Thursday, April 1, 2010

I know its been awhile! Im sorry John Clardy

man im so sorry I have been out of the loop,
We have been getting our house in ship shop shape to sell..
a Few things that were fun while I was gone!
1. We had a killer Garage Sale! I got to put on my mr. money pawn shop hat! and wheel and deal!
2. Got to see CTC up in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock they ruled! So did the Vegan Po Boy
3. ash and I had a weird incident at COCO's in ames, TO long and funny to tell here ask me about it later!
4. Minorcan will be on tour this week you should go!
5. SORRY TO John Clardy who was in the studio and wanted to read my blog but my updates were just not there I hope your new record is amazing.. He was sweet and sent me a text and said I miss the blog! your a king John!

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libellule said...

selling yer house? even worse, leaving Ames? if so, that's ridiculous. soon i won't know anyone there anymore. what's the plan, stan?
faye x