana college radio as I always did when i went to sioux falls and they were playing a live show by lenard from the early 70's and it was crazy good, all the songs were about jesus, and dieing and love and it was the perfect spooky and beutiful soundtrack.. to the silence and the wonder of what was going to happen.. ofcourse everything turned out good, but that was the day i found out my dad had been smoking.. WHOOO got something to hold over his head now..
ofcourse I was glad he made it and got his health turned around and I'm also glad I discoverd leanard Cohen then as well..
NOW FOR A LITTLE Lenard cheer i found on youtube...
what the fuck is this person doing, and how bored could they be......
check it out

Saturday, December 13, 2008


this is a great find quasi with elliot smith on bass rocking a little stones action

White ALbum Pod Cast from NPR

Yeah I know more on the white album come on Pat..
seriously get over it right....
Well the other night while Chris was over recording he told me about this pod cast on the White Album on NPR..
today at work I got all my actual work done in about 10 minutes literally.. I mean I got to vaccume yet but thats not going to take anytime!
Anyway so I have been listening to this podcast and its fantastic..
check it out at

I remember years ago, Devin and i were laying on my living room floor possibly drunk putting the WHITE ALBUM songs in an order of greatest to worst.. I cant remember what we said was number 1 but I remember disagreeing with him a bunch on the best, and I bet we still would but dang they are all so good!
Anyway listen to the pod cast its great

Friday, December 12, 2008


here is a new video for the song BLOOD TO PAINT...its suposed to look like old black and white 8mm footage from 80/30..
the great andrew cross took the pics..
see more of his work in glorious hi res at
hope you dig

New Baby Coming for Dan and Stevie

Well I want to say a huge Congrats to Dan and Stevie Bosman as they are exspecting child #2... There 1st child Hayden is easily one of the coolest kids I have ever met... do we need an example..

any congrats guys.. keep putting cool kids into this crazy world!

Christmas TAKEN CARE OF!

So its been really easy shopping for ashley for christmas... I usually get her a ton of shit.. but this year we have a 50 dollar limit.. now I got my gift but shit It ended up being 69 bucks after shipping.. OH well.. I think its going to be great...
SINCE ash never reads my blog I have no problem letting you know about it..
I made her a COFFEE TABLE HARDCOVER book full of pictures of us, ITS GOING TO RULE!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


WELL hopefully Fishboy likes this news...
The Poison Control Center have been asked to provide 2 Buddy Holly covers, "That'll Be the Day," and "Well All Right," for a Buddy Holly project that will have a dedicated site online and have a big presence in print (Des Moines Register) leading up to the Feb. 2/3 anniversary of Buddy's Famous plane crash... Working title is "Iowa's Most Famous Day," likely to change. (Of course everybody knows it as The Day the Music Died, and there's 50 Winters Later being used to market the event at the Surf) ... The national Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is working with the Surf Ballroom on its week-long series of events in late Jan./early Feb.

The Buddy Holly site is set to launch in early January, and of course our covers as well as others will be apart of that experience.

I have Buddy's complete works and I was excited when we were asked to do That'll Be the Day and I choose "Well All Right" since its kinda an obscure one.. but still a rocker.. Hopefully we can make these happen when we get together for the wedding we are playing..


Now I dont throw around GREATEST EVER very often, but last night Ash and I finished watching every single episode of the show CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and I must say it is in my humble opinion the greatest tv show in the history of TV.. seriously,,
I love shows like the Wonder Years, and the Cosby Show and all those classics, but nothing and I mean nothing is as smart, and funny and just flat out entertaining as this masterpiece.. word is a season 7 might be on the way, but if it stopped here.. I would be completely satisfied!
well done Larry David!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Take 4 minutes for this..

amazing production and one of the finest drum fills ever...
this song kills me

Elivis, Ryan, and Me on drums?

Man today is a good day on the internet.. Found ELVIS COSTELLO doing one of my favorite Fiona Apple songs.. check it out.. sounds great!

