Friday, July 31, 2009

THis makes my day!

It's been months since the news broke that the cast of Seinfeld was reuniting on Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, no plot details were released until executive producer and star Larry David sat down with reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour earlier Thursday.
Finally we know how Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards reunite for the first time in over 11 years. It's basically a show within a show, where the cast is actually doing a reunion episode in the Curb universe.
We'll let Larry explain...
"The context is that for years I've been asked about a Seinfeld reunion," he says. "I would always say, 'No. There's not going to be a reunion show. We would never do that. It's a lame idea.' And then I thought it might be very funny to do that on Curb. I kept thinking about it. I started to think of different scenarios and how we can pull this off. I called Jerry and Jerry was game. I said, 'Well, I'll call the others.' And I did and we did it. So we're doing a Seinfeld reunion show on Curb."
What exactly will we see during the creation of a faux reunion special? "We're going to see writing. We'll see aspects of the read-through, parts of rehearsals. You'll see the show being filmed and you'll see it on TV. You won't see the entire show. You'll see parts of the show. You'll get an an idea of what happened 11 years later. It will be incorporated into regular Curb episodes, so the castmembers will be playing themselves on Curb while all of this is going on."
Though it seems this could take up the entire season, he explains, "The reunion is scattered through the season and I think the cast will be on five shows. All four won't be on all five shows. Jerry is on five shows; the others will be on at least four. The season finale will be about the reunion show. It could very well be [a one-hour episode], but I haven't finished editing it yet. But that's a good possibility."
When asked why he finally caved, he says, "That will be answered in one of the episodes. That's a big thing because I would never do that. So there's a compelling reason as to why I decided to do it."
There's a lot of story to be told, but Larry says he found it quite easy to jump back to the Seinfeld state of mind. "It was surprisingly smooth," he says. "Coming up with the right ideas for what's happened in the 11 years, that took some thought. Three of the guys working on my show as executive producers were also producers on Seinfeld. I think we came up with some interesting stuff." Don't assume all is hunky-dory though, Larry says "it's possible" there will be a mention of Richards sordid past.
So will the character Larry ruin the reunion of the Seinfeld cast? He adds, with an evil laugh, "He might. My guy might consider wrecking something like that. We'll see what happens. My guy could very well wreck it. I'm not saying he did. I don't know."
Will the reunion be any good? "Yeah, you mean as opposed to the finale?" jokes Larry. "It's good. I think the reunion is pretty good."
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stardust Memories

Man people you got to see Stardust Memories by woody allen.. its soooooo good.. I wanted to watch it again the second it was over! It totally one of those movies..

In other news Ashley was freeking out cause she was trying to listen to her lectures from class but couldnt hear the end of each mp3 cause her Itunes was cross fadeing and it was classic watching her loose her shit about it.. and ofcourse it was a two second fix that I took care of and I got a big kiss for it.. so im glad she needs me!

So PCC is playing the Sac County fair this friday night! I dont think we have ever played a country fair before.. Im pretty pumped about it.. Its going to be amazing out and nothing like smelling pip poop on stage!
got to love iowa!

I have been listening to BEATLES and its classic POLITHEME PAM does the news, Dr. robert is a dj, and MR. Kite delivers the b-day messages! got to love that shit.. and you can totally tell they live in California but all try fake british accents! totally sounds like listening to GO GO music show except with better song inbetween!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


so yesterday when ash woke up I had to tell her had a rough morning
I felt like the OCTO-MOM, why you may asked.. well I had 8 healthy dumps..
all premature cause they were from dinner the night before!

oh well in other news I have sore throat like no other and I think I need my tonsils taken out or maybe I just burnt my throat on that same dinner that cause my dumps.

Man summer is going by way to fast.. I have been working lots lately and enjoying it.. but dang its almost Aug..
Last year at this time we were rocking with the Apples in Stereo every night.. That was fun..
man texas in the summer is hot..

Well im excited the PCC boys will be in town this weekend going to do some practice, shows, etc.. looking forward to that..
also found out YO LA TENGO is playing in Omaha on a Friday (totally going) and wilco will be playing in St. Paul the weekend before the final baseball games ever at the dome.. BOO YAY on that too!

well ash has been really funny lately but now I can remember what she was funny about.. I totally wanted to tell all of you.. its good when your married to the equivilent to Chris Rock!
speaking of that

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Introducing Blood on the Vinyl Records and Minorcan

Check out this press release for the record I helped record! Its coming out ON VINYL! I have a copy and it sounds amazing...
get your pre order's in now!

