Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alexis Gideon in Ames Tonight!

I'm so so so happy that the Ames Progressive is doing so well! Nate and the gang keep bringing in fantastic national talent and it has been a fantastic place to see music, and it's making our scene grow so well!

Tonight at the Ames Progressive Office, Alexis Gideon will be bringing his Hip-Hopera Video Musics
back to Iowa!

Each track of his new Cd/DVD twists conventions, either in their construction or presentation, giving this a vibrant, electric pulse, surprising in its form and attack, and the videos are pretty fucked up too!.

I invite you out to the show tonight at 8pm
Shelley Short and Pennyhawk will also be rocking!
now check this shit out

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been a long time since we...

Man so so so sorry for the delay on post, my golly where did the time go, shit I turned 29 well over a week ago now and I havent been able to catch my breath since..
I had a great b-day thanks to all my friends and fam for making it rad, and Ash for taking me camping and up to a Twins game where I ran into Twins 1987 legend Juan Berenguer, IF you know Juan you know he has a crazy signature move, called the Berenguer boogiewhich after I figured out it was him by glancing at his huge world series ring I yelled hey JUAN, and he looked and I did him move, and he loved it! And then Ash snapped a picture of us! What day..

Then we went camping where fleming's Law was in full effect as we rented a side by side tandem bike to ride this bike trail naturally 2 miles in we blew a tire!
anyway the trip was great,

Flemings law happen again this past weekend as my parents were down to hang out and we went to the Winery for some tunes and wine, I naturally snuck some brews in, but my dad got stung by a bee, and his arm was swelling up nice! He lived but it was great to see fleming law in effect on a different fleming!

anyway lots of other things going on, but I have had a long day at work, and Im driving to work up to minneapolis, to work from up there 2moro!

BUT remember 2moro is 9-9-09
got your beatles box sets pre-ordered?
cant wait!