And also Ryan Anderson posted a new song on his website that we recorded in my basement, it features Joe Terry on a BB KING Style guitar riff, the tape fleming's rocking some background vocals, and shit I ever played the kit! I dig the song. you will too for sure check it out at...

last night at the Vaud saw a kid get his nose broken by a Hard Core Dancer and found out EMMITT RHODES is looking for a label to put out his first album in like 30 years!
WOW wish I had the $$$ to do that!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ho ho ho ho

well this weekend has been pretty ok,
I guess, Friday night was fun, got more work done on the CTC record, and then on saturday I worked for a bit, it was cool other than getting sprayed by the tanner cleaner, uck so after work I showered and then went Christmas shopping with Ash, we did find a present for my ma ma but thats about it! But I did have fun at the Mall cause one of the people in the center selling candy had MELTY Mints candies and I loved those as a kid because my dad always had them at conventions... So this huge guy selling them had a high voice and I said hey Ash there are those candies I used to like and the guy was like.. "YEAH THEY GREAT" and I said yeah I cant have them anymore for Diatary reasons and he said, "ONLY A FEW WON"T HURT" in a very high voice I loved it and then imitated him the rest of the night, it was classic, we then came home and made a VEGAN PUMPKIN PIE, which was sublime!

Then today, we have been busy, we went to ANytime fitness worked out, Watched the vikes squeeck one out and now Im at the vaud working, which kinda sucks but on my way here I stoped at KUM and Go for Gas, and its apparently KUM and Go's 50th year, so they are selling a GOLD (colored) CHUG MUG for 50 bucks, and you get FREE refills, all of 2009... at Kum and GO! What a great GIFT for someone... I must have a gold chug mug!
Well happy b-day KUM N GO, your not as good as Quick Trip, but I still love you...
anyway back to work..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday White Album!

Well 40 years ago this week, "THE BEATLES" was released by known to most as the "WHITE ALBUM" this album has always fluxtuated into not only my all time fave Beatles album but my all time all time favorite album.. Its full ray of emotions and damn that snare drum sounds good..
Blow out your candles WHITE ALBUM, you got atleast 1 boyfriend!


Ash Loves Tina Turner, has even seen her twice in concert and always says, she would love Tina Tuner's legs?
Well I guess I can only say two things about this amazingTina Turner outfit...
1. This is why you shouldn't beat the crap out of your wife, later in life she will have brain damage!
2. I think we need to roll this outfit INTO the River!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy B-day TOM!

Well I would love to wish my bro in law a very happy b-day!
Tom is a great dude, dad, and hubby to my older sis and I have always liked his sense of humor and he can handle my mom with Ease! I had a great time with him on our baseball trip this year.. EVEN well he yelled at me about my driving, while he was playing doctor to a COLE with a bug in his ear!
here is a great picture of him and us at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.. He is on the far left, I think his face is saying If I have to spend one more hour with these FLEMINGs Im going to loose it!
ha ha
Well have a great day TOM!

The T-day Weekend!

Well I had the most fantastic weekend...
I got to head to Sibley for a day with Ash and we got to spend some very quality time with the family.. I loved hanging with my parents and granny's and it was much fun seeing cousins and such.. I even made my aunts and uncle's confess the worst thing they did as a kid that there parents didnt know about.. and my grandma was cute she said she smoked at the Park..

Mine was a little worse saying that I drank some CROWN ROYAL from my dads back seat the weekend of my D.A.R.E graduation and my cousins high school graduation in Omaha.. it was funny cause Chris marnarch my cousin joined me and my parents knew nothing about it.. it was good for a laugh..

Ash tried eating Turkey and such this weekend but I think it gave her a headace some my lovely Vegan baby is back! Yay!
Well when we got home PCC got to practice, work on new songs and just hang out and it was fantastic seeing the guys and working on new songs.. We even got to play some at our show.. which was a blast.. Again we were joined by Chris which totally is fun playing as a five piece with horns and stuff!

to finish the weekend Joe and I headed up to Minneapolis for the Bears vs. the Vikes and Damn what a game... we had a great time and thanks to my pops for the ticks it was so much fun we then got to stay with jeremy and Adrian which ruled as well!

What a wonderful weekend.. ITs always good when a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND puts a perspective of really How thankful I am to be healthy, have the greatest wife, family, friends, and i get to do so many cool things..
Im a lucky dude!

now dig on this
on Joe and I's ride up to the cities we were listening to Sound Opinions on the Current and somebody said Weezer's new album was the TURKY OF THE YEAR.. yep they cant all be this amazing!...