Monday, November 24, 2008

Gary Coleman lives in Ames

So at work today.. I had to call people who work for this certin company that give them a free gym membership.. One of the people I had to call was GARY COLEMAN.. which I thought was classic cause he didnt have an answering machine.. So i said to the lady training me, I guess I wouldnt have an answering machine if I was Gary Coleman either.. And there was silence, so I said, I guess not to many people probably know Gary Coleman anymore and she said I do, He's the Little guy right? I said YEP! thats him..
Anyway I long for my old puppeteering job, I bet you won't see something this amazing at a Gym...

Sunday is the funday..

Man yesterday was about the most perfect sunday.. Got up, ran, did some push up and sit ups.. made some coffee woke ashley up watched the best show on TV CBS Sunday morning, then meet the press, walk to the store get some grub, come home WATCH THE VIKINGS kill! Make some bad ass lunch. go for a walk watch 2 hours of ANN of GREEN GABLES on PBS!

And then the American Music Awards.. which mostly sucked but Scott Wieland was there stoned out of his gored.. he about the last true ROCK STAR we have left.. one who could die young at any minute from an OD. Ashley once had her shirt ripped off while body surfing at a Stone Temple Pilots show! How cool is that I had to stop watching the AMA for a bit after he came on stoned.. I had to head to youtube and pull up my favorite STP video... Big Bang Baby.. so good!

Also on friday night I went and saw BURN AFTER READING at the dollar theater ash has been buggin me to see it since it came out.. and after some of the reivews I read and DON's not so hot review I wasnt that interested in seeing it.. also it campain with Brad Pitt on the tredmill freaking out wasnt to funny.. But to my suprise the movie was really great and I love John Malcovich and Pitt, and Clooney they all kicked ass and you should go see it or rent it when its out in a few weeks!
thanks asher for making me go!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congrats Twinkies!

Well two of our small market boys from the Twins have been voted in the top 5 in the AL Mvp voting this year... That is pretty amazing for 1 team, especially one that is not New York or LA... check it out!

Player/Club 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Points 1st place up to 10th place votes!
AL MVP voting
1. Dustin Pedroia, Boston 16 6 4 1 - - - - - - 317
2. Justin Morneau, Minnesota 7 7 6 3 3 1 1 - - - 257
3. Kevin Youkilis, Boston 2 4 4 9 2 4 1 2 - - 201
4. Joe Mauer, Minnesota 2 8 1 3 4 3 3 2 1 - 188
5. Carlos Quentin, Chicago - 1 4 8 4 4 4 - 1 1 160

Here is a pic of the new ball park both guys will be playing in very very soon! Im very excited.. to catch a game and walk over to the 7th street entry for a show after the game!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BA HUM BUG, NO way Jose!

Well yesterday I spent the whole day at a training for my new job.. wow was it boring but I met a nice hick like gentleman from Mississippi who would not ride the city bus cause them thugs out to get him... Poor DUDE?

last night ames kicked off there Christmas season with a parade and santa and stuff and all the stores staying opening with Cookies and CIder and shit.. it was great! but super cold! But Im totally in the christmas spirit.. even told ashley how much I love christmas music.. ofcourse in about a week I will be taking that back for sure!

anyway today I was honking at Santa who was on the corner of Duff and Lincoln Way and some guy in a truck was honking behind me telling me to get home so I said to him.. BA HUM BUG FUCKER..

this was just hours after the buddist class ash and I attended where Wangdon was talking about how we need to have more patience and Not have Road Rage.. well it was a fun class today.. Wangdon road with us and was sitting in the back sit and asked who the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS were so I played him Hot Burrito 1.. I think he dug it!

Well now we are home and I have just shoveled the drive way for the first time.. ucky but I did our neibors sidewalks as well.. must have learned something in class today...

Ok well I would like to share a couple videos from a show about 2 months back where chris and I played as PCC when the other dudes couldnt come...

the Sweet Blog was there and captured the events. check it out!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend woes..

So this weekend was mostly good..
I got to record Christopher the Conquered again and the album is really coming together.. we did some really interesting stuff with layerd vocals and im pretty happy with how its coming.. And totally happy with his snack selection he brout over...

Oh yeah I got hired part time at ANYTIME FITNESS in ames.. a new job.. im kinda excited about it for two reasons.. 1. I get to wear jogging pants to work. 2. ashley gets to work out for free in a nice spot..

so on sunday I didnt feel like going to a sports bar to watch the vikes.. so ash and I made killer huge taco salads and sat infront of the tube for the game.. OOOOOOOH shit.. the bears and packers are on.. which I understand but im also pissed about so pissed Im like well im going to listen to the vike then and just watch this game so I get my radio all set up and all is good since there is a local station that covers the viking.. but mid way through the fist quarter the game switches off so they can carry a ISU womens basket ball game.. NOW I ABOUT lost it right then and there. Fucking a.. seriously...
anyway let just say I sat infront of the computer watching the animated play by play via Yahoo Sports..
How bad does that suck!
well not as bad as the vikes did... well we are still tied for first..

oh well.. yesterday was good, got a check from Insurance for the van and im going to keep it... and I got a massage.. the first in for live ever... and Ashley and I danced a bit to some Curtis Mayfield.. damn what a voice

OH yeah we went to a dinner party with some people down the street.. very interesting us and like 6 other adults.. all atleast 10 years older then ash and I.. but the husband brews beer for Granit city so I got some killer beer and the wife is an excellent cook and she made the whole meal vegan.. it was quite good!
well must run sorry for the boring post!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mitch Mitchell Rest in PEACE!

