Monday, August 27, 2007

birthday week!

GOTTA THROW out a big b-day wishes to my Bro (nathan) and sis (becky) this week.. I hope they had amazing days...
For my birthday Im getting a COLONIC and a massage! How bad ass is there..
lucky me! Nate and becky do you want to join me?

Friday, August 24, 2007

WOW Im busy

What a freeking week.. I have been so busy with work and the band stuff. I have decided to pull a Drink PBR at 3 in the afternoon Friday while working... And its been great! I think I made more money this week then ever before in my life, Hopefully I will see it before Christmas. and it feels pretty good. but not as good as this........................

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ashley Tape Fleming ROCKS!!!

Here is some footage of our little tour stint with RYAN ANDERSON and the ANCHORS.. this footage is from Ashley 3rd show ever on drums.. She did CMJ with Me last year, 1 night at the Vaud and Here she is in the great Muscatine IOWA... Go to You Tube and Search Ryan Anderson and you can see 3 other songs from this performance... Thanks to Dean at for filming and recording..

ps I have the cutest wife in the world!

the STATE I am in..

So the other day while we were at that Movie Knocked up we hadnt eating dinner so we thought we would get some popcorn.. Now when I start eating a salty snack I like to continue eating a salty snack so I'm always excited to go to the theater where if you order a big TUB of popcorn you get a second big tub for free...

WELL so I went up to the little high school dude working behind to counter and said, "you guys still give a free refill tub if you buy the big one right" and the kid goes no the STATE OF IOWA HEALTH BOARD wont let us do that any more and I was like what? So I was a little Pe-OD cause shit its not like they lowered the price of it... ANYWAY...

Another thing shitty about Iowa right now is MITT ROMNEY... THis guy is a a douche Bag and will be just as bad a GW Bush in my Opinion.. I hope this guys 15 minutes of fame is up shortly I can stand this coverage of this joker..

So Ashley and I went to the Fair yesterday to catch a BEE GEES cover band it was pretty great actually.. They played a few of my favorite.. my favorite part was they would tell a story about a song and then I would yell out what it was or tell Ashley what is was before they started playing it and I got them all right.. WHAT a NERD.. Ashley enjoyed some Pepper Rings.. They were like onion rings but they were GREEN PEPPERS Fried...
I also enjoyed talking to Devin on the phone who thought it would have been really funny if the Dead Bee Gee also was Dead in the cover group so it was just two of them.. But Im glad he wasnt cause BARRY GIBB was the strongest link in this group.

I also found out at the Fair I have a huge fear of Hights we rode the GONDALA across the fair grounds and I was seriously about the throw up the whole time and I hadnt eaten anyting the whole day and I felt like I was going to drive heave On the butter cow.. which we never saw..

Iowa--- BOO on lack of Popcorn
BOO on Mitt Romney
BOO on hights
Yeah on Bee Gees, time with my Wife and her Fried Green Peppers

Monday, August 13, 2007


Well this weekend had been awful interesting to say the least.. I ran sound for 2 shows on Friday and it was a really good time.. Radio Moscow's new drummer seriously blew my mind how good he was.. and he was totally cool and we talked about ZAPPA, and OTC, and all sorts of good psych pop talk..

Anyway I then met some friends from ashleys work at a LOCAL FOOD POT LUCK Picnic hosted by Wheatsfield (ashleys co-op) anyway I got into this wonderful discussion with this gentleman who used to work for PABST about Stag and other beers.. it was cool then spoke with his wife about our mutual love for the game UKER by this time I was getting a hair tippsy on EGG PLANT SANDWISHES and the Local beer they had and I told them that we call it JUKER on tour cause we have some Hank Williams Jr. cards so its Hank Williams JUKER.. anyway they thought I was total weirdo and then I told them how I was going to sneek some PBR into the Praire Moon Winery concert the next day featuing our buddy BJ Fleming..

Anyway I totally snuck in the beer and enjoyed the concert...

then Ashley must have sensed I needed to see a movie (not that she ever reads my blog) So we went to knocked up and its funny cause ashley has been having all these visions and dreams about us getting pregnut then after watching the movie she was like we dont have to have kids and stuff. she was totally over having a little bug..

Anyway I liked the film thought it was good. WAY BETTER THEY Rocky 5 which I also watched this weekend.. OH BOY did that suck! Now stoked to see Rocky Balboa though..

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finds its groovy to hide in a movie..

So I love movies.. If I could I would watch one a day in the theater.. but truth be told I havent seen a movie in the theater since CLERKS 2 came out.. THAT movie was Awsome! But I read Entertainment Weekly every week so Im up on movies I know which ones are supposed to be great.. and I figure I have the rest of my life to see them and love them or hate them...
But Come this fall there is one movie I will for sure go see in the theater... The Wes Anderson Movie.. I just love his films.. They are tender and funny and just plain kick ass.. here his new movies Trailer....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Its Safe to say!!!!

