Thursday, July 26, 2007

I know its been awhile but this is huge!

Well I have been on tour and not been able to post to frequently but this is amazing news and what a great way to make a comeback on my blog view this and rejoice... Remember my birthday is in August!
The State

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One of my best friends Ryan Anderson will be in town tonight to play to the iowa masses.. I might be lucky enough to join in on his brillientness!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A note from the road!

Hi everyone...
Well im sitting in a coffee shop in Ann Arbor michigan and its quite a neat little area.. TOUR is going fantastic... we are playing great and haveing a really good time..
We are missing home folks, but we are getting along well and meeting lots of cool new people... Last night we stayed with our Booking agent Shawn and his wife Emily who is in a band called the Isicles... check them out.. THey were the greatest hosts ever..
and they were both veggies so they were totally sensitive to the vegan band member which was rad... They also gave us a bunch of Belle and Sebastian live shows to listen too..
THe coolest being the Minneapolis show me and ash atendid awhile back...

On the homefront I guess Ash had soccer practice today she was debating whether to get some bad ass shin guards or just some cheapies.. EIther way I told her to BEND IT LIKE ASHLEY>.. She is my little Pela...
Anyway Im missing her a ton and not that she reads my blog but if she does she better better check her finger and give herself a hug from me!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Not much to post except my disapointment Joe Mauer did not make the AL all star team.. Remember last year when he hit 347 and your going to put Ivan Rodregez.. that complete shit .... but who care I guess.. as long as the AL wins.. So i can watch more world series games at the dome this year!
PCC to leave for tour tommorow..
Im going to miss the piss out of ashley..
I think shes excited to get rid of me for a few weeks!
I'm going to eat my banannas and come home looking like the KING OF STING Appolo Creed for her!