For Immediate release 7.27.09:

Blood on the Vinyl is a group of artists who have spent years releasing records on countless labels. Its not important who we are for we do not want you to buy our records because “so and so” runs this label. It is important to check out the artists we support because we feel they make some of the best music in the world.

In doing so we to help breathe life back into the much beloved format, the phonograph record. We are not the first to offer only vinyl exclusive content and hopefully not the last. Our projects are chosen out of love and we will put our blood into every record we release!

No need to worry, for we are not a bunch of old fashion weirdos here at Blood on the Vinyl. We also appreciate the portability new technology provides. Thus, every customer receives a free digital copy of the record they purchase.

With that said, let’s talk about the music! We are excited to announce our first release: “Keep at Hand” by Minorcan of Austin, TX.

Minorcan is an island in the Mediterranean. The Minorcans were brought to St. Augustine, Florida by the British before the American Revolutionary War and they worked as indentured servants. Ryan Anderson was born in Northeast Florida and previously released music under his own name. He was in Iowa last year and recorded “Keep at Hand” with The Poison Control Center. When he returned to his current home in Texas he formed a band and adopted the name, Minorcan.

Ryan had this to say about "Keep at Hand" -

"It's about love, which is rough on the edges. Side A is the beginning when we meet the person who makes us feel we can take on Ghengis Khan's army with just two fists. Soon, our ambitions vanish and we’re happy to be with our lover when the car breaks down, because there’s no where to go. Yes, the world may also be a cruel and horrible place, but none of that matters when we have a hand to hold. Side B is the struggle of staying together through the shit and the pain. Walker Percy said it best, 'We love those who know the worst of us and don't turn their faces away.' There will be disagreements. The most epic feuds have always come to an end. Sometimes enemies stop fighting long enough to create something beautiful. Keep at Hand sounds like a bunch of people in a basement recording on 1/2 inch tape playing guitars, upright bass, trumpets, organs, pianos, harmonicas, melodicas, percussion and more. The performances are immediate and unplanned to capture the raw emotion of the material. Out of tune? Tape Hiss? Not enough microphones? We didn’t give a fuck. We hit the record button and played our hearts out."

"Keep at Hand" by Minorcan is available for pre-order at and limited to 500 pressings. It will be released on September 28th.

We are very excited to share the album's first single with you "Our Time."
If you are interested in an advance copy of "Keep at Hand," for review please let us know! For all other things hit them up at

Friday, July 24, 2009

older yet not out of style!

Well my thursday night was spent filming un exspecting older folk at the band shell park here in Ames!
I then put one of my favorite old PCC songs on it. and I think it matches up nicely!
Heading to Shakespeare with beers and my babe!

Whats going on

man i have been so so busy, so so neglecting this blog.. Im sorry faithful 4 of you who read it..
Well Im going to see some Shakespeare on the lawn this evening in Des Moines with ash and Im pretty excited about it.. we are going to see the Twelve Night.. I have never seen it before but Its referenced a bunch in Shakespeare in love.. And I know it deal with lost some girl dressing as a boy or something.. Sounds like a good friday night to me!

So the Poison COntrol Center has some more songs in an upcoming film that will be released in Sept! Joe and I met this guy Jason a few years back on tour and talked film and music and since have kept up with him a bit and he asked if he could use some of our tunes in his first movie so we are excited about it.. here is the trailer

other than that I plan on doing some recording this weekend and get the basement all cleaned up cause the PCC dudes will be here this week! YEAH

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy B-day Macy!

Well my little niece Macy turns the big 1 today!
I remember last year, I was standing outside the ELECTRIC FETUS in minneapolis when I got the call from my dad.. I will always think its kinda funny that I was standing outside a record store called the Electric Fetus as you were born!
MY dad calls the store the PURPLE UTERUS.. SO it all full circle!
Anyway I hope you have a lovely first b-day and get our present today! Love you...

My stupid blog wont let me upload a picture.. so head over to becky's blog and see tons of cute ones..
also congrats to COLE for winning his baseball championchip 3 years in a row you rule!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok so AMAZON is taking pre-orders for REMASTERed Beatles records.. I told ashley I want both box sets..
its gonna cost me 445 bucks.. and Im so ready to sell my bass guitar and give plasma if I have too..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man its been awhile

Man it has been awhile since I have graced my presence with a blog..
I have been so busy with work lately.. I love my new job but it really does take up a ton of my internet sanity time.. so I havent been giving my blog much love..
SO I should give a quick run down of what the hell's been going on..