Well its safe to say that my life is getting better... Why cause I know I will never have to see the band Sufajett most likely ever again. But my dear Ashley did buy one of their t-shirts, why you may ask... cause it was black, long, and really soft (american aparel).. man I have run sound for some great bands at the Vaud but this was not my favorite... thats all Im going to say about that.. Well maybe not,, For some reason Ashley talked about this band all the way home from Des Moines and I finally said I seriuosly dont think they were worth this much conversation.. and She agreed.. But it was weird.. then I announced to her in bed that my life was getting better and she asked why and I said Cause I will never have to see that band again...

Well Im excited that my dear friend Shawn has read my blog, which is totally rad.. We got to speak on the phone yesterday and he was telling me some great stories.. Anyway he and his lovely wife Emily have a serious live bootleg tape collection... and I might get a Magnectic Fields 69 love songs show from him which excites me to no end..

So Ashley and I are doing this thing this week where we eat no snacks and try to eat all our meals together.. and its been great.. I have been making lunch for us and we have been meeting half way inbetween her work and home at a beautiful band shell park for lunch... Today I made Veggie Burgers, with organic spring lettuce, and avacodo, a hair of poppy seed dressing, organic multi grain bread toasted, and Mustard for her, Ketchup for me... and I must say... Im totally ready to open my vegan restaraunt/music venue/bar any day.. all I need is a little Capital, or I need Captitol Records to buy a 100,000 dollar Daytrotter ad from me!

This is a terrible blog but shit Keith Richards wasnt in the news today!xoox

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I know its only DADDY'S Soul and I like IT!

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has confirmed that he did snort his father's ashes, as he told earlier this year.

Richards originally claimed he was misquoted, after his publicists attempted to quash the story.

Richards, who last weekend claimed he would live to the age of 150, revealed that although he did snort his father, he did not mix his ashes with cocaine, as his previous quote implied.

"The cocaine bit was rubbish," he said. "I said I chopped him up like cocaine, not with.

"I pulled the lid off [my father's urn] and out comes a bit of dad on the dining room table," Richards continued. "I'm going, 'I can't use the brush and dustpan for this.

"What I found out is that ingesting your ancestors is a very respectable way of...y'know, he went down a treat."


Monday, August 6, 2007


So while at the Twins game on Sunday, Ashley noticed an advertisement for Treasure Island Resort and Casino.. Now normally you would think who gives a shit right, well this ad said... COMING SEPT. 14th and 15th the ORCHASTRA RETURNS members of ELO and ELO 2 and I was like shit... I wonder if JEFF LYNN is going to be there and guess what no he's not but it is a bunch of the dudes from one of my all time favorite bands... Now tickets are 55, 45, and 35 bucks.. Can you believe that shit...
I mean I know there from England and stuff but come on.. But then again.. I would rather pay 55 bucks to see them then to pay 20 bucks and see the Eagles or some bull shit... Anyway.. the room they are playing in looks pretty rad its theater in the the round and not one of the venue's 1000 seats are more then 75 feet away from the stage which is pretty cool. SO do I do it. or not.. the reviews I have read about the show says its filled with hits and the band pulls the shit off well! So Im torn.. I think I need to Hefley to fly up to minneapolis and go with me! Also pay for my ticket...
How bout it Aaron!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

16 years Ago

in 1991 my mom went to one pro baseball game and it just happend to be the 7th game of the greatest world series ever played.. 16 years later she sat with her son (me) and Daughter in law Asher and witnessed a fantastic 1-0 shut out victory by the Twins the same outcome of her pevious outing.. In others words mom should start going to more twins games! thats all I got!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Weird things

When 911 happened my parents were in Chicago staying next to one of the tallest buildings ever..
when a bridge breaks in Minneapolis my parents are in minneapolis...
crazy stuff. Minneapolis is my favorite city in the whole world Im thinking about it and the people there..
Greatest most be-u-t-ful city in the world!

Ryan Anderson and the Anchors

Wow Ashley and I just got back from a wonderful little leg of tour backing one of my best friends in the whole world Ryan Anderson... It was so good hanging out with him and his rad brother Justin... We got to play des moines, Muscatine, Chicago, and St. Louis with the boys it was the first time since Pookey Bleum I kinda just got to sit in the back ground and play and it was wonderful... Ryan was a great band leader and it was so much fun watching Ashley bang on the drums and sing.. I hope to have some video of it soon..

Muscatine was rad cause we got to play a killer house show at Mj's from Burnt Ends, the music was great and so were the people and the house is litterally right on the mississippi he has to have a boat by his house so when the river crest he can get to his car which he has to park up on a hill.
SO cool..

Then Chicago is always great, we played this old Chuch on the south side where Chicago blue was invented.. Lets just say my fuitar playing was not quite BUDDY GUY but I thought the show was excellent..

Then in St. Loius we got to play good old CBGB where I introduced Ryan and the Anchors to STAG beer which we much enjoyed and Justin got a free hair cut from the barber who lived down the street the same guy also made me very self concious since he called me the TOUR GARBAGE DISPOSEL saying I eat to much... Ouch!

Anyway it was great ryan was making good money and selling cds left and right... I was so proud! to play with him.. Only bummer thing was his car window got broke out in St. Louis total bummer.. We got to stay and Matt and Sara's Rad digs though.. Anyway no touring for me for awhile now.. back to real life but I had the bestest of times!