Well i havent done my top ten drummers of all time yet but one who will definately be in the top 5 passed today.. Mitch Mitchell most notably known as the drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience.. His flashy fast jazz style drumming made Hendrix's band rip! My favorite moment of his is his brief drum solo on the song Bold as LOVE... so amazing.. the first time I have ever saw video of him drumming was their performance of Wild Thing at Monterey POP. And while hendrix is burning his guitar Mitch is burning up his kit with his fast sticks.. so amazing.. I know for a fact that DONALD E. CURTIS was very influenced by his drumming and even read his book!
well its know official that all three members of the experience are gone.. WHAT A SAD DAY!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

end of the year already?

well its getting close to calling 2008 a quick memory.. this year has been pretty nuts.. so I have started to look back and would like to share some of my favorite things or least favorite.. here is one of my favorite tunes of 2008 by the Magnetic Fields... I have been writing some list songs lately as stephen calls them and I do agree the lyrics are hard to keep strait.. I totally screwd up a list song called, "Grow up and marry your best friend" at Dan and Janey's wedding this year.. my bad.. but must say if I could ever write a song this good I could probably throw in the towel!
speaking of throwing in the towel APPOLO CREED was on ER last week as a boxer! BAD ASS!

YOU know whats funny

I think my favorite part of morning television is when they have some famous CHEF on and they give him like 2 minutes to tell us in detail about to cook a 15 step dinner! now they usually get to about the salt and pepper which is usually about step 6.. then they show the one they made earlier and the people say how amazing it is, and they alway say to go to the web site and check out the rest of the recipie... whatever no one does it.. WHY do they even have those dudes and dudets on there.. I just feel bad for them!

Oh well.. Got to see a great Vikings game in minnneapolis this weekend.. Ash and I had fun, with my dads buddies Doug and jerry.. Heck even Jerry got a massage out of Ashley.. Lucky dude! anyway the vikes won by 1 and its the first time theve beat the packers since they won by a field goal in 2005 the sunday before my dad had his Amniesia episode cause I remember trying to get him to remember who the vikings played that previous sunday and how they won.. He couldnt remember.. He coulding remember who won the world sereies game the night before and didnt know where my mom was... What a crazy Crazy day that was!

anyway.. I got show tonight in Iowa City.. looks like this PCC line-up might be the strangest yet.. With Chris on Drums, me on guitar and DONALD on Bass.. he called last night to see if I thought it was a good Idea.. I asked him if he could roll around while playing the bass, he seemed confident! so away we will go!

HAd a Pumpkin ALE from Old main last night.. it was their best beer year.. go grab one sometime if you can...
also one more thing the WOLVES IN THE ATTIC album I recorded is now out.. GO GET one of the Limited Edition BOOKS they came in! Its on the Mission Freak Label! BOO YEAH
now how about something for the vetrans. here is john lennon in full army garb!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 quickies

1. So last night I ran sound for EOTO.. who is members of the String Cheese Incicdent.. So there was 150 smelly hippies in the vaude, it litterly smelled like a mixture of sweat, dirty socks, strawberry inccence, and Mary Jane.. if you know what I mean anyway my friend Derek Lamber had a hillarious quote.. he was running the door and said.. "I'm going to need to stick my ear plugs in my nostrils for this show!"

I thought it was great...

2. How does my nephew even know who Steve Urkle is??? anyway great halloween costume Cole you rule!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


ok first things first.. I got my vote in today.. YEAH OBAMA!
2nd.. I have to change some of my top 10 bass stuff.. the PCC dudes me remember I forgot RICK DANKO of the band... and NICK CONSOER of the Canadian Wheat Lords.. both these guys need to be on my list.. Also my little SIS needs to be on my list...
ALSO John from Fishboy let me know that James Jamerson does not actually play on "I WANT YOU BACK" by the Jackson five it was Wilton Felder.. Thanks John my bad!

Ok well PCC got into our first car accident this weekend. and now the van looks like the TERMINATOR.. which is kinda cool.
we played really well all weekend and there are to many funny stories to share so just ask me sometime.. but one thing I did want to share is FISHBOY's Halloween Costume...
Stop fricken outsorcing jobs. you fricking pricks..........
ALso you must watch this amazing video Fishboy put together of our shot together at the SURF BALLROOM it kills!