1. I did a little solo show last thursday at the DM SOCIAL CLUB and It was fun.. there is a very nice review of it on

2. I MC'd a wedding for my friends Darrin and Collette who both used to work at Wheatsfield.. It was fun MCing a wedding and people listen to you and shit.. and I got to eat a ton of vegan cupcakes and drank some wonderful beer.. And Collette was sweet and called me MR. Wedding Planner. Ash looked super cute in her dress and I wore my wedding jacket.. Much fun was had..

3. Just mowed my lawn, seems like everytime I mow I loose another piece of our mower.. Oh well stick kicking..

4. Our friend Dan and Stevie Bosman added child number 2 to the fam.. A big congrats to new baby Girl LEMMY what a rocking name!

5. Recorded a radio interview with Dan as well this week, it was rad cause I bumped into KEITH and ANDY from SOUND OFF and I made some smart ass comments to ANDY in ELEVATOR about the TWINS and Cardinals I wish I would have gotten the chance to say how much I love sound off! HA..

6. Ash and I went and saw BRUNO, I though it was good, but should probably be NC 17 rating.. HE was in total ZAPPA mode offending everyone.. It was kinda wierd ash and I found ourselves laughing at parts that no one else was laughing too.. Maybe we liked it more than others..

7. Ash got an IPHONE and she digs it alot, but has yet to tackle to many aps..

8. Ash got to call 911 last night since some folks decided to shoot a ton of really big, loud fireworks off on our block at midnight last night, lets just say we werent the first folks to call the cops on these people.. THEY were kinda great cause everytime they shot one off, one of the dudes would yell something to the effect of, "THERE YOU GO" or "NO YOU GOT IT" like it was practice or something..

9. I had to get mad at our litttle niebors today cause I witnessed them stealing our other neibors newspaper I said i think you should probably bring that back so you dont get in trouble.. man Im like a mean adult now..
but what does a 2 seven year old kids want with a AMES TRIBUNE.. a 30 year old cant even find anything fun to do with that paper!

10. here is a fu little rocking video of PCC

might watch the flaming lips set tonight from Pitchfork fest to see if the fans voted for a killer lips setlist.. it would be incredible if RONALD joined them on stage for SLOW NERVE ACTION!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BECK is doing it

man these VU covers Beck is doing, are fantastic..
this is my new fave..

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico "Venus In Furs" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Also watch Purple Rose of Cairo last night and I must say JEFF BRIDGES can act!
I dug it..
long live MIA Farrow too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

TITO's 80/35 day 1

This is pretty classic footage of Joe and Kelly I must say!
Ryan looks good in the rain too..
and Im so glad there is footage of Ashley in that PONCHO.

Well done Tito

Balls to the wall

man this new Death Weather song (JACK WHITE's new band) is balls to the wall rocking..
love the distorted organ shit..
video's pretty messed up too..
The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a weekend

man I thought since 80/35 was done our weekends would slow down a bit, in fact about a month a go I promised Ash we would have a garage sale this weekend! WOOPs that didnt happen.. Oh well. but dang, we were so busy, ASH's phone took a shit on her so, we spent about 2 hours in Radio Shack on Saturday morning waiting for the 1 guy working to show this older lady how to send a Text message from her new pink phone.. Ash was loosing it, and getting stressed out,, I really think she wants an IPHONE but cant justify it right now, with that being said the sales guy talks her into buying a GO PHONE and just switching out her CHIP from her phone that is dead and probably just needs a new battery... AND SHE FALLS FOR IT, 1 minute after he pries her chip out and puts it into her no phone he realizes all her numbers just went BYE BYE... Now she royaly pissed.. and SHE HAS 15 dollar plastic new go phone to show for it.. Litterly its like a toy!!

Nothing like my 2004 NOKIA! boo yeah still works!

Ok then saturday night I throw my second ever bacherler party and I got to say DARRIN I didnt think You had it in ya, but I saw you drink 4 shots in about 5 minutes one being your first ever IRISH CAR BOMB.. ugh.. I salute you my friend! I'm lucky and Im going to be MCing his wedding next week.. I hope they call me HAMMER!

Then this morning we traveled just north of Stanhope IA and met about 10 other ames folks ranging from age 6 to 60 to be a part of Christopher the Conquerd album art photo shoot.. Now I dont want to give away to much.. but let just say I show up looking like a pimped out Indiana Jones in slippers! Lets just say I had to change my clothes! Much fun was had though!

Then tonight we hit up Des Moines, We saw Adrian Brody the actor on the street outside of the place we were having a drink with our new buddies the Hogan's who we rocked a drink with at CENTRO (FANCY) and then on to A-DONG for dinner (NOT FANCY) BUT it was a blast learning more about them and I totally feel comfortable around them to drop a bad joke here and there so It was great! They have a wedding anniversary this week.. one of the only married couples I have ever met, who met on a blind date! That rules!

Now Im waiting for YOUtube to upload a little Interview piece I shot of my friend DANNY HAGEN for the book he edited about Iowa's Homeless Youth... IT going to take 3 hours! I have to upload it to YOUTUBE to cause I shot in HIGH DEF and VIMEO thinks its to big..

OH well I hope to share it with you soon! when it is done!
man I got to turn on SOUND OFF later

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well a few weeks back I spent a couple days in Minneapolis helping film a video for the Afternoon Records band NOW NOW EVERY CHILDREN.. the video is yet to be done but here's a little promo that some of my footage got in..
I think my shots are all the kick ass ones!
ha ha well dig it

Cars Promo // Out Now from nownoweverychildren on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interrobang awards video

Here is a cool little video James Roach sent to us taken at the Interrobang awards..
our award is first! Kinda funny ash looks cute though

New Eels vid

Im really enjoying this new Eels album, even though I havent bought it.. Shame on me for being able to stream great albums all day! SO i thought i should give props to this new video.. I like it cause its simple and its a kid who look like E, I mean a Wolf!
not to shabby

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


here is a lovely pic of Ash and Tara telling DON HE IS NUMBER 1...

not to be outdone by our 80/35 weekend.. MY dear friend DONALD EPHRAIM CURTIS took his lovely girlfriend Tara to Abbey Road and Proposed to her and ofcourse she said the magic words or YES!!!

I want to say a huge Congrats to them! DON is one of my favorite people in the whol world, he funny, tough, smart, talented, and a mans man! But most importantly he will be a great husband and pa pa!

and Tara has just changed his life and made him better in so many ways.. From the moment I met Tara I know how totally rad she is.. She totally Way funnier, tougher, smarter and way more talented then DON! so it works out pefect.. Just kidding DON..
But she is amazing and I cant think of many better people in the world that I know!

SO CONGRATS to you too.. IM so happy for you! and LOVE YA BOTH...
now ofcourse I got to give props to Don for proposing to Tara outside Abbey Road, but if you remember DON helped me propose to Ashley on her B-day in 2006.. here is his performance!

july 4th weekend!

Man what a weekend we had here in iowa..
the now annual 80/35 festival and PCC got to play twice, once with BOB from Pavement joining us on stage.. Im a pretty lucky dude in the fact I have gotten to play songs by two of my all time favorite bands with members of them..
Lets just say this one was pretty wild!

Bob Nastanovich of Pavement w/ The Poison Control Center "TWO STATES" from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

Ash took some video of this one..

Then ofcourse we got to rock at 80/35.. and It was a blast.. I have been blogging about the even for so I dont have much more to say other then I had an incredible time with my friends and saw some incredible bands!
check out, Des Moines Metromix,, Scented Vinyl for all sorts of pictures and videos of shit..

I will give you a few quick high lights from the fest
1. seeing LUKE P. of the envy corps walk into a porta-pot and I went and bang on the door and wouldnt stop till he came out, He came out doing up his belt and said GEEZ pat I thought it was some deranged fan and I said it was!

2. DEVIN asking ERNIN KEERNIN of WHO TV 13 if BROOK BAUMA was around! ha ha so good

3. Ashley and Sami bumping into Steve Malkmus of PAVEMENT at the Des Moines Farmers Market!

4. House of Large Sizes performance

5. seeing Chris Ford's brother do a arm to arm drink with ERNIN KEERNIN! man ERININ

6. Christopher the Conquered and Pennyhawk's performances at the social Club!

7. watching Joe moonwalk through some wet grass!

8. Dan Bosman and me admitting to each other that we both have some issues that dont go well with a festival!

9. man there so many more but I have another post to make!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy b-day pops!

well Im so glad I got a chance to talk to my dad yesterday.. He joined forces with my mom and is now the ripe young age of 56!
LOVE YA SO MUCH joe terry and I were gonna toss around a baseball last night after practice cause I was thinking of you, but joe left handed and it was way to dark out! well I still love and salute my favorite baseball player of them all you! happy b-day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PCC big rock weekend

Well Im so happy to announce PCC was selected by as one of the 50 best new bands in America we were Iowa's selection here is the link
Also we have a couple big shows this weekend the first is thursday at the Vaud for FREE with Bob from Pavement djing! and Derek Lambert its a FREE PRE 80/35 party! and if you have ticks to 80/35 you get free beer too!

Then ofcourse 80/35 we are playing on JULY 4th at NOON on the Main Stage! ITs gonna be a fun weekend for sure! hope to see